Goodnight Kiss

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Throwing his phone on the bed after Seokjin hung up on him, Taehyung let out a soft scream on the boarder of a sob. Hoseok knew. He knew that Taehyung and Jimin had been sleeping together. And Seokjin was going to tell Jungkook. Panicking, he jumped for his phone again, dialing Jimin’s number. He didn’t care if it wasn’t even 5am yet. He needed to warn Jimin, he needed to hear his voice.


“Tae?” The tired voice of Jimin met his ears and he felt some of his anxiety fade away almost instantly. “It’s late. Is everything okay?”


“MinMin… It’s… It’s about Hoseok. He…” Taking a deep breath, Taehyun closed his eyes to work up the nerve to tell him. “Hoseok knows about us. He told Jin. Jin’s threatening to tell Jungkook.”


“Hoseok knows?” Jimin’s quiet whisper rose a bit in volume before falling again. “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?”


“No… No. I’m okay. He was gone when I woke up.” Taehyung rubbed at his cheeks and sat on the edge of his bed. “Are you listening to me? He’s going to tell Jungkook about us.”


“Yeah. I’m listening.” Jimin was moving, he could hear it. “I’m leaving Jungkook a note and then I’ll be right over. Let Jin tell him. I’m more worried about you than anything right now.”


“Jiminnie…” Tears threatened to spill forth again. How could Jimin still worry about him when it was his fault that Hoseok’s best friend was threatening to destroy his life?


“Make some tea and put on a movie. Curl up under a blanket on the couch and wait for me.” Giving him instructions to help Taehyung keep calm, he could hear Jimin’s keys jingle as he picked them up off of wherever he had tossed them that night. “I’ll see you soon, baby.” Blowing him a kiss through the phone, Jimin hung up as he heard the man’s apartment door close.


Taking a shaky breath, Taehyung did as he was told, making his way to the kitchen to start some water for tea. Stumbling into the living room, he put on a random movie playing on TV and curled up under the throw blanket on the soft cushions. Hugging the pillow to his chest, he reflected on how things had even gotten so far. On the night he and Jimin fell in love.


“Tae~” Jimin teased, gently tugging at a lock of Taehyung’s hair as they sat together on Jungkook’s bed. The other man had been away visiting a sick family member and the two were alone in the apartment. They had been talking about weird things, foods whose texture alone made them sick, The strangest smell they loved, and lastly, their weirdest desires.


“It’s not even that weird…” Pouting, he batted his friend’s hand away. “It’s not like Hoseok and I don’t make out hard or anything because we do. But I just… You know… It makes my heart flutter and all that but I don’t feel that spark, you know? The electricity between our skin that people like to talk about when they find ‘the one’ and I love Hoseok so much but I just… I want to feel that, you know?”


“It’s not weird at all, Taehyung. I understand that.” Blushing, Jimin had awkwardly brushed some hair from his forehead, his fingertips trailing down to linger on