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Chicken Dinner

In Wendy’s voice: Surprise? :)

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“So, you guys have never done it?”

Seulgi widens her eyes upon Wendy’s question. She doesn’t get how someone can be so erted vocal regarding to matters of the skin. She stutters as she tries to prevent an upcoming blush to form (which she failed), “I… Uh… W-well… What d-do you mean b-by it?”

“Eyyy! Seems like they’ve never really done it!” Joy says loud and clear as she approaches the two of them.

Seulgi whips her neck to look at Joy and pushes them into the staff room. “Why are you guys so loud?! Keep your voices lower please!” She half-shouts and half-whispers as she tries to contain the conversation at minimal volume.

Well, she and Irene have been dating for months so Wendy and Joy wondered how Irene can even control herself. It’s obvious how she lusts for the delivery girl despite not having liked anyone before.

“What’s stopping you guys? You obviously lust for each other. I’m even thinking of renaming this room to ‘kissing room’ instead because of how much you guys make out in here!”

The older girl gasped. “W-we didn’t make out here… so much… Just s-sometimes?” Seulgi shakes her head and sighs, “Anyway… This is whole romance thing is a first for her so… Uh… Since I’m more experienced, I guess I just want to make sure it’s special and that she’s ready for it.”

Both Wendy and Joy were stunned upon hearing the word ‘experienced’ as they’ve never heard Seulgi date before and didn’t seem like the type to do so prior to meeting Irene. They both looked at each other then back to the other girl as they ask in chorus, “You dated before?!”

Seulgi looks at both of them dumbfoundedly, “Yeah? I mean why do you think I had to come out to my family about me being gay? I dated around before I got disowned and worked here.”

Both girls are still shocked as they listened to Seulgi. The girl dated. And she dated… around???!

“Uhhh… How many girls are we talking about here??” Wendy asks curiously.

Seulgi mentally recalls, “Uhhh. Just five? I think? Nothing serious and it was long ago like when I started university.”

“F-five??????” Wendy and Joy shout with eyes wide as saucers. They didn’t know Seulgi had this side in her. Her naïve image in their heads has now gone out the window and was replaced by Casanova Seulgi in her first year of college.

“Wait!” They chorused and once again looked at each other.

. They are sure Irene’s gonna flip when she finds out!

Speaking of the devil goddess, Seulgi received an incoming call from her so Joy and Wendy weren’t able to voice out their thoughts. Seulgi panicked when she saw her name and rejected the call.

“Yah! Why did you reject?!” Wendy and Joy asked with much curiosity.

Seulgi sighed, “I’ve been avoiding her these days.” The two raised their brows with what she said so she continued, “She’s been trying to initiate things. Well, she’s been trying for months but her methods have gotten extreme these days.”

“And what’s wrong with that?” Joy asked.

“Like what I said, I wanted things to be special. I’ve been trying hard to save a lot more these weeks so I can take her somewhere special. I guess I just… I just wanted it to be perfect,” the delivery girl looks down and pouts.

Wendy placed a hand on her shoulder trying to comfort the taller girl, “I’m pretty sure Irene would appreciate if you don’t tire yourself out trying to earn more money. You are enough for her. She doesn’t need lavish things.”

“I know that but I want to do this for her. Please let me do this for her. She deserves this,” Seulgi begins to tear up trying to share her thoughts.

“What’s really the problem here, Seul?”

Seulgi wiped some of the wet stains. She tried to calm herself before replying, “I know people have been saying that she loves me more than I love her but that’s not true. I love her just as much if not more. I guess I’m just afraid that maybe she thinks like that as well and it’s probably my fault because I’m not as expressive. But I love her. I really do. And I want to show her that on that day. I want to shower her with all this love I have in me.” More tears erupted and she’s unable to wipe all of it now.

Wendy and Joy also started to tear up. They are a bit guilty because they also thought Joohyun’s the one that’s in so deep and not their friend but seeing Seulgi like this made them realize they are equally in love and how beautiful their love is. They engulfed Seulgi in a hug and whispered words of encouragement to their friend with the premise of helping her plan come to life.




