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learning to love
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'Trump, please stop it' Pete pleaded before Trump proceeded to harshly slap his cheek.
This wasn't the first time Trump got this angry at him. Recently, Trump had been acting unreasonable and cold towards him - and he had no idea why.


Pete was deprived of affection since young - he came from a wealthy household, but his parent's were always too busy to visit him at home. They were always overseas on business trips, and Pete could only see them once a month. He was brought up by maids and butlers who were employed by his father; they never displayed devotion or tenderness towards him as he grew up. Whenever he cried, he was called 'ungrateful' and got locked up in his room until he stopped. He didn't have any friends either as a child, as he was homeschooled until he was old enough to attend middle school.


Trump was the first friend Pete made at school. They met for the first time when they coincidently ended up sitting next to each other during class. Trump approached him first with a warm smile, and asked for his name. Trump was always gentle and considerate towards Pete, always having lunch with him, and even helping him with his school work.


Throughout the years of friendship between them, Pete couldn't help but fall in love. Trump gave him the attention and care he had never experienced before and he was the only one Pete felt he could really trust and be honest with. Pete started to occasionally blush when Trump stood too close, or when he touched his hair. Pete wanted to tell Trump about how he felt towards him, but he was afraid of rejection, so he kept quiet. 

Pete's parents had already gotten him a place at a prestigious university to study business after middle school. This sparked a worry in him; a worry of possibly having to separate with Trump when he graduates.




On the last day of school, as the final school bell rang, Trump walked with Pete to the front of the school gates. 

Pete looked down at his feet, unsure of what to say. He felt like he was going to start crying; he was afraid that Trump would leave him forever, and he would be left alone again. 


Trump placed his fingers below Pete's chin and brought his face up to face him. 

' Pete, will you be my boyfriend?'


This was how their relationship started. But Pete never expected things to take a wrong, agonising turn.



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