~ prologue ~

learning to love
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Pete walked in the heavy rain. He felt like he'd dealt with enough pain. Now, he just wanted everything to stop.


Hot tears flooded down his cheeks as he walked with his head held low and the cold rain hitting him. He wasn't sure where he was going, but continued along the sidewalk anyway. He'd never felt so lost and alone in his life. The wind was glacial, but Pete couldn't care less. He actually wished that the numbing cold could ease the immense pain he felt inside.



Flashbacks of his ex-boyfriend crossed his mind causing him to flinch unknowingly. His heart rate quickened and he tried to calm himself down, telling himself that he was okay. But that wasn't enough - he couldn't get rid of the fear eating away at him.


Pete stopped walking and stood still in the pouring rain. He looked up, facing the dark sky and closed his eyes shut. Raindrops softly hit his eyelids, falling down his cheeks along with his own tears.


'Maybe I should just end it all...' he thought to himself. 





Suddenly, Pete no longer felt the cool raindrops on his face, and instead felt a hand clasp over his right shoulder. Startled, he grabbed the wrist of the arm and quickly spun around. His eyes met a pair of soft, yet deep brown ones, that seemed as startled as he was. He had soft black hair, which covered little of one side more than

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kim_alexpink #5
Chapter 4: Lovely story...#AiPete forever ??? plz continue ..
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Chapter 4: I loove this!! Please continue soon ???
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i am so excited for this <3
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