Chicken Dinner


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Seulgi kept bumping her head on the wall inside the staff room. She has spent all night thinking about what gift to get Joohyun for her birthday but couldn’t conclude anything as of yet. She probably has everything Seulgi can ever afford. She sighs once again.

She suddenly got surprised when she heard some shuffling. She arrived very early today since she couldn’t sleep so she decided to start her day early. The rest shouldn’t come until the next hour. Who could it be? She hopes it’s not some thief or anyone bad.

With a tremor in her voice, she asked, “Who is there?”

No one answered but some footsteps can be heard more prominent than before as if the stranger is coming closer to where she is. With a volume higher, she asked once again, “W-who is there?”

There was silence until she heard a response, “I am you…”

Another pause.

“…but gayer.”

“E-excuse me?!” Seulgi stood up from her seat. She still couldn’t see anyone. “Oh my god. Is God gay?! Or Buddha?!” She continued while looking above- praying to the heavens or whatever is in there.

Then she heard it. That familiar laugh that never failed to irritate her.

“Aishh! Joy! Stop that!”

Joy emerged from her hiding spot as she continues to laugh. “You are so funny! Is God gay? B-buddha?” She repeats in an excessive tone mocking the older’s voice. She wipes the tears in her eyes, “Okay but seriously, I did it because you looked so down. Why are you like that? You almost put a hole in the wall with your continuous head banging.”

Seulgi groans remembering her problem, “Joohyun invited me to her birthday party and I… I can’t think of any presents to give.” She slouches from where she was sitting, “What do you think should I give?”

The younger girl looks at her indifferently, “Are you seriously moping over this?” She shakes her head from side to side, “This is no-brainer. I know what you can give and for sure, it will be the best gift ever.” She grins that grin that literally screams that she’s up to no good but Seulgi asked anyway, “What is it?”

Joy gestures to her. In confusion, Seulgi points at herself, “Me?”

“Yes, you!” The younger responds with a glint in her eyes, “That’s the perfect present you could ever give!”

“Oh, come on! Be serious, Joy!” Seulgi whines to the other girl. The taller then enumerated why it’s a good suggestion. It will not incur money. It’s unique. And most of all, she’s sure that it will make Joohyun happy. Seulgi groans while covering her ears.

“Stop that, Joy. You’re not helping her,” Wendy comes in eyeing both girls.

Seulgi stood with glee upon the entry of the newcomer. It was as if she has seen all hope in the world, “Wendy! Finally, someone normal!”

She then begins to explain her current misery about getting a gift for the actress.

Wendy nods after the tale has been told and responds, “Okay. I got a plan. But you will need a few things.”

Seulgi looks at her like a puppy listening to her master’s orders, “Okay. What is it?”

The short girl touches her chin- her face very serious as she enumerates the requirements, “First. You’ll need a box- a very big one. Hmm. Maybe slightly taller than you.”

“That’s quite big. Okay. Next?”

“Then. Hmmm. Grab a very long ribbon so we can tie the box.”

“Ohhh. Okay.”

“Then a lingerie.”

“Lingerie?!” Seulgi looks at Wendy with a scandalous face, “Wait. What is this?!!!”

Wendy looks at her as if she’s being ridiculous, “What else? We’ll innovate Joy’s idea! We’ll put you in a box- ribbons and everything. Of course, you need to wear lingerie so it’ll turn Joohyun on. Wait. How about a bunny costume instea- Wait. Do you think she will prefer handcuffs and police costume instead?”

“Oh my god! What is wrong with you two? That’s it. I’m leaving,” Seulgi says as she heads for the locker room to change to her uniform.

The two girls looked at her while she leaves. Wendy turned to Joy, “She got angry. Maybe we should’ve suggested something useful instead.”

“Like what?” Joy asked with a grin on her face.

Wendy smirked, “Toys?”

“OH,” Joy replied as they perform a fist bump.

Sigh. We don’t need to be geniuses to know what kind of toys these two erts are talking about.


