Our Sanctuary

Taehyung was curled up in bed, Jimin’s arms around him. Yawning, he snuggled closer as his ringtone blared from the nightstand. Closing his eyes tighter, he hoped the sound would stop and whomever was trying to contact him would just go away. His face hurt, bruised from Jungkook’s assault, his heart still ached for the loss of his relationship with Hoseok, and he really just didn’t want to deal with anyone but the man beside him for a very long time. Despite his attempt to ignore the sound, his phone continued to blare.


“Damn it…” Muttering to himself, he turned to grab the phone and hit ‘Talk’ without looking at the number. “What?”


“Is Hoseok there?!” Jin’s voice was frantic with worry and Taehyung could feel his heart drop. Was something wrong with Hoseok?


“He’s supposed to be with you!” Sitting up quickly, he gripped his phone, worry fighting with anger. “What did you do?!”


“Me?! you, Taehyung!” Jin shouted at him through the tiny speaker, sending another flash of anger through him. “You aren’t in any position to ask about that! You’re the reason he’s broken right now!” Before he could retort, the line was dead and he was left with only concern for his ex boyfriend.


“What’s wrong?” Jimin had sat up, rubbing Taehyung’s back and shoulders to calm him. Whimpering, Taehyung threw himself into his lovers arms. “Tae?”


“Hoseok is missing…” Sniffling, he buried his face against Jimin’s chest. “He said he was coming here and he’s just gone. It’s all my fault…”


“I’ll try to contact him, Baby.” Gently, Jimin tried to coax Taehyung to return his head to the pillows, tugging softly at his wrist. “Lay down and try to relax.”


“No. I have to find him.” Pulling away from Jimin, Taehyung rolled out of bed. Nerves seemed to eat at his stomach, churning it and threatening to make him expel its contents on his floor. He felt sick. If something happened to Hoseok it would be entirely his fault.


“Tae-” Before his lover could finish calling his name, the front door was slamming shut behind him. He was terrified that something had happened to the bright, shining human. Not knowing what to do or where to start, panic sent him wandering aimlessly around the city. Calling Hoseok led him to voicemail every time and he couldn’t help but leave multiple concerned messaged. Finally, after what felt like hours, Taehyung, exhausted and sick from worry, made it to the park where Hoseok had first told him that he loved him. Eyes fell on a familiar form standing in front of the jungle gym that had held some of the best memories.


“Hoseok?” Darting forward, he embraced the man, holding him tightly as tears began to stream down his cheeks. Relief at finding him safe and sound was overwhelming and he couldn’t help but sob against the other man’s chest.


“T-Taehyung?” Sounding confused, Taehyung felt Hoseok’s fingers running hesitantly through his hair in an attempt to comfort him. That was his Hobi, putting other people first no matter what he was going through. It was one of the main reasons Taehyung had even fallen in love with him, his gentle, compassionate heart. “What happened to your face. Did Jimin do that?”


“No. No I’m fine. We… We told Jungkook about us and he got mad… Are you okay?” Pulling back slightly, Taehyung looked Hoseok over, wanting to assure himself that the man was unharmed in any way. The blank expression on his face was concerning but he seemed otherwise fine.


“No… I’m really not.” Hoseok pushed him away slightly and shook his head. Heart dropping, Taehyung couldn’t help but reach out for him, afraid to let him go.


“I’m so sorry… Hoseok I’m so sorry….” Cupping his cheeks, Taehyung wiped away the tears beginning to slide down his ex boyfriend’s face with his thumbs, pulling him into a kiss before Hoseok could react in any way. After a moment, Hoseok shoved him away hard, causing Taehyung to stumble back slightly.


“Stop! You don’t get to do this, Taehyung. You don’t get to pretend to care now.” Backing away, the blank look on Hoseok’s face was replaced with rage and hurt but his voice remained soft. “Go back to Jimin. You belong there.”


“Hobi…” Stepping toward him, Taehyung tried to capture his ex lover’s hand, wanting to sooth him, to fix what he had done, to see him smile again.


“I don’t ever want to speak to you again, Taehyung.” Smacking his hand away, Hoseok’s gentle voice hardened. “I want to close this chapter in my life and never open it again.”


“Hoseok…” Hearing those words stung and he wasn’t sure how to handle what he had just heard. Jung Hoseok, his Hoseok, didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. They had been in love for so long… How was he so easy to leave behind?


“Jin’s here. Goodbye, Taehyung. Forever.” Without another look or any other acknowledgement, Hoseok retreated the the car pulling into the parking lot. Of course. Of course Seokjin was there. Angry and hurt, Taehyung let out a frustrated hiss and kicked a rock at his feet. His phone rang in his pocket and he pulled it out, answering it with a dejected ‘Yeah?’


