Falling Without You


Seulgi finds it funny how she learned love from a person that can never love her back.


Or an angsty Seulrene best friend AU!

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Chapter 3: So many feels here 😭
Gabu01 #2
Chapter 3: First time reading this, wow, so beautiful
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Rereading this 😭🫶🏼
Oct_13_wen_03 16 streak #4
Chapter 3: 🤍🤍🤍🤍
Chapter 3: Thank you so much for this story 🥹
Chapter 2: I said in my first comment that it's great that I didn't cry but damn this chapter surely made me. I sobbed way too hard 😭 Seulgi just became selfish for once and that one time ruined her. It breaks my heart that even though she was crushed and her whole hope was stomped like that, it was still Irene's well-being she thinks of after. She never held grudges for all the things Irene said (man, that really hurts) but instead she chose to understand. She chose what's the best and not complicated for Joohyun and that's to not prolong Joohyun's pain anymore even if it costs her own pain (Seulgi's) and if I was her, I would've broken down first on how hurtful Joohyun's words are. But Seulgi, instead of thinking about her own pain, Seulgi drowned herself into thinking that it's all her fault and not Joohyun's. At the end of this chapter, she was still able to prove how big her love is for Joohyun.
Chapter 1: I love how angsty this chapter makes me feel yet you written it in a lighter way and that's really great because I don't want to be a crying mess lol. I can clearly feel the longing, love, care, and every selflessness Seulgi has for Joohyun. Literally every word you wrote defined how love is patient and understanding, that nothing else matters but the happiness of the one you cherish dearly. No infatuations, just pure, deep and raw feelings.
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Chapter 3: This is so beautiful awww ❤
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Chapter 3: I love my parents so much!! And i missed them 🥺🥺
Chapter 3: Very lovely