Seulgi went to the mall with the hope of finding a gift she could give to Joohyun. She went to the jewelry section with assurance that Joohyun will like it. She was thinking a necklace will be perfect for the petite girl. As soon as she arrives in the section, she saw an ad of Joohyun wearing garish jeweries.

She sighed, “Okay, next.”

She switched to the shoe section and thought about buying comfortable shoes for the said girl since she mostly sees her in heels. “This is pretty,” She says as she grabs one pair. She was about to ask for sizes when she saw yet another image of the star wearing the exact shoe she was holding.

She closed her eyes. “Next.”

It’s getting colder so this time Seulgi thought about buying warm clothes for Irene. She immediately went to that section and looked around. She was happily viewing around when she saw Irene’s advertisement endorsing warm and outdoor clothing. In the image, she was happily posing closely to a guy.

“What do you want to buy, Ma’am?” A sales clerk approached her to assist. She looked at the image once again. “I want  you to take that picture down. Next!” She says as she storms out of the store.

In the middle of looking for a gift, she decided to eat ice cream then shop for groceries as some sort of break. She was looking at the offerings in an ice cream shop when she saw Irene’s pictures in the menu. “Even ice cream. What on Earth is she not endorsing?!” She groaned for the nth time, “Next!”

“I’d go insane if she even endorses mundane stuffs like porridge,” She laughs at the thought as she heads towards the supermarket. She wants to buy a few necessities and some stock of food.

She passed by the porridge section when, from the side of her eye, she saw an image of what seems to be Irene, “No way. There’s no way. Ha. Ha. Ha.” She laughed a bit before finally turning her head to the mentioned area.

“Really?! Is this for real?!” Seulgi says with eyes bulging out from her sockets, “N-next?”

She’s now sitting in a rest area on the mall. She went section after section and store after store just to see Irene endorsing literally everything. She rests her head on the side of the wall and closes her eyes as she regains some strength.

When she opened them, she noticed there’s a lingerie shop a few feet from her. There are some nice sets in the displays. She wonders which design would Joohyun prefe-

She gulped. This is all Wendy and Joy’s fault.

“Oh god, no!” She said as she hurries to leave.

At least, she found something that Irene is not endorsing.


It was a long day for Seulgi with all the search and now the delivery that she is doing for the day. She had managed to survive all of it and now, Joohyun’s will be the last one. Her legs are seriously about to give in due to the excessive walking she did at the mall. Her eyes are also about to shut close with how tired her whole day was in addition to lacking sleep.

“Why do you look so tired?” Joohyun said as soon as she opened the door.

“I just had a lot to deliver,” she wearily replied.

“Do you have a lot more after this?”

“No, it’s the last. I can go home after.”

Joohyun pauses for a bit before she asked with a blush, “Do you want to have coffee before you go then?” She widens the opening of the door as she gestures for the taller to come in. “Don’t want you falling asleep while driving your scooter.”

Seulgi thought that maybe she could use some break and a bit more time to look at Joohyun’s beautiful face. For sure, she’ll gain energy from it, “Okay.”

She immediately sat on the couch like what she usually does. Joohyun, on the other hand, prepared their coffees in the kitchen. When she was done, she brought them to the living room only to find out that Seulgi has fallen asleep.

She instantly tried to wake the girl up, “Seul, wake up. You fell asleep.”

The sleeping girl stirred but did not wake up. The actress knew she was probably so tired. As much as she wanted to leave her alone, she worried Seulgi is not in a comfortable position, “Seul. Wake up. Or at least sleep in the guest room.” She touches her shoulder to shake her a bit.

When she still didn’t succeed, she immediately dropped a text to Joy to which the evil girl replied.

Joy: Be gentle, okay? Enjoy!

She rolled her eyes as she places her phone on the table. She settles her hand under her chin as she stares at the younger girl with a smile on her face. She looked so cute sleeping with a bit open. She could already hear quiet snores coming from the other girl.

“C-cold,” She heard Seulgi say in the middle of her slumber. Joohyun immediately grabbed a blanket in the room and wrapped it around the sleeping girl.

“Still c-cold” the younger girl said before opening her eyes. She looked at the older girl, “Make me warm.”

