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learning to love
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Ae yawned as he walked in the rain. He checked his phone to see that it was already nearing 2:00am. He groaned. 'Stupid Pond' he thought to himself. 

Pond had asked Ae to come to his house due to an apparent 'emergency' which actually turned out to be Pond's overdue school assignment. Pond wouldn't let Ae leave until he helped him finish it. Ae ended up giving in to Pond's pleading and decided to stay a couple minutes.

After several hours of scolding Pond and slapping the back of his head, Ae finally managed to help him complete his assignment.

He rushed out with Pond following behind, praying that the last bus was still waiting at the stop. However, unfortunately, Ae didn't make it in time. He gave Pond a glare and sighed. Pond awkwardly scratched his neck, thanked Ae for his help, and ran back into his house.


Adding to Ae's bad luck, it was raining heavily and his house was a 20 minute walk from Pond's. Ae shut his eyes as he huffed - 'typical Pond'.

With Pond's umbrella, he began to walk home- he couldn't remember the last time he walked around the streets at this hour. The roads were dark, and only had few cars occasionally driving past. The lamp posts illuminated his path, but the rain made it hard for him to see far anyway.



After around 10 minutes of walking, Ae started to see a dark silhouette of a boy walking slowly ahead of him. 'So, there are people who walk around here at this time of night' Ae thought to himself as he continued along the sidewalk.

Along the path, an umbrella blocked Ae's way. 'Maybe the person in front dropped it' he thought, as he picked it up.

Ae quickened his pace as he started to walk faster towards the silhouette - the silhouette

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i am so excited for this <3
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