Rebelling Stars

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Description: Heechul and Leeteuk are polar opposite- personality wise- but when stars meet to create destiny, who are they to rebel against it?

Main Pair: Leeteuk + Heechul (TeukChul)

Side Pairs: Hyukjae + Donghae (HyukHae- but only mentioned)

Original Character: The Chief, The Director, Vortex Mafia members

Genre: Intelligence Agency AU, Slight Angst

Warning: Abduction, Child Trafficking, Drug Dealing, Guns (I shall rate the chapters where necessary)

Type: Chaptered

Rated: (Mention of some gruesome crimes... I shall rate the chapters where necessary)

Author Note: This is TeukChul Birthday Fic (2018), and it was suppose to be uploaded on 1st July and end on 10th July... but clearly I failed my own target, thus my new target is to complete this fic in the month of July. Hopefully, I would succeed (??)

Disclaimer: The plot and development of the story is 100% from my own brain, so if you find a similar work, it could be coincidental or someone could be stealing my work therefore kindly let me know. Thankyu!

Copy Rights © FIRE FEERIE 2018, all rights reserved

^.^ Kindly restrain yourself from plagiarism, bashing and translating. ThanKyu ^.^

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