Make me warm

Make me warm

Make me warm

Make me warm

Make me warm


Wait. What?!

How can she make her warm? OH.

Is it finally the time to put her reference materials to good use?

She gulped at the thought. She didn’t think it would be this soon. She didn’t even get to confess yet! Oh my god. Where do they begin? Should they kiss first? Of course, they should! But kiss where? The cheek? The lips? The neck? The che-

She suddenly saw Seulgi opened her arms gesturing for a hug. She sighed. If it’s a sigh of disappointment or relief, she doesn’t know. Okay, maybe Seulgi didn’t mean it that way. The girl is too tired for God’s sake! Joohyun mentally facepalmed herself for thinking such thoughts.

She went to Seulgi and was immediately pulled into a cuddle, “Is it warm enough?” She asked as she put her arms around the taller girl. Seulgi sleepily hummed as a reply.

She laughed at her silly thoughts as she snuggled further in Seulgi’s neck. There’s warmth in her body and her heart. The kind of warmth she would want to wake up to every morning and sleep to at night.

She could get used to this.


It’s now the day of Joohyun’s birthday. Seulgi gulps from nervousness as she looks at herself in the mirror. She’s wearing a dress that shows off her midriff and legs along with a black pair of stilettos.

She initially opted for a more conservative way of clothing but Wendy insisted she wore this instead. Of course, being the ert that she is, the owner said that this dress will “make you look so hot that she doesn’t have a choice but to make love to you right there and then!” To which she replied with an “Uhhh. I’m not really sure if that’s a good idea?” which was, of course, ignored by the persistent girl.

Before she left, she grabbed her gift for the older girl. She ran her hands through the wrapper while smiling. It’s simple, not flashy, nor anything expensive but it is sincere.

It’s a framed continuous line drawing that she drew of Joohyun.

Out of all the Joohyuns that she saw, this is her favorite: The Joohyun that is looking only at her, only smiling at her. The same image she sees whenever the older girl opens the door for her. The image of Joohyun welcoming her into her life- wholeheartedly.

It’s at that instant that Seulgi feels like there is no gap between them. No rich, no poor. No fame in between. Nothing else to consider. It was just the two of them and the moment they share together.

To everyone, she maybe Irene. To her, she is simply Joohyun. She’s simply the light in her dark, the warmth in the cold, the love in her life.

It may not be the best gift in the world but is something that comes from her heart- from her love for the older girl.


She arrives a little over 7PM. There was a huge crowd outside the vicinity. She suspects they are fans of the birthday girl who wants to take even just a tiny peek at their idol. When she managed to get inside, there’s a lot of people already who she guessed are either celebrities or important figures in both the business and the entertainment industry.

They are wearing flashy dresses and extravagant jewelries that probably costs more than her yearly paycheck. She suddenly feels very conscious of what she’s wearing, how will her $40 outfit would look like beside them?

She distanced herself from the crowd and hoped no one will talk to her. After all, how would she introduce herself? In the midst of ‘I’m a CEO’, ’I’m a director’, ’I’m a topstar’ phrases, how can she introduce herself as ‘I’m a delivery girl’ or ’I’m a part-timer’?

She sighs and decides to put her gift in the area for presents instead. When she is near, she overheard people talking about what they got the birthday girl.

“This is a limited edition that only has 5 copies in the world.”

“This is handmade from a famous artisan.”

“I bought the most expensive one that costs $10,000.”

She placed her present on the table with a heavy feeling after contemplating for a lot of time. Is her sincere heart enough?


By 8PM, Irene arrives inside the venue. She’s wearing a glitzy off-shoulder black dress that accentuates her curves, her hair in a low ponytail. The MC announces her arrival and everyone was in awe of how she looked like that there was a momentary pause before gasps were heard. As soon as she comes in, everyone rushes near her complimenting her from left to right. She smiled while conversing to the crowd of people around her.

Seulgi thought she looked ethereal… and unreachable.

Unlike by Seulgi’s side, she fits with this type of people better. This is where she belongs.

