Chicken Dinner

Not-Seulgi: She’s coming!

She read Joy’s message to her. This is it. This is the day she’ll finally meet her love once again. Contrary to the designer dresses she wore these past few tries, she unwillingly settled with a white shirt and denim shorts because Joy told her that Seulgi prefers simplicity over anything else. Of course, she adds a faint make up on top of her already pretty face to spice things up even for a little. Joy didn’t mention anything about perfumes so she sprayed a ton of it so even if she doesn’t look good (as if it will ever happen anyway), she would at least smell really good.

She finally opened the door. As soon as she saw the girl, Whipped Irene emerged from the grave.

“Ms. Bae Joohyun? Did I get it right this time?”

She smiled so brightly that the top star was blinded. Where was her sunglasses when she needs it the most? The sun would be ashamed of the poor job it is doing so far as compared to her Seulgi.

Speaking of Seulgi…


Where is she?!

Her question was answered when she heard the sound of the elevator closing. The box of chicken already in her hands along with the receipt and her change.

She facepalmed thinking of all the trouble she went to just to end up like this, “Did I freaking zone out again?!”


Yet, another box of chicken was placed in front of Yeri. Occurrences like this has been happening so often. When the Manager questioned Joohyun the first time, she said she just thought of bringing them this because it’s the staffs’ favorite. For a while, Yeri believed until she remembered freaking Bae Irene doesn’t really care about anyone else.

She’s determined to find out the reason this time. She tugged the actress’ arm which caused Irene to raise a brow at her. Although the star is known for her freezing cold personality, she is still no match for Satan herself. Yeri made sure she’s gonna get an answer.


“That’s it,” Irene shrugs. Her cheeks are tinted with a slight pink after she recalled her encounters with the delivery girl.

After Irene told her about the girl, she asked about the progress but turns out there is none. “You mean all this time you just get the chicken and that’s it?!”

“Uhhh.. Yeah,” the older girl shifts her view around the room. Well, technically, she pays and receives the change too. Should she add that?

“You can’t even talk to her?”

The singer plays with her fingers this time, “You can’t blame me. She’s such a beauty that I get tongue tied.”

Yeri narrows her eyes as she can as she scrutinizes the other girl, “Tongue-freaking-tied? THE Great Bae Irene?”

The older girl creases her forehead as she recalls her frustrations trying to talk to the girl to only end up backing away every time, “Cut me some slack! She’s not just anyone.”

She faces the younger one and places her hands on both sides of the other’s shoulders- a serious look on her face.

“She’s THE Great Bae Irene’s love of her life.”

I bet everyone expected Yeri to face palm at the top star’s words.

Well, she did…hard.

“Ouch! That hurts!”


In the end, the younger girl didn’t have to interfere because Irene managed to utter more than a “Hi” the next time she met her beloved.

That was a day when Seulgi came knocking with a bruised arm and cheek. A frown was etched on the Goddess’ face as she touches Seulgi’s cheek, “What happened to you?!” Worry can be heard through her voice.

Seulgi smiled sheepishly as she shyly looked at Joohyun, “Well… Uh… I was in the middle of the delivery when the fire alarm rang in the building so people freaked out and I got pushed a bit.” She halted a bit when she noticed Joohyun already fuming because of anger. “These are just little scratches, so they don’t really hurt Miss,” She added to relieve the angry girl along with a smile on her face.

Joohyun frowned and pouted a bit, “Still… It might get worse. What if it scars your beaut- your face. Let’s apply medicine,” She said as she opened the door wider and gestured for the girl to come in.

The older was so focused in applying the medicine that she momentarily forgot about the close proximity she’s sharing with the other girl. When she was done, she ran a thumb over Seulgi’s cheek as she releases a smile, “All done!” It was then when she realized that their faces are so close to one another so she froze. Seulgi, on the other hand, was very grateful because she did not have anyone take care of her in such a long time. She placed a hand over Irene’s as she said, “Thank you.”

Irene made sure to call Yeri that night to state the progress. The moment Yeri picked up, she regretted immediately. Irene surely broke her ear drum with how loud her squeal was.


A few weeks have passed and surely this time, Seulgi and Joohyun are much more comfortable with each other. They keep having small conversations during the time the younger girl delivers. At times, she takes up Joohyun’s offer to have a quick coffee break inside her home.

From those talks, the older girl found out about the busy schedule of the younger. She’s been juggling working for several part time jobs so even though she badly wanted to invite her on a date, she cannot. Not like she has the courage too anyway.

