Standing Still

Our Sanctuary

Waking up with the comforting pressure of Seokjin’s body on top of his, Hoseok couldn’t help but give a little smile. Despite still feeling a sting of what Taehyung had done to him, this was maybe his favorite way to wake up. Jin’s broad shoulders eclipsed his finer frame, his long legs tangled with Hoseok’s shorter ones, and his breathe tickled Hoseok’s neck below his ear. Absentmindedly, he ran his fingertips through Seokjin’s hair sleepily. He was still tired but he couldn’t force himself to sleep any longer but he couldn’t bring himself to move and rouse his slumbering friend. His momentary bliss was destroyed sooner than he would have liked though with the blaring ring of Jin’s cellphone.


“Mm… …” Groaning, Jin’s eyes opened and he smiled down at Hoseok, making his heart poud slightly. Their lips were suspiciously close to one another before the phone rang again. “…” Placing a feather soft kiss on Hoseok’s cheek, Jin rolled off of him and Hoseok whimpered, missing his presence already. Sitting up slowly as Jin answered the phone, Hoseok had to force himself to let his brewing fantasy go. Seokjin had a boyfriend. Hell. Hoseok hadn’t even officially broken it off with Taehyung anymore. They were friends. Friends and nothing more. This is what they’d always done as friends and it meant nothing more than it always had.


“Hey, Joon.” Jin yawned into the phone, closing his eyes again, his hand reaching out to stop Hoseok from leaving the bed, fingers curled gently around his wrist. “Oh. Um. But Hoseok is here.” Stomach feeling as though it sank to his feet, Hoseok could already feel himself ruining Jin’s relationship.


“No. It’s cool. I need to go home and get my phone anyway.” Hoseok shook his head, holding Jin’s hand for a moment. “Thanks for letting me stay the night.” Leaning over, Hoseok kissed Seokjin’s cheek gently. “I’ll call you soon. Enjoy your time with Namjoon.”


“Hoseok…” Jin seemed reluctant to let him go but he knew it was best if he got lost as soon as possible. Nodding toward Jin’s phone, he gave him a smile before he left the apartment, the bag he had packed over his shoulder. Sighing, he tried to figure out why he felt so sad at the thought of Namjoon taking his place in Seokjin’s bed. It seemed like maybe he was just really easy to replace, especially to Taehyung.


Sighing, he clenched his hands into fists as he walked along the sidewalk, barely noticing the people moving by him. Even though he knew he had to, he wasn’t looking forward to facing his cheating boyfriend just yet. He lived with Taehyung in the apartment Taehyung had bought. Once their relationship ended where would Hoseok go? All of his money went into pampering Taehyung. He hadn’t saved up anything to start a new life with because he had never thought he would have to. Literally everything he had, his money, his heart, his soul, all his free time, went to that man just to have him and Jimin all over it. It wasn’t fair. What’d he do to deserve this?


With a shaking hand, he unlocked the apartment and slipped inside. Instantly he knew Taehyung was no longer asleep, knew he was no longer alone. Loud noises, throaty and sensual, filled the whole of the apartment, almost deafening after such a quiet walk. Feeling sick, Hoseok slammed the front door to let them know he was home. Cursing came from the bedroom and he could hear them scrambling around, probably to get dressed.


“Don’t bother. I wont be here long.” Calling out, he was surprised at how calm he kept his voice. Trudging into the bedroom, Hoseok snatched up his phone and charger, gathering as much of his clothing as he could into his bag.


“Hoseok, wait!” Reaching out, Taehyung pulled away from Jimin to grip his hand tightly. “Wait… Please. Can we… Can we just talk about this?” The hurt in his boyfriend’s voice caused him pain in return but he knew he couldn’t stay. Even if he didn’t know where he’d go, he knew his place wasn’t with Taehyung anymore. Maybe it never had been.


“Tae… I love you, you know that. And I want you to be happy. So…” Glancing at a distraught Jimin, Hoseok sighed. “I can’t be with you anymore. I’ll come by soon to gather the rest of my stuff and return the key. Take care of yourself.”


“You’re going to walk away that easily?! Didn’t I mean anything to you!?” Half sobbing, Taehyung grabbed for him again and Hoseok stumbled back, knocking a vase over, full of Taehyung’s favorite flowers, shattering it on the bedroom floor.


“You meant everything to me. That’s why I want you to be happy.” Shaking his head, Hoseok turned to leave the apartment, unable to spare them even one more glance. Tears stung at his eyes and he felt worthless but he knew that he made the right choice. If not for him, then for Taehyung and Jimin. Unsure of where he was going, Hoseok resigned to wander the streets until he finally formed a plan. Lucky for him, he had the day off from work so he was in no real rush to figure anything out. Phone ringing in his pocket, he hesitated, not wanting to deal with a crying Taehyung any longer, but he fished it out anyway, relieved to see Seokjin’s name displayed on his screen instead.