“You’ve been looking at that goddamn phone for an hour, Unnie!” Yeri shouted at the celebrity who’s lying down on her couch. She visited to play video games on Irene’s big TV.

The other girl looked at the younger one and sighed very deeply, “She’s so busy these days. We couldn’t talk long. She doesn’t even answer my calls sometimes. This is not fair! I should be the busy one!” She kicks her feet in the air like a child with tantrums.

“She rejected me you know. I tried initiating things and she suddenly left awkwardly. What if she’s avoiding me because of that? Maybe she thinks I’m not enough?” She suddenly sat down and looked at Yeri, “Yah! Do you think I’m not enough?” Irene then stood up and approached the younger girl with determination. “Let’s skip my face because mine’s obviously ethereal.” She started lifting her top while talking, “What do you think of my stomach? It’s not that big right? My tum tums are cute right?” She patted her stomach a few times, “Oh, wait,” She proceeded to take her top off, “My s are big right? It’s not lacking in size. Or is it not enough? Oh, you can’t see. Wait, lemme remove this.”

There are not enough words to explain the look of disgust in Yeri’s face as she hastily approached Irene and stopped her from removing the hook of her bra. She thinks she doesn’t deserve to suffer this much as she already put up with all of Irene’s ridiculous s these past few years. “Wait the up! I do not want to see that , Girl! Don’t put me up with such trauma!” She threw Irene’s top back to her and pushed the girl back to the couch.

When Irene settled down, Yeri grabbed her phone and called while motioning for the older girl to stay put. She moved farther as the other line got picked up, “Listen, you little shi- I mean CEO-nim! I think it’s time for you to consider a raise in my salary. I’ve been saying this in the last few chapters and I’ll say it again. I’m not getting paid enough for this!”

Irene, on the other hand, is back to moping. She misses Seulgi badly and just wants to see her face (and maybe kiss it as well). A sudden call interrupted her thoughts and she saw her beloved’s name in the screen. She picked it up in lightning speed with a big smile on her face, “Hey, Baby!”

She and Seulgi went on to exchange about how much they missed each other. Seulgi also apologized for the lack of communication the past few days to which Irene easily accepted. As the call progresses, Seulgi began to grow weary as she was about to initiate the first step in her plan. She kept quiet until Joohyun noticed it, “What’s wrong, Seul?”

Seulgi cleared . It’s time. “Uhmm, Hyun?”

“Yes, Baby?” Irene softly replied.

“I-I was wondering if you’re free next Saturday?” The taller girl started stuttering and cursed herself for doing so.

Joohyun grew anxious because of Seulgi’s tone, “Of course, I am. Why? What’s up?”

“Uhhh. Well, I w-wanted to invite you to go out. We’ll go s-somewhere special,” Seulgi’s voice continued to express uneasiness.

The shorter girl began to panic, having different scenarios placed out in her head. She started to tear up, “Are you taking me on a special date just to break up with me?”

Seulgi got shocked by Irene’s assumption and began to shout due to shock, “NO! God, Baby, what made you think like that? No way. Never!”

“It’s because of your tone. And you’re stuttering.”

The other girl on the line drew deep breaths, her face started to color with a deep shade of red as she tried to explain the purpose, “We… Uhmm… That trip is to… Uhhh…” She interrupted with a groan. ”I’ve worked hard so I could take you somewhere special. And we can do… Uhh. We can do what you want to do. I mean. Which is what I want also.”

There was silence for a few seconds until Irene gasped loudly, “You mean?!”

Seulgi felt relieved hearing the joyous sound in her love’s voice, “Yes, Baby. Let’s make love to each other.”

Irene screamed in happiness. She jumped around and ran and danced and sang… and did tumbling. Twice. She finally settled down back in the couch and replied, “I would love to go, Baby!”

Seulgi giggled at her reply and they went on to giddily talk further about the trip with utmost glee.

Yeri came back from the phone call and saw that Irene had just gotten off the call with who she thought was Seulgi. Irene smiled so brightly and Yeri thought it’s nice to see that smile again. That is until Irene started evil laughing so loudly moments after. She stood up and began circling around with her arms outstretched, “This is it! The moment I’ve been waiting for! I’m gonna get laid! MWAHAHAHAHA. MWAHAHAHAHA!”