To make up for the lack of diversity (and courage), Irene comes up with ways to lure the younger all thanks to Yeri’s evil plans.

“Wet hair? Check! Bathrobe that’s barely covering my legs? Check Anything else?”

“Make sure your cleavage shows!” Yeri shouts on the phone.

“Oh right!” She replies as she lowers the robe, “Done!”

“Okay, remember the killer line once you get her to have coffee again alright?”

“Come in, Baby Girl. You can sit anywhere but it won’t be good as sitting on my face,” She said with her lower register. It comes off super y and Yeri is sure even if Seulgi is not gay, she will definitely be one after that.

She fake cries on the other line. “Perfect! You’re all grown up-”

Then, suddenly, the door bell rings, “Oh! She’s here!!”

“Okay, go get that puss- I mean bread okay?! Fighting!”


She immediately opened the door while holding a y pose. The new comer greeted her, “Hi, Ms. Joohyun!”

“Seulgi? Why are you wearing sunglasses?”

“Oh, my eye got bitten by an insect. They don’t look nice so,“ Seulgi beams and hands her the box of chicken. “I’m okay though. I just can’t see that well because it’s swollen and, you know, it’s dark,” She chuckles.

So she can’t see her milky legs, probably her cleavage too.“Uhmm… O-okay,” Joohyun says sadly as her proud chest out pose immediately deflates.

She gives the exact payment. “Anyway, I’ll be heading now,” Seulgi her back and walked straight.

“Uhh. Seulgi?”

“Yes, anything else, Ms. Joohyun?” Seulgi turns to look back at her customer.

“You weren’t kidding when you said you can’t see much.”

“Yeah, why?”

“You’re about to collide with the wall.”


For the whole week, the actress had a schedule in Japan. Being overseas meant not seeing her love so as soon as she landed, even though it was late at night, she decided to pass by the chicken restaurant where Seulgi is working at.

She was near the area when she saw Seulgi at the bus stop on the other side of the road. The traffic was so bad she cannot even take a u-turn towards the other girl. Seulgi is sleeping while waiting for the bus. Beside her is Irene’s advertisement on the bus shed about the jewelry brand she’s endorsing.

Her love looked so cute while sleeping with slightly parted. Joohyun curses the traffic because she could not get a closer look at her angel. She was about to call her phone when the bus arrived and Seulgi woke up instantly. She hurriedly ran inside and as soon as she sat, she slept immediately not noticing yet another advertisement of Irene inside the bus or even noticing that the whole exterior of the bus is also plastered with the older girl’s face.

Joohyun sighs. Now she knows why the Seulgi doesn’t know her. Why is she working so hard to the point of tiring herself so much? How can she ease her burden?


The following week, she receives a text message from Joy that Seulgi is sick but still worked for the day. She’s worried about her getting home safely so she texted Irene if she could assist her home. Of course, the actress obliged as she hurriedly fetches the delivery girl with her car.

“You can drop me off here. I just live on that alley anyway,” Seulgi says as the engine stops.

“No, I will walk you there.”

“It’s okay. This is nothing. I-“

“Seulgi,” She hears worry in Joohyun’s voice as her face hardens. There was firmness in her tone that the younger had to agree.

Once inside, the top star looks around Seulgi’s unit. It’s really small even her walk-in closet must be bigger than this. There were not much stuffs inside but it’s still a bit messy. She could see a number of instant noodles in Seulgi’s trash and she worries if she’s even eating proper food.

The sick girl was growing anxious with every minute she’s staying. She’s busy trying to tidy everything up and also at the same time wanted to disappear because of how poor she must look like to the other girl. What would she say?

Joohyun sensed a bit of her worry, stood up, and said, “If you can’t rest while I’m here, I will just go. Just please make sure to eat the food and drink the medicine I brought for you.”

She was halfway through the door when she stopped and looked back to the sick girl, “I just really want you to be okay. I’m genuinely concerned for you. I’m not that kind of person, Seulgi.”


Seulgi woke up the next day feeling slightly better. She’s still sick but that won’t stop her from doing her job. After getting ready, she immediately went and opened the door only to find Joohyun leaning hear head on her knees in the stairs.

She wanted to ask what she’s doing here or even how long has she been in that place but the serene look on her face made her stop. She sat beside her and stared for a while. She’s beautiful that’s for sure. Really really pretty. She remembered Joy telling her she was a famous person. Of course, she believes her. With that beauty, who wouldn’t?

