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Chicken Dinner

“Tell me why I’m not filming this again,” Irene says while crouching on the side.

They are currently spying on Seulgi at her photoshoot for Wanda’s. After her little rendezvous with Irene, Seulgi kind of shot to fame as the love of the Goddess’ life and the hot delivery girl, in return, this made the sales of Wanda’s skyrocket which ultimately made the company decide to have her model and shoot commercials for the brand.

They hid behind some of the props while wearing their excessive undercover outfits consisting of black outfits, face masks, hats, and sunglasses. They are actually more suspicious looking like that I’m not sure why no one has caught them yet.

Yeri rolled her eyes once again, “Oh my god. Good thing I came prepared.” She took out her mobile phone and played a recording of her voice because it’s the nth time that the girl asked her this.

Listen, Old Hag. How many times should I repeat this for you? This is not even part of my job description! You know what-

“Uhhh. Can you skip to the main part already?”

Yeri looked at Irene, “Oops. Okay, fam.” She skipped the next 1 min of the recording.

When you joined the company, you specifically asked to add a clause in your contract that you will never ever do anything related to chicken whether endorsements or product placements. And if this clause is not followed, you can terminate the contract however you want and receive a darn amount of damages that will probably make the company bankrupt. So, shut up, and keep your hands to yourself this is all your fault once again! How many-

“Okay, I think that’s enough,” Irene glared at Yeri which made the manager pause the recording.

The two are currently watching Seulgi shoot her individual scenes. “That’s my baby! She’s so hot,” the older looks at the delivery girl with heart eyes and Yeri thanked herself that she already got used to it or else she’ll puke in disgust.

Right after the individual shoot ended, the director shouted that they will be shooting couple scenes next. In the next few seconds, a gorgeous girl went into view and near Seulgi. The girl, who goes by the name Jisoo, is actually the current model for the brand. She comes next to Irene when it comes to popularity.

At some point in the shoot, Jisoo and Seulgi were asked by the director to come closer to each other. They did and after a few shots, Jisoo side-hugged Seulgi eventually making her hand interact with the exposed midriff of the delivery girl.

This made the blood boil for this specific spectator (more like spy actually) and if it wasn’t for Yeri, she would’ve pulled Jisoo’s hair already. She’s retaliating in the manager’s grip and kicking the air. With gritted teeth she said, “Yeri! Can’t we change the contract right now?! She’s touching Seulgi’s abs. That’s mine! I haven’t even touched it yet! How dare she do it?”

This actually made Yeri re-think about all her life choices that led to this situation and, maybe, if she can karate chop her way into making Irene unconscious.

“I’m not getting paid enough for this .”


Yeri dropped Irene at the franchise of Wanda’s where Seulgi is working at. After Irene’s complaints of changing the contract, the manager finally got to convince her by coming up with a plan of their own: Operation Feel Up Seulgi’s Abs.

The plan was simple. At the end of Seulgi’s shift, she will take Irene home using the scooter (She already pre-bribed Wendy into allowing Seulgi to take it home all thanks to Irene’s limited edition photocards). Of course, during the ride, Irene will hold on tight to the torso of Seulgi allowing her to touch the glorious abs.

As soon as Irene rode the vehicle, she immediately latched her arms to the target, grinning triumphantly as she feels the rock-hard abs breathe. The triumph, however, did not last long. It went spiraling down from there for as soon as the scooter moved, Irene came fearing for her life. It’s not because Seulgi was not careful enough. In fact, she is a very careful and defensive driver. The problem lies in Irene and her forgotten fear of riding motorcycles.




Yeri was lounging in her own home in the same neighborhood when she suddenly heard something.

“That’s sounds like either a dying cat or a dying Irene-unnie.”

She shakes her head.



In memory of Seulgi’s loving eardrums, Joohyun convinced her to take a break and just spend the night. The taller girl accepted immediately thinking how it was a bit hard for them to meet these past few days because Irene had to handle the media and attend press conferences and interviews about their relationship. To put it simply, she misses her.

She was a bit taken aback when they entered the actress’ room because it looked like a shrine was created for her gift to the older girl. There are scented candles and flowers beside it and to say it’s over the top is still a bit underrated. (Joohyun cried for hours when she saw the drawing saying it was the best gift in her life. Seulgi was happy she liked it but regretted a bit when she had to console and comfort the older girl for hours. Damn, ma, that’s love.)

Seulgi showered first and settled herself in the bed while waiting for Joohyun. Irene surely took her time in the shower making sure every inch of her body was scrubbed clean and shaved. She brushed her teeth thrice and almost gargled the entire bottle of mouthwash. It’s Seulgi’s first sleepover since they established their relationship and, without doubt, she’s expecting something to happen tonight. Or rather, she will make sure something will happen tonight.

As soon as she finished, she went out with her robe on with matching lingerie beneath it. The lights were dim but that didn’t stop her from approaching her target. She immediately straddled the younger girl.

“Seul,” she whispered seductively as she lowered her head down and began kissing her neck.

“Baby…mmmm…” She continues with her attacks.

After few seconds, she noticed she’s not getting any response at all which is impossible because according to her reference materials, this is supposed to turn Seulgi on.

She switched on the lamp beside the bed and saw Seulgi sleeping with slightly opened, “Baby. Why did you sleep already?” She sulks and laid beside her girlfriend.

“At least spoon me?” She holds Seulgi’s arm and slightly shook it.

“Babe?” She added a bit more pressure into the action but got absolutely no response.

She got up, “Baby? Are you okay?” Irene shakes her pretty violently this time but nothing happened. She’s panicking thinking Seulgi probably fainted or something. Soon enough, she tried other methods including slapping and choke-slamming the younger girl.

