Praise The Void

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Story Description: They said a gaze is all it takes. It's said that one look in each other'ssoul can guarantee the connection between the DNAs for the bond to be awoken. It was centuries old myth yet all the elders believed in it with their entire heart... nevertheless same could not be said about the one that suffered at the hands of fate... 

(I in story description so don't judge the story by just reading the description... it might be good... just try it :))

Genre: Werewolf AU, Alpha Omega dynamic, Royality AU, Slight angst, Pinch of Romance, Warriors AU

Main Pairing: Jeon Jungkook + Park Jimin (Jikook)

Side Pairing: Namjoon + Seokjin (NamJin)


Type: Chaptered

Words Counted: N/A

Original Character: All except BTS members

Rated: 16+

Warning: The story is rated 16+ for a reason... there would be mention of ual innuendos but I am sure nothing a 16 year old can't handle :)

Inspiration: From nowhere... I am just a er for Werewolf AUs >_<

Disclaimer: The plot of the story is owned by me and the development of the whole story is 100% from my imagination so if you find a work similar to mine then that could be coincidental or someone could be stealing my work so kindly let me know about it… Thankyu!

Copy rights © FireFeerie 2018, all rights reserved


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