She tucked her hair behind her ear and continued staring. She would want to do this all day but she still needs to make a living. She lightly poked the girl in the shoulder, “Ms. Joohyun?”

With that, she steered awake. “Oh, I must have fallen asleep. Are you okay, Seul?”


She smiles for a bit, “I’m getting better. What are you doing here?”

“Oh,” Joohyun looked around her and retrieved the plastic bag at her side. She held it up for the younger girl to see, “I got you fruits and some more medicine.”

She continued as Seulgi took it from her, “I went here at the crack of dawn because I was worried but then I realized you were probably deep in sleep so I waited. Then, it seems like I fell asleep too.”

“Thank you but please knock next time. Can’t have you freezing out here,” Seulgi placed the plastic back at her house.

“You need to go to work right? I’ll drive you to your part time job.”

When they arrived in front of the store Seulgi is working at, Joohyun was hesitant to let her go, “Do you really have to work? Can’t you take a rest?” She pouts a bit and that had Seulgi’s lip turn up a bit while trying to resist telling her how cute she looked.

“Yeah. I’ll be fine.”

Joohyun sulked in her seat, “…Okay.”

Seulgi laughed then suddenly engulfs her in a hug. The older’s eyes stretched widely at the sudden gesture. It went on for a minute or two until the other girl finally spoke, “My family disowned me when I told them I was gay. I had nothing on me so I had to work multiple part time jobs to be where I am now. And where I am currently isn’t much as you can see,” She chuckles. “I want to go back to university because it’s my last year so I’m working my off to earn whatever I can at the moment. I was too busy that I have no time to, technically, be even sick. But whenever I did, I would just continue on and ignored it like it’s meant to be that way. I would go home and sleep off whatever sickness it was. But you, you took care of me. It’s been a while since I had someone take care of me, or even ask me if I’m okay,” She pulled away a bit to look at Irene, “and I never knew how good that felt again. For that I’m very grateful.”

She smiled then pulled away completely and opened the door. She turned to Irene, who was still in a daze inside the car.

“If you’re still worried, I can call you on my break?” She held up her phone as she swings it a bit for the older girl to see.

Irene’s face immediately brightened as she nods frantically, “Yeah. Okay!” As soon as Seul disappears from her sight, she immediately called Yeri and told her what happened, “She held my hand. She hugged me. According to the K-dramas I’ve acted, the kiss will be next! I can feel it!”


To say Irene is ecstatic is an understatement, she’s over the moon, overjoyed, triumphant, and very much deep in love!!!

She’s headed to pick Seulgi up because the younger girl invited her to have a late dinner with her tonight! Yes, she’s treating her as a sign of gratitude! She’s dancing while jamming to the the rap songs in the radio while driving to her destination. Her mood is currently over the top that nothing can destroy it unless…


“Because you liked it so much, I figured we should eat here,” Seulgi says as she shyly led her to a more famous chicken restaurant compared to where she’s working. She’s a bit perplexed because she can’t afford a fancier restaurant. She usually eat packed or convenience store food because they’re cheap. Also, since Joohyun liked chicken so much, she figured it’s best to bring her to the most famous restaurant. “Just don’t tell my boss, Wendy, because she’ll kill me,” she scratches her nape as she looks around for a good place to sit. There was technically not much customers around since it’s late night.

“I’m… Wow… I’m so happy, Seulgi,” Joohyun says in a monotone once they settled for a seat.

They successfully ordered with Irene glaring at the waitress, who had the shock of her life at 1.) seeing Irene Bae and 2.) seeing Irene Bae order chicken, to keep quiet and not mention nor act out of the ordinary with Seulgi around.

While eating, the younger can sense the older’s uneasiness, “Is it not good?”

Irene frantically shakes her head as she grabs another one before munching it while faking looking so satisfied, “It’s so good just I still prefer Wanda’s.”

“Oh god, now that you mention it. It’s actually a relief that you said that or else we’ll lose a loyal customer,” Seulgi said while chuckling- her eyes turned to slits.

Irene looks at her lovingly. She can feel her heart beating out of her chest. Her stomach’s filled with butterflies at the moment.

Then she frowns, thinking it will soon be filled with chicken. But, with Seulgi smiling like that, it will be worth it.


Yeri’s currently playing console games at Irene’s house. She can hear the older girl constantly going back and forth to the toilet to vomit every now and then.

She shakes her head and released a sigh.

“The things you do for love.”

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