“Baby, where are you?” Jimin’s voice sounded concerned and he could hear the sound of traffic in the background. Hearing the other man speak brought him out of the nastalgia lust Hoseok seemed to pull him into. Park Jimin was the love of his life but at the mere mention of Hoseok he felt himself revert back to that fresh feeling of high school romance.


“I’m at the park. Can you come get me?” Exhaustion returned to him at the idea of making his way back to his apartment. His legs hurt and suddenly the thought of even standing any longer was daunting.


“Yeah. Of course. I’m on my way.” Jimin sounded like he blew a kiss into his phone mic. “I love you, Taehyung.”


“I love you too, Jiminnie.” Blowing a kiss back, Taehyung hung up and sank onto the closest bench. If Hoseok was done with then fine. He only needed Jimin in his life anyway. He only wanted Jimin. He didn’t need Hoseok around tempting him with the ghosts of their past.



Driving toward the park, Jimin shook off the pain he felt over Taehyung jumping at the mere mention of his ex boyfriend. Of course he understood. Hoseok had been such a big part of Taehyung’s life that it was entirely understandable that he was concerned, that he still had love for him. After all, Hoseok had never hurt Taehyung so there were no bitter feelings on Tae’s end. It hurt knowing that his boyfriend was still so in love with someone else but he accepted it.


“Hey, Baby.” As Taehyung hopped into his car, Jimin looked him over, taking stock of his bruise and his tear streaked cheeks. “Did you find him? Is everything okay?”


“He’s with Jin now.” Shrugging, Taehyung leaned over and gave him a soft, passionate kiss, easing his insecurities at being left behind in the apartment so he could rush to Hoseok. “And I’m with you. Everything is perfect.”


“You’re perfect.” Chuckling lightly, Jimin gently poked the tip of Taehyung’s nose, grinning at the other man wrinkling his nose at him.


“No, Jiminnie. You’re perfect.” Grinning, Jimin made sure Taehyung was buckled into his seat, putting his safety above all else.


“Shall we go home? Order a Pizza? Cuddle?” Punctuating each sentence with a kiss, Jimin rubbed Taehyung’s uninjured cheek. “I’ll give you a massage. You’ve had a long day.” Sitting back, he revved the engine slightly before getting back on the road to take his lover home and better soothe the man’s wounded heart.


“What did I do to deserve you? I must be dead because you must be heaven.” Smiling, Taehyung reached out and Jimin allowed him to take his hand, squeezing it gently.


“In that case… We’re both dead but that’s fine as long as I can spend eternity with you.” Giving his hand another squeeze, Jimin spared a glance at the beautiful man next to him. Taehyung probably was an angel.


“If you keep this up, Jimin, we wont make it home before I jump you.” Laughing, Taehyung reached over with his free hand to run his fingertips over Jimin’s jaw, causing a shiver to travel up his spine. Every touch from his boyfriend was electric and he loved him.


“Easy, Baby~” Shaking his head, Jimin felt a small blush cross his cheeks at Taehyung’s words. “I prefer to have room to experience you.”


“Creep.” Batting at him, Taehyung stuck his tongue out at him. Jimin could tell he was a little put out at having his car-time tryst turned down but he’d make it up to him later.


“You’re the creep, Creep.” With a snort of laughter, Jimin gently elbowed at Taehyung to playfully fend him off. “Trying to proposition me while I’m driving.”


“Alright. That’s fair.” Cuddling against his side, Taehyung rested his chin on Jimin’s shoulder, giving him a quick kiss to the cheek. “Let’s go home, my love~”


“Gladly, Tae.” Leaning his head against the other man’s, Jimin continued his drive home, excited to get Taehyung back inside their home where he could pamper him and help to heal his broken heart. Even if Taehyung hurt over Hoseok, even if he ran off every time his ex needed him, if Jimin still got these moments with the man he loved, it was enough.

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Chapter 4: (sorry if my comments are annoying, I am just the kind of reader who comments on every chapter so if you want me to stop just say D: my apologies if it's annoying TT TT ) but this was another emotional chapter. Jungkook was so angry and I was mad he hit tae, because I felt, even with everything and even tho I could understand kook's anger, to hit tae.... ah, maybe a bit too far, he hurt him and that wasn't cool TT TT i'm glad vmin have each other now though and can be open about that, hopefully they can make a fresh start >.<
Chapter 3: Aw my heart *-* like throughout I really just wanted 2seok to admit to themselves their feelings but then my mind kept jumping back to namjoon and I felt so guilty *-* but like I feel so sorry for hoseok, his whole life has been turned upside down and it's a relief he has jin to take care of him TT they deserve happiness together and I really hope they find it ;-;
Chapter 2: Ah I already feel so emotionally conflicted with this uwu my heart rn is actually going out to namjoon And jungkook? I know they haven't actually been in it yet but 2seok and vmin have each other even with the break up and idk who namjoon and jungkook have *-* my little heart DX anyway this was a cute start :3 :3 it's so rare to find 2seok fics! ^-^ thanks for writing xx