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Hi ^^

Like u can see I'm trash for Meanie at the moment, so my heart is just for them <3 I would love find some great authors that can allow me to translate they fanfictions in Portuguese, I have some too, but none of them are in English yet. I want so much share these fics with the Brazilian carats (cause I'm into Seventeen right now).

What am I doing this? I'm trying to come back to write again though I'm not so satisfied with my own work I mean my plots, personalities etc. Anyway, while I  thinking about a quality stuff (yeah, It needs to be HIGH QUALITY)  and trying to elaborate one I could just translate some that I find interesting here. Actually, I have been wondering about that so much, I guess don't hurt try and I'm just doing it to practice my writing skills in both languages with any intention besides that.

When I decide which fic I want to translate I'll sure try to talk with this respective author and ask them about that. So I hope that I can share a lot of Meanies' fics here and there. Soon will be my own fanfiction. 

Meanie is so cute, omg.  They already take the position of my ultimate OTOP Yoonseok T-T 




About Me

You can call me Ryu ^^

I love kpop and specifics boy groups. My favourites are BTS, SEVENTEEN, GOT7, NCT, EXO. I like to read books, animes, watch some series too. I'm a very open mind person.

My prime language is Portuguese and I'm working in improve both of them.   

I don't' have any friends here because I usually didn't try doing some, that  3