Chicken Dinner

“Hello. I have a delivery for Ms. Bae Joohyun?”

Seulgi is now on Irene’s shooting location. Wendy insisted that she visits the girl after knowing from Seulgi that they haven’t seen each other for a while due to the entertainer’s domestic and overseas schedules. Seulgi did argue that Joohyun did not call for a delivery not wanting to disturb the older girl but Wendy insisted it’s on the house stating something about a frequent customer freebie that the taller never heard of until today.

“Joohyun?” The staff she’s talking to asked while looking around checking if someone goes by that name here.

“Ah! I mean I-Irene. Bae Irene,” Seulgi quickly corrected herself remembering Joohyun’s stage name that Joy and Wendy would usually use to address the older girl.

“Oh, yeah, right. That’s her real name. She is over th- Wait a minute,” The staff suddenly stops and looks at the box of chicken she’s carrying. She raised a brow and looked at Seulgi accusingly, “I don’t think she ordered that. Don’t you know that the Goddess does not eat ch-“

“Seulgi!” A figure suddenly approaches them interrupting what the staff has to say. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, Yeri! I came for a delivery,” She held the box up high for her to see.

The manager looked at the staff and whispered, “It’s actually for me.” She dismissed her and then told Seulgi to follow her to where Irene is. Seulgi was looking at her back glad that Yeri came in or else her efforts would all be put to a naught. She had only met her once during the time they delivered for the celebrity athletes but thinks the younger girl is nice and responsible.

Yeri’s phone suddenly rings and she looks at Seulgi to let her know she needs to take it. Before answering the call and leaving the taller girl, she gestures to where Irene is. “She’s there,” she says as she walks away.

“Thank you!”

Seulgi turns to the direction where Yeri pointed and saw Joohyun and another person conversing during their break. Her smile suddenly fading to a frown as she takes the view in.

Joohyun’s pouting as the other girl raised her arms to cuddle her which she took. Their hushed tones and low snickers are sending Seulgi’s mood off. Her grip to the box suddenly lowers, with defeated eyes she says, “They seem to very good friends.” The last words being said with a hint of sarcasm.


“So, you didn’t get to confess?” Jennie, one of the few very dear friends of Irene, says as soon as their break started. Jennie approached her during the salon that they frequent to and they hit it off ever since. They are currently on break from shooting a commercial for clothes that they are both a muse of.

Irene sports a pout, “I didn’t.”

“Aww come here,” Jennie opens her arms and the shorter girl wrapped her arms around her. “Listen, you have to man up and say it!”

Irene moves away for a bit with a disgusted face, “But I hate men, Jennie.”

“Ugh- what I mean is don’t be a .” Irene narrows her eyes, “And why is a bad thing?”

“I’m not really sure we’re talking about the same pus- thing, Irene,” Jennie sighed. “Okay, here’s what. What I’m trying to say is for you to stop being a chicken.”

“Me?” Irene points to herself. “A chicken?!”

By this time, Jennie was losing patience. She was about to pull her hair out because of the older girl, “Not literally!!! You need to stop being a coward and tell her that YOU,” she pokes at Irene’s chest, “LIKE,” and another poke, “HER!”

She places a hand over her shoulders and takes her somewhere a bit far from the crowd as she continues, “You have to take initiatives so you’ll have that power in a relationship. Remember, you have to be a dom not a sub, an alpha not an omega. This is how fanfiction works!”

Irene looks at her with determination in her eyes, “I don’t know what the hell are you saying but hell yeah!!”

As for taking initiatives, they plotted that during Irene’s birthday party, which will be held in a couple of weeks, she will invite the other girl as her date. As the night continues, she will bring the girl somewhere secluded and surprise her with a romantic setting not without sacrificing her dominant front.

“When you’re both there, what do you do?!” Jennie asks her like a soldier to which Irene replied, “I grab her and kiss her!!” The taller nods. “Then what?!” Irene shouts, “I tell her ‘You are now my girl!’”

“Does she have a choice?!!”

“Hell ing no!!!”

Jennie nods, satisfied with the training she did to the other girl, “Okay, soldier. You are now ready for battle,” She holds Irene’s shoulders once again as she directs them back to the crowd. She then points at where Seulgi is, “For your first task, you go invite your girl.”

