What is love?

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‘I never knew what love was, until you came along.’


Mingyu overhears a strange phone call in the library, and finds out that a mysterious boy is in trouble. Wishing to help this boy out, he tries his best, but will he be welcomed or pushed away? Could love possibly follow this dangerous path he had chosen to take?


ahhhh sorry the description , but the story is about much more than what is says in the description! 

Also, this is my first fanfic, so i really hope you enjoy it!! <3

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Piyochan_ #1
Chapter 2: I like this fanfic so much>< pleasee fast updatee :")
3036jonestom #2
Chapter 1: please update!! the suspense is killing me!!
tigosxx #3
Chapter 1: Yay can't wait for chapter 2 :)