She thought loving Joohyun is enough. What she didn’t realize until today is that Irene is also a part of Joohyun. And while Joohyun is within her reach, Irene is high and mighty. While Joohyun can give her undivided attention, Irene cannot. While Joohyun can love her back, Irene should not. There is so much more to consider than what they feel for each other.

She storms out from the venue with tears on her face.

Maybe sometimes love is not enough. Just like tonight.


“I came to work,” Seulgi explains as she arrives at Wanda’s with puffy eyes still in her party clothes.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in the party?” Wendy inquires with concern on her face.

She smiles, “I like it here better”


The taller just shrugs- her face devoid of emotions, “Just let me work.” As she turns her back, she can still feel Wendy and Joy looking at her. She chokes back a sob deciding they are only concerned for her, “I-I don’t fit in.”

A tear slips out of her face, “J-joohyun. No, I mean I-Irene. She’s out of my league.”

Wendy and Joy approaches her for a hug. She knows they mean well. And she knows, with them, this is where she fits in.

Not with Irene.


Irene: Have you seen Seulgi?

Irene: I thought she was coming?

Irene: She’s not answering her phone nor texting back.

Irene: I’m worried about her!

Joy: She came but she left.

Joy: She looked so hot you know?

Joy: You can even see her abs.

Joy: But she came back crying

Joy: Saying she doesn’t deserve you

Irene: S-she has a-abs???!

Irene: What! Did anyone say anything to her?

Irene: I will fight them!

Joy: No one did

Joy: But we all know she doesn’t have the best self confidence

Joy: She can’t offer you anything

Joy: Except her abs maybe

Joy: Do you still want her?

Irene: She’s the only one I will ever want

Irene: I don’t want anything else

Irene: Just her

Irene: Her abs is a bonus tho

Irene: Do you have a pic?


As soon as she sent a reply to Joy, Irene rushed to the platform. “Everyone, I will be leaving this party now. You can continue or do whatever you want with your life.”

Everyone is dumbfounded but the actress gave no further explanations. When she was near the stairs of the platform, she suddenly thought of something and went back to the microphone.

“Before I go, I would like to ask a question,” She clears as she continues, “If Bae Irene asks you to go out with her, what will you do?”

The crowd erupted with answers that basically says they will accept the confession.

Irene intercepts, “Even if you are poor?”

“Yes!!” the crowd responds.

“Even if you are not famous? An ordinary person?”

“Of course! It’s a crime not to accept the Goddess’ confession,” One man from the crowd shouts so loud.

“Thanks. What if you’re both females?”

This time the girls overpower the guys with their responses, “Hell yes!”

“Bae Irene is gay? Oh, that’s hot,” She hears one say.

She smiles at the crowd- satisfied with their responses until she hears one of the guy shout, “What if she’s ugly??”

The crowd goes silent unable to answer the query. Irene scowls at the person, “She’s not.” She rolls her eyes, “And she’s hot. And FYI, she got abs unlike you.”

This made the crowd laugh as well as Irene, “Thanks, Everyone. I will leave now. I still have a girl to confess to.” She winks at them before immediately exiting the stage.


She arrives at the restaurant a little over 10PM, there’s still a number of people inside who all gasped as soon as she made her entrance. She didn’t notice them for her eyes are just looking straight at Seulgi who is currently serving several customers.


“I-Irene,” the younger replies- immediately halting whatever she was doing like the rest of the people in the restaurant. They watch Irene as she makes her way closer to the delivery girl.

The top star opens saying what she wants to say straight to the point, “I love y-“


This made Irene’s eyes glisten with tears as she asks, “W-why?”

“We can’t be together. You are not just Joohyun, you are also Irene- the Goddess’ of Korean entertainment. Everyone wants you. I’m just one of those ‘everyone’. Why choose me when you can have someone better? Why settle for less- for someone who has nothing when everyone is willing to give you everything?” the younger girl chokes back a sob- aware of all the attention they are having right now.