It all failed. She’s a girl who can’t be moved.

She called Joy who immediately picked up (she initially dialed 911 but canceled when she thought of Seulgi’s friend).

“Joy! Seulgi’s not m-moving!” the strain in her voice evident for the other person on the line.

“What do you mean she’s not moving?”

“I took a shower and when I come back she was sleeping so I tried to wake her up so we she can spoon me-“

“Just spoon?” Joy interrupted.

Irene sighed, “Well, I’m open for more but cuddling is fine too. Anyway! She won’t budge no matter what I do. I think she fainted or something!”

The other person on the line laughed before reassuring her, “That’s normal, Unnie. That’s just how she sleeps. I have never managed to wake her up.”

Irene sighed in relief, “Oh my god. I really thought she fainted or what.”

“Don’t worry, she wakes up early. You can postpone your activities in the morning,” she can imagine Joy smirking in the other line.

They hanged up after some more talks. The actress sighed as she goes back to bed and wrapped an arm around the taller girl, “They say morning is good too.”


Irene woke up with a sight of Seulgi looking at her, “Goodmorning, Babe.” The taller girl immediately pecked her lips. She flinched thinking about her morning breath but she’s Irene Bae after all and Irene Bae is immune to morning breaths.

She took in the sight of her girlfriend who still look ethereal. She thinks Seulgi even looks more beautiful without make up. She’s like a baby. And she mentally giggled a bit because she’s Joohyun’s baby.

Looking at the time, she remembered it’s a little late for Seulgi who usually starts work very early in the morning, “Aren’t you gonna go to work?”

The younger girl went on to explain that Wendy told her to take the day off as thank you for her modeling stint. Wendy actually told her “to go and make babies” but she’s not gonna share that.

“Let’s have a date?” Seulgi added after her explanation. She really wants to spend the day with Joohyun (and do couple stuff that’s not just about making babies).

The older nodded rather eagerly, “Yes! Let me plan the day. It'll be the best!”


After they ate breakfast, Joohyun took her towel and immediately went to the bathroom. She was about to open the door when Seulgi suddenly grabbed her wrist.

“I-I can’t wait anymore,” Seulgi says while perspiring, her eyes looking intensely at the older girl.

Joohyun gulped.

Not m-morning but shower s-?!

She was thinking about happy thoughts which was halted she saw Seulgi inching closer so she closed her eyes.

Come to me baby! I’m ready!

She felt a breeze passed her and when she opened her eyes, the bathroom door is shut already and Seulgi is inside.

“Sorry, Hyun! It’s an emergency!”

Moments after, a flush was heard.


They went to Everland, a theme park conveniently located near Seoul. Irene want their first ever official date as a couple to be the best one. The tulips there just recently bloomed, and it would be a nice sight to see in addition to the theme park rides.

They walk out of the car with their matching cap, and masks on.

Their newfound fame as the hottest couple made it hard for them to go out in public so they settled for a perfect disguise which Joohyun insisted to, at least, still be matching in colors so it can still count as a couple look.

They are nearing the booth where they can purchase tickets when they heard someone ask, “Is that Irene and her girlfriend?”

Both their necks almost broke when they twisted to the opposite side just so they won’t be facing the guy who just asked.

“Oh, it really looks like them,” another person added. Mental panic arises in both of their brains. The people began approaching them, “Are you Irene and Seulgi?”

“We are not,” Irene firmly said while looking at the ground preventing her eyes to be seen. Seulgi looks at her and asks rather loudly, “W-we are not?” This made Irene look up and glare at her love.

The people had a glimpse of both their eyes and immediately recognized those orbs, “It’s really them!”

“The Goddess and her Goddess are here!”

As soon as the line was spoken, Irene immediately yanked Seulgi away as they made a beeline back to their car.


The rest of the day became a repeat of what happened in the park. No matter what they do, they would still get found out by the people. By sometime in the afternoon, they wore hoodies, a cap, mask, and sunglasses. They expected to be mistaken as some type of criminals on the run with their get up- anything but who they really are, but no, people STILL found out it was them.

They are now currently in a playground near Seulgi’s home with food bought from the convenience store near them – a chicken triangle gimbap for Seulgi and tuna mayo for Joohyun. It was a little late in the night so there are no kids in sight. Each person is situated in a swing with tiredness apparent on their faces.

Joohyun heaves a sigh before facing Seulgi, “I’m sorry we couldn’t have even a decent date.”

The other girl beams at her, “It’s not your fault, Baby.”

The actress sulks even more, “I just want us to have the best first official date as a couple ever. We should be on that Ferris Wheel by now kissing to our heart’s content or at the Han River with you back hugging me while watching fireworks or any other place that’s not bland and simple like this. I want you to have the best.”

She sighs even deeper.

Seulgi stands and kneels in front of Irene. She cups the older’s face in her hands and says, “But I have the best already?”

The implication did not go unnoticed and made Joohyun blush profusely. She shakes her head, “Baby, you know what I mean.”

Seulgi’s eyes soften and pecks her girlfriend’s lips, “And I want you to know what I mean too.” She leans and presses their foreheads close. “It’s not about the place, it’s about who I’m with.”

She pecks Joohyun’s nose, “And I’m with you.”

The older looks at the younger’s eyes and found sincerity deep in them. Her heart starts beating so fast like it was about to burst. Only Seulgi can make her feel like that.

So she smiles and cups Seulgi’s face too.

They both lean forward with the aim of meeting each other’s lips.


And under the not so starry skies,

in a simple setting,

they shared a perfect moment – that pure bliss.


That pure love.

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