Irene marches forward with her new-found confidence.


Standing in a corner feeling out of place, Seulgi was looking down at her shoes like it’s the most interesting thing in the world. She saw Joohyun drift off to god knows where with this pretty girl. She’s been contemplating ever since if she should leave or not.

She was about to leave when she saw Joohyun approach her, “I-Irene.”

Joohyun walks near her with a confused look, “Joohyun?” This also caused confusion to the taller girl, “Huh?”

“I like it better when you call me Joohyun,” She clarifies.

Before Seulgi got to repeat the name, somebody interrupts her, “Joohyun.”

They both turn towards the culprit and saw Yeri back from the phone call. Irene rolls her eyes and sassily replied, “That’s Irene for you, Yeri.”

Yeri also rolls her eyes before she starts to walk away again, “Or old hag.”


Joohyun was blushing furiously as she opens once again. Seulgi has been feeding her with the food she brought. After Yeri left them, Seulgi said she brought her chicken as a frequent customer freebie according to her boss, Wendy.

Not wanting to eat her most hated food and also for the fact that she needs to resume her work, she reasoned out that she has sprained her wrist for a bit and will just eat those later on when it gets better. Seulgi, then offered to feed her. Her stomach and work be damned, she will not say no to this opportunity!

Which is why they are here now with Joohyun shooting heart eyes at the taller girl while chewing food. With Seulgi in front of her, she has momentarily forgot about the misery that she will be facing later on.

“Don’t be a chicken!”

She suddenly remembered about what Jennie told her and she blushed once again at the thought of inviting the other girl.

“Uhhh, Seul?”

“Yeah?” Seulgi stops mid air- her hand about to feed Joohyun another one.

With hopeful eyes, she replies, “I-I’m having my birthday soon. Do you perhaps want to come with me?”

“I-I would love to,” Seulgi replies- a tinge of color evident on her face, “I will ask Wendy about it. Or maybe Joy if she can cover for me.”

They continued on with their flirting session (only on Joohyun’s part) talking about the details of the party until Jennie passed by at their place. She looked at Irene with a teasing grin while moving her eyebrows up and down. Joohyun flushed so much she was basically red in color.

The exchange did not go unnoticed by Seulgi. Her jaw stiffened seeing Joohyun blushing by the mere sight of the other girl. After Jennie left, she kept feeding Joohyun one bite after another without pause before Joohyun can even swallow.

“So, Sheul, it’sh a dwate?” She asks with a mouthful.

“I didn’t understand. Don’t talk while eating, Joohyun,” the other replies coldly.

Joohyun, unaware of what’s the other is feeling, continues to eat- the amount of food never-ending without breaks in between. Her face now is like a bunny with the amount stuffed inside . She wished Seulgi could’ve been gentler but, at the moment, she’s not complaining.


Later that night, Irene was about to sleep when she remembered the terms Jennie said. Wanting to do better in terms of the area of relationships, she begins to google for those until she stumbled upon a site.

This opened a whole new world for her that she never knew existed. She types Jennie a text.

Irene: Jennie! Oh my god. I know now what those terms mean.

Irene: What is a ?

Irene: Holy shiz, why do I have a with a guy I was just standing near with? We never even talked!

Irene: There’s even one with someone I just bumped with!

Irene: What the hell! Us two, we have a lot too!!!!!

Irene: Oh. Some fluff are actually good??

Yeri: You sent it to the wrong person, moron!!

Yeri: Also, stop reading those!!!

Irene: Do you think I can ask the authors to change the pairing to me and Seul?

Yeri: Oh my god!!! Stop!!!!


Seulgi had just stepped inside the bus after a busy day at the restaurant. She takes a seat and put her earphones on to play some music. She was about to drift to sleep when she heard a beep in her phone.

Joy sent you a video.

Joy: Thank me later! Mwah!

It’s not unusual for Joy to send her videos. Ever since she knew about her friendship with Joohyun, the taller girl had always sent her videos about the actress.

She clicks it with a smile etched on her face- expecting the usual funny or embarrassing clips of Joohyun that she would always find cute and endearing. Only, it’s not those usual videos and she doesn’t find this cute and endearing.

It’s hot.

Very hot.