“Come home.” His friend spoke through the speaker, his voice concerned. “I’m making breakfast and you need to eat.” After assuring Jin he’d be there soon, Hoseok hung up the phone. Home. Jin had called his apartment home. How ironic that the only place Hoseok ever really felt like home was next to the other man. Even with Taehyung, he’d only ever been truly himself with Seokjin. If he could call that home, maybe he could make it through this breakup. But… He had to remind himself that Jin had Namjoon and he had no right to ruin that.



After Hoseok left, Seokjin had explained to Namjoon what had happened, that Hoseok needed him and he absolutely could not make time for a quick romp in bed before Namjoon had work. Disappointed, Namjoon had cursed a bit but seemed to settle down and understand. He’d have to make it up to him later tonight between work and the studio, but he didn’t want to. Seokjin just wanted to focus on taking care of Hoseok as long as he’d let him.


As he prepared food in the kitchen, his apartment door opened and he could hear a sniffle, like someone fighting back tears. A lifetime of experience told him it was Hoseok and before he could turn around to comfort him, bags his the floor and quick footsteps approached him. Arms wrapped around his waist and a tear damped face pressed against the back of his shoulder blades. Shaking, Hoseok was clearly more distraught than he had been when he had left.


“What happened, Baby Doll?” Detangling Hoseok from him for only a moment, Jin turned to hold him tightly against his chest, running his fingers through his hair slowly. “Sweet boy, tell me what’s wrong so I can fix it.”


“J-Jimin was there. They were… I caught them… I broke up with him…” Even with his cheeks red and covered in tears, with his lips quivering, Hoseok took his breath away. Without thinking, Seokjin leaned down, pressing his lips to his friend’s in the most passionate kiss he had ever experienced.It felt like his heart would burst from joy and his mouth tingled where they met. When Hoseok pulled away he couldn’t seem to catch his breath.


“My Hope…” Seokjin whispered, still less than inch from Hoseok’s lips, using the old childhood nickname he had given his friend. Hoseok was clinging to him, motionless for a moment before he burst into another wave of heavy tears. Heart sinking, he backed away slightly, rubbing Hoseok’s cheeks with his thumbs, doing his best to soak up his tears. Realizing too late, he cursed himself for making a move like that when the other man was already so fragile.


“D-don’t…” Sobbing, Hoseok gently took Seokjin’s hands from his cheeks and shook his head. “Please… I don’t want to do this to Namjoon. I don’t want Namjoon to feel like this. I’m… I’m not a home wrecker, Jin.”


“I… I didn’t mean it like that.” Desperate, he pulled Hoseok against his chest again. “I wont do it again. I just… It hurts to see you cry. Let me be here. Let me take care of you. I wont do it again.” After a long moment where it felt like Jin’s heart might burst from his chest, Hoseok relaxed in his arms, resting his forehead against Jin’s shoulder. Tears subsiding, Hoseok seemed to okay again for the moment.


“I’m hungry, Jinnie.” Whispering against his shoulder, Hoseok just sounded tired. “I thought you said there would be breakfast. Placing a kiss on Hoseok’s forehead, Jin stepped away to finish cooking.


“Go relax, Baby Doll. I’ll bring food to you when you’re ready.” Smiling, Jin rubbed his cheek when Hoseok looked up at him. Their eyes met for a moment longer than he had expected before Hoseok kissed his cheek, the corners of their lips brushing. Kiss linger a while longer than normal, Hoseok finally stepped back, his hands not letting Jin’s shirt go until he was too far away to hold on any longer. They shared one more glace before the other man retreated to the couch. Seokjin wasn’t sure what was happening between them but he knew that in the end he’d have to make a choice. All he could hope for was that Hoseok wouldn’t feel responsible for his decision. Watching Hoseok for only a bit longer while the younger man stretched out on the couch and put on cartoon, something Jin knew always made him feel better. With a deep breath, he silently vowed to make his move as soon as he knew Hoseok would be able to handle it. Even if it hurt Namjoon, even if it hurt himself, he needed to give this a chance, he needed to at least finally tell Hoseok how he felt.

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Chapter 4: (sorry if my comments are annoying, I am just the kind of reader who comments on every chapter so if you want me to stop just say D: my apologies if it's annoying TT TT ) but this was another emotional chapter. Jungkook was so angry and I was mad he hit tae, because I felt, even with everything and even tho I could understand kook's anger, to hit tae.... ah, maybe a bit too far, he hurt him and that wasn't cool TT TT i'm glad vmin have each other now though and can be open about that, hopefully they can make a fresh start >.<
Chapter 3: Aw my heart *-* like throughout I really just wanted 2seok to admit to themselves their feelings but then my mind kept jumping back to namjoon and I felt so guilty *-* but like I feel so sorry for hoseok, his whole life has been turned upside down and it's a relief he has jin to take care of him TT they deserve happiness together and I really hope they find it ;-;
Chapter 2: Ah I already feel so emotionally conflicted with this uwu my heart rn is actually going out to namjoon And jungkook? I know they haven't actually been in it yet but 2seok and vmin have each other even with the break up and idk who namjoon and jungkook have *-* my little heart DX anyway this was a cute start :3 :3 it's so rare to find 2seok fics! ^-^ thanks for writing xx