Yeri looked at her for a few seconds before she began to walk away again. She dialed the same number, “CEO-nim. I don’t think doubling my salary is enough!”




“Hi, there. I’m here for an appointment?” Irene smiled to the receptionist.

“Uhm. Hi, Ms. Bae. It’s nice to have you here… again. What can we do for you… again?” The employee awkwardly smiled at her.

“Well, I’m here to have some skin treatments then waxing,” Irene beamed at her.

The girl nodded and proceeded to direct Irene to the furthest room, “Please go inside. You know what to do right?” She nodded her head.

She went on to remove her clothes and place a robe over her body. A few mins after, a staff came inside the room, “Good afternoon, Miss… Bae? You’re here again?” She looked at Irene with a raised brow.

Irene smiled at her, “Ah, yes. It’s been a while since I returned.”

The staff opened and closed . She shook her head and drew a breath, “But you’ve just been here the day before?” She would like to add that she was also here the day before making that 3 consecutive days of the week and it’s just Wednesday.

“Yeah, I’ve been away for about…” The celebrity glanced at the clock. “22 hours. Hmmm. That’s a pretty long time don’t you think? My hair must’ve grown quite a lot since then.”

The staff was dumfounded at her reply and rolled her eyes. “Yes, Ms. Bae. Your hair must’ve grown 0.000005mm already,” She said with a hint of sarcasm.

Irene placed a hand over and gasped, “Omo! It grew that long already?!!!”

The staff glared at her which Irene didn’t notice. She swear if the celebrity ever returns back tomorrow, there will surely be blood.


After her scheduled appointment, she went to the gym and saw Yeri waiting for her, “Are you here to watch me?”

The younger girl nodded at her and followed, “Yeah. I heard you went here yesterday. I’ve never seen you workout ever. As your manager, I wouldn’t miss the chance today.”

Irene nodded at her and headed to the treadmill, “Well, I guess I’m a changed person. Although, I obviously don’t need it. It doesn’t hurt to try and keep myself in better shape.” She giggled, “Better because I’ve always been in shape even without trying.”

Yeri rolled her eyes and began to sit somewhere near, “Whatever.”

Irene then progressed to use the treadmill. She diligently worked out alternating between running and walking. After some time, she got off the treadmill and began to wipe the sweat in her face and body, “I’m done for the day. What a productive session!” She expressed with a big grin and utmost positivity.

Upon hearing that, her manager looked at her in disbelief, “, you only ran for 5 minutes?!!!!”




The same routine continued on as the D-Day grew closer. Thankfully, there was no blood shedding that happened during the waxing sessions. Each day, it ends with Irene resigning early to her bedroom to do some “research”. Yeri was growing suspicious of what this research is about but she let her be.

Today, she went to convince the older girl if she can spend the night to watch Crash Landing on You because Irene’s TV is much bigger and because Hyun Bin only deserves to be seen in 4K to which the actress didn’t mind.

She watched the first episode but grew hungry. She went to Irene’s kitchen and saw that the fridge was empty so she decided to order food and approach the older one’s room to ask if she would like anything. She knocked but didn’t get any response after trying twice so she tried opening the door and turned out it was unlocked.

“Hey, Unnie- Holy !“ Yeri’s eyes turned into saucers as she had a glimpse of what Irene was watching during her “research” session.

“WHAT THE ! MY EYES!” She covered her eyes but can still hear sounds coming from Irene’s laptop.

The older girl sighed deeply annoyed that Yeri disturbed her precious research time, “What do you want?!” She’s not a bit bothered about the scandalized tone in Yeri’s voice.

“I was about to ask you if you want to order but I already lost my appetite,” the younger girl replied still with eyes covered.

Irene rolled her eyes, “Okay. Can you leave now? I’m busy. I’m VERY busy.”

Yeri removed her hands, “I can see that! And I’m regretting it!” She closed the door immediately and left. She went back to the living room and hurriedly grabbed her phone.


Yeri: I’m STILL not getting paid enough for this !

CEO-nim: But we’ve tripled your salary already?

Yeri: STILL!!!!!! NOT!!!!!! ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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