Joohyun’s eyes soften as she looks at the hurt girl’s face. There is nothing more she wants to do than to wipe her affection’s tears away and assure her of her love. She takes another step closer until they are a few feet away from each other, “Whether I’m Irene to others or Joohyun to you, they are both me. And believe me when I say they are both in love with you- with all that you can offer and all you cannot, with all that you are and all you are not.”

There was silence after. Seulgi, with her resolve wavering, remains in silence as she contemplates whether or not to give in. The growing silence made Joohyun feel anxious. She panics- afraid of the rejection she will face, “Yah, Kang Seulgi, I did not eat all those chicken even if I get an upset stomach just for you to reject me!”

Upon hearing that, the crowd dramatically reacts.

“Bae Irene ate chicken?!”

“She hates chicken the most!”

“Oh no, she didn’t! The world will end now!”

“You need to take responsibility!”

This made Seulgi recall those times she made Joohyun eat chicken. She would usually see her face showing a bit of discomfort. She would also go often to the bathroom which the younger would usually dismiss that she might just be that type of person who pees a lot.

Joohyun steps forward until she’s right in front of Seulgi, “If you do not date me, I swear I will eat this chicken right now!” The smaller girl took a chicken from the tray Seulgi is holding. She bit the leg, a piece of chicken now dangling on (She was hoping the younger will stop her, hence, why she did not devour it. She hates chicken after all.)

And Seulgi surely knows how to exceed expectations.

Joohyun’s world suddenly slows down as Seulgi bit the chicken that was dangling outside the star’s mouth. Their lips brushing in the process. She can’t believe what happened so “…again!” She said as she bit another piece and let it dangle which Seulgi bit again.

She smiles at what the younger did. That’s two kisses already. Why not make it three? She tried biting another piece again when, suddenly, Seulgi held her wrist.

“No need for that,” the younger says before diving into Joohyun’s lips. It took a few seconds for the older to reply but when she did, oh boy, did she give it her all. She’s getting full from the food that is Kang Seulgi’s love.

Everyone was squealing even Joy and Wendy. They watched the pair share sweet kisses with a motherly smile on their faces. Some were even recording the spectacle. All the attention is on the new couple who they thought look good together.

Five minutes later, they are still at it. They aren’t showing any signs of stopping anytime soon so the crowd is getting uncomfortable. One of them coughs, “Uhhh. Let’s resume eating?” He asked the other patrons of the restaurant and they resumed life like usual totally ignoring the pair that is devouring each other’s lips in the middle.

Wendy decides to take the matter into her own hands as she approaches them, “Sorry to interrupt but this is a place where people eat chicken not each other’s faces,” Joohyun and Seulgi parted with super flushed faces.

After several apologies, the taller girl then decides to drag the older outside of the restaurant via the back door. As they walk past the crowd they heard them say, “Just make sure to date our Goddess! Don’t break her heart! Be happy!”

As soon as they are outside, Seulgi turns to look at Irene, “I guess I have to take responsibility?”

The shorter girl laughs at her and hums.

“So, you don’t like chicken?”

Joohyun laughs once again before coming closer to Seulgi, “I don’t like chicken.” With just a few inches away she says, “But I like you.”

“You like me?”

She comes even closer, “No, I love you.”

Seulgi smiles at her and let their foreheads touch, “I love you too.”

They both laughed until Joohyun shyly commented, “Uhhmmm. Can we do it again?”

This left Seulgi to wonder what the shorter girl is talking about. She looked at Joohyun- a question mark can be seen on her face. With a flush, the actress pointed at the taller’s lips with her own. The delivery girl finally got what she meant. She shyly nods.

Seulgi was about to close the gap when Joohyun spoke again, “…with tongue.”

The taller girl gulps, “But I just ate chicke-“

She didn’t manage to finish what she was going to say because the top star pulled her by the collar to taste (and her tongue).

It was a moment of glee for both as they cemented the moment when their love has materialized into a relationship that they will treasure and protect at all costs.

They are in love and, at the moment, it’s the only thing that matters.

The moment they part, Joohyun released a satisfied grin on her face. She her lips as she says, “I think finally found a way to enjoy chicken.”

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