Scratch that. It’s super duper very very very hot.

In the clip, she can see Joohyun dancing Havana wearing an off shoulder top and leather pants. Her collar bones very apparent for anyone to lust upon. Those sultry eyes are as if it’s looking past the camera and straight to your soul.

She immediately fans herself as soon as the clip ends. She looks around the bus to see if anyone’s attention is on her. When she saw that they aren’t, she immediately clicks the replay button.

By the fifth replay, she was sweating buckets. During this time, a woman got inside the bus and sat beside Seulgi. She immediately halted her plans for a sixth replay. The woman noticed her sweating so much, “Are you alright?”

“Y-yeah,” She answers with the sound of her heart almost ripping her chest. She continues the bus ride while fanning herself.

She’s now walking towards her house when she passed by the very same advertisement that she and Joohyun saw a few weeks ago. She would always stop for a bit to look at it because she liked the smile Joohyun is sporting in that picture. In it, Joohyun was holding a soju glass while posing. She’s wearing a tube that exposes her legs, midriff, and collarbones. Seulgi eyes’ began to trail down from Joohyun’s neck.

Havana ooh na na

She gulped.

Half of my heart is in Havana ooh na na

Oh . What did Joy do to her?


Seulgi was rushing to work. She’s never one to be late but she had a really hard time getting some sleep last due to a certain girl and her collar bones. While brisk walking, she passed by the restaurant again and sees the owner outside with a scowl on his face.

“What kind of freaking moron vandalized the Goddess’ picture?! It’s my favorite one!” The guy continues to inspect. He found the collar bones, midriff, and the legs of Irene covered in black ink instead of being exposed.

Seulgi put her left hand up to cover the side of her face as she sneaks away from the crime scene.


Irene is now inspecting the venue of her party, preparing everything and ensuring everything will go according to how she wanted. Although the number of invited people is minimal, the venue and the decorations will be at its finest. It’s at one of the popular event place near her neighborhood with the best people behind.

She roams around while discussing every bit on how she wants the decorations be placed or the other setup needed to the event coordinator. Once she finished discussing everything, she calls Yeri and Jennie to come closer.

She excitedly drags both to the stairs and up to the rooftop. In it is a breathtaking view of the cityscape with a number of lights flashing around. The perfect place she muses to where she will convey her feelings.

“And this is where I will confess!”

She goes on ranting about her plans like how she will suddenly disappear at the party and a waitress will ask Seulgi to follow her only to lead her in this rooftop. The music will play as soon as the delivery girl opens the door. She is sure Seulgi will be amazed at the flowers, décors, and lights that will be here on the actual day. She continues telling Yeri, who has long gone lost interest listening to Irene, about how she thinks Seulgi will react up to the fireworks that will erupt as soon as they become a couple.

Irene rushes to the platform- her arms spread out.

“And we live happily ever after!”

Her enthusiasm this time urged Yeri to put up an interested front again. After all, she must support her friend. This is the first time she has ever seen the actress interested in someone and she’s happy to see her in this state (but she’s never gonna say that to the older girl).

“I have to stop being a chicken because I hate one!” The older girl begins as she shouts in the platform like a speaker at a function.

“Yeah!” Jennie shouts like they are in some sort of rally.

Irene looks at Yeri for a reply.

“Yeah?” The younger unwillingly replied to which the older narrows her eyes. “I mean yeah!”

Irene nods then continues with much determination, “I have to man up even if I hate men!”

Both in chorus, “Yeah!”

“I have to stop being a even though I like one!”

“Y-Yeah?” Jennie answers with confusion.

Irene suddenly stops and asks, “But why is negative and man up positive?”

Yeri shrugs while Jennie’s at a loss of words, “I don’t really know?”

Irene clicks her tongue while shaking her head from side to side, “That’s some gender issues right there.”

“This is getting weird,” the youngest replies.

“Anyway!” The top star continues, “I’ll be a dom! Not a sub!”

“Yeah!!” Jennie proudly replies. Yeri looks at the two.

“An alpha! Not an omega!”


“And then we can finally have some !!!” The oldest shouts while raising her right hand up in the air while rejoicing at the thoughts.

Yeri’s mouth went agape as she steps in near Irene, “I told you to stop reading those, Unnie!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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