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learning to love
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Pete was awakened by the sound of raindrops hitting his window along with a loud thunder strike. He opened my eyes to find himself in complete darkness on the floor of his room. Feeling dazed, Pete pushed himself up and looked around. There was no one there - it meant that what had happened with Trump wasn't a dream. 

Pete could feel his already swollen eyes well up with tears as Trump's words echoed in his ears. 'I decided to make you fall in love with me so I could take your money'. With a shaky sigh, Pete gathered his strength and stood up. 'I should've expected it' he thought to himself. 'People are only after the money my parents make'.

Although he knew it was true, Pete didn't want to accept the fact that he was alone again. Something worse than his biggest fear had just come true - Trump had left him completely. Pete always dreamt of having someone close to him as a child. He imagined someone who was always there for him, who was understanding, caring... loving. He used to think he had finally met that person when he met Trump, but now, he knew he was wrong.

Maybe Trump didn't mean what he said. Maybe it was all a joke and Trump will come back to his room tomorrow.

Pete continued to make up foolish excuses - excuses he wished were true.


Pete wanted to clear his mind, he wanted an escape. He felt insecure - was he not good enough? why was everyone leaving him? Pete didn't want to think these depressing thoughts anymore.

Pete quickly wore his sneakers, grabbed his umbrella and walked out the door.


Pete's POV 

Cars drove past me as I walked along the sidewalk. I checked my watch : 2:00 am.

There were few cars on the roads, and it was relatively quiet, apart from the sound of the rain and the splashes I made as I stepped on puddles on the ground.

The wind blew through my hair softly and I could see the rain begin to ease off - it wasn't raining as heavily anymore.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, and I checked it to see that it was a phone call from my mother. My parents hadn't called me since 5 months ago, when they returned from their business trip to Japan.

With a shaky breath, I tapped 'answer' and held the phone to my ear. Before I could even say 'hello', I could hear my mother shout at my father in the background before she got back to the phone.

'Hi son, hope you're

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