Additional Order 2

Chicken Dinner

Barely on their third month in the relationship, Seulgi and Irene haven’t seen each other for almost a month already with the celebrity busy in Europe for filming, photoshoots, and attending events.

To say that she was missing the older girl was an understatement. She was practically reading all articles about her girlfriend and watching all interviews or videos being released just to lessen her longingness. She thinks she’s extra lucky today that Joohyun is currently attending Paris Fashion Week which meant documented exposure about her every move during the day.

Irene was surely making headlines with her appearance as she steals the spotlight from western celebrities with her flawless beauty and effortless fashion. The articles kept pouring in and Seulgi was more than giddy enough to read all of them- head held high from being proud of her girlfriend. It went downhill though when she peeked in the comments section.


Irene Bae the new fashion icon on Paris Fashion Week

[+6058, -222] I want to wife her!

[+5333, -134] Irene-noona, please wait when I grow up. I will marry you!

[+3418, -212] You’re so freakin’ y bae! Leave your girlfriend and be with me instead!

[+909, -20] Unnie, you’re so pretty!

[+902, -81] Guys, don’t worry about her girlfriend. Even countries can get conquered. Kekeke.


Seulgi shakes her head in disapproval as she begins to shake her knuckles; getting ready to emerge as part of the next generations of keyboard warriors (yes, she asked Joy how to make an account).


Irene Bae the new fashion icon on Paris Fashion Week

[+6058, -222] I want to wife her!

hyunTheChickenSlayer: In your dreams!!

[+5333, -134] Irene-noona, please wait when I grow up. I will marry you!

hyunTheChickenSlayer: Hey kid! What school do you go to?? Do your parents even know this? If I were you I’d finish my studies first! (and drink milk lol)

[+3418, -212] You’re so freakin’ y bae! Leave your girlfriend and be with me instead!

hyunTheChickenSlayer: Yah! Why don’t you get your own girlfriend huh?!! She’s mine!

[+909, -20] Unnie, you’re so pretty!

hyunTheChickenSlayer: As expected, girls are different! My hyun will be thankful.

[+902, -81] Guys, don’t worry about her girlfriend. Even countries can get conquered. Kekeke.

hyunTheChickenSlayer: HEY! YOU! Where do you live?! LET’S FIGHT!!


She practically fought almost everyone in the comment section and they fought her back. She only stopped when she could no longer press the reply button. She called Joy and explained the situation. “Unnie, you got banned! They are saying jokes and compliments! Don’t fight them!”

“…But…” She thought of a reply but she was technically in the wrong.

“Okay, Joy… How about you help me create another account?”

Joy shakes her head as if Seulgi can see her, “Aish, no way. You’ll fight them again.”

The older girl sighs, “Okay, I will treat you breakfast tomorrow.” The younger girl is right but she didn’t need to confirm it.

Joy purses her lips, “Give me 5 minutes.”




Yet, another week has passed and Seulgi has grown weary for the lack of physical affection from her very busy girlfriend. She was sulking at the end of her shift and the other girls noticed the sad atmosphere, “What’s wrong, Seulgi?”

She pouts as she replies, “She hasn’t called me yet today. Huhuhu. I’m miss herrrr.”

Joy and Wendy immediately met eyes as they thought of something to cheer the sad girl. They are out to drink with the other girls and dragged Seulgi into coming with them in order to stop her from moping.

Seulgi was hesitant throughout the ordeal but managed to agree when she saw Joohyun’s posters and standee everywhere in the restaurant they went to.

She continuously chugs down shot after shot as she looked at her girlfriend’s standee or posters near her with a loving gaze and adorable smile, “It’s because my baby’s posters are everywhere that I feel like I’m drinking with her by my side and she’s watching me very sweetly.”

It wasn’t until on her second bottle that she begins to, instead, flirt with the celebrity’s standee, “Hi there. Is that your job? Looking pretty 24/7?” She places her hand below her chin as she leans on the table, “I really miss you a lot, Baby. I may not express as much as you but you are very important to me. I love you so much. I miss your cuddles and, of course, your kisses. And, gosh, you kiss so well.” Seulgi blushes a bit remembering the way their lips mended together.

The other girls are looking at the exchange (well it’s actually one-sided) with adoration except for Joy who’s snickering while filming Seulgi as she drunkenly babbles about how fond she is of Irene.

By the third bottle, sweet Seulgi has gone out the window. Instead, we have the overly-flirty and ually-charged Seulgi approach Irene’s standee, “Hi, Baby. I know you’ll be back in my arms huh?” She places her hands on the standee’s waist. “I saw the way you look at me from where I was seating. I can see you miss me the way I miss you. Don't you want to wife me?” She winked (and failed) as she moves her face closer to Irene The Standee’s face. She kisses the standee while the other girls look at her weirdly in shock except for Joy who’s once again filming the whole ordeal in her phone.

After a few seconds, she moves back to look at Irene’s (aka. The Standee) face once again, “You’re not responding? Did I catch you off guard? Getting shy are we?” She adds as she taps her .

Joy and the other’s eyes budge out and they try hard to contain all their laughters. Seulgi looks at them then back at Joohyun, “Oh? Is it because we have an audience here?” She leans forward to where Irene’s ears are supposed to be, “Want to go somewhere private?” She adds in a whisper.

Everyone was laughing at her still. This time, even louder. It wasn’t until Seulgi was trying to carry the standee back to her house that the other girls stood up and tried to stop her.

Of course, Joy kept seated while recording the whole thing.




It turns out that Irene arrived in Seoul later that night and wanted to surprise her girlfriend that’s why she didn’t call for the whole day. Joy and Wendy were supposed to receive a scolding until Joy told her she has some cute drunk Seulgi videos that she could share that she agrees and let them leave her girlfriend’s apartment.

She’s currently on her way to Seulgi’s apartment when she remembered the other time that Seulgi got drunk without her. She called Irene and narrated in what seemed like 3 hours the story of her pet chick when she was little.

The chick inevitably became a chicken and got sent to the countryside. Two years after that, Seulgi went to the countryside and was munching a chicken leg when she asked her grandmother where her pet was. Her grandma simply looked at the food she was holding and that’s all it took for young Seulgi to break down while hugging the chicken leg. After about an hour, she ate all the meat as proof that her pet “died with a purpose” and gave proper burial to its bones.

She chuckles while remembering as she opens the door to her girlfriend’s house. She removed her shoes and placed them properly in the wooden floor before hanging her coat on the racket near the door. Before heading to the bedroom, she retrieves a glass full of water and pain relievers that she plans to place beside Seulgi’s bed.

She opens her bedroom expecting Seulgi to sleep while hugging a pillow but instead found her hugging a… standee?

In closer inspection, it is her soju standee to be exact.

She immediately approaches her and tries to remove Irene The Standee but Seulgi suddenly woke up, hugged the standee tighter, and won’t let go, “You fan boys or girls are not gonna take my girlfriend away from me! Yes, countries can get conquered but not her heart!” Seulgi shouts as she avoids Irene’s (the real one) hands.

“But, Seul, I’m the real one!!!” Irene whines as she tries to remove the standee from Seulgi’s grasp, “Cuddle with me instead!”

“She is mine!” The drunk girl wraps her legs around the standee and immediately drifts back to sleep.

“Seulgiiiiiiiiii,” Irene clicks her tongue and mentally plans on how to make Joy and Wendy suffer. She glares at Irene The Standee smiling in the arms of Seul, “That should’ve been me!”


She sighs.

Guess she’s sleeping on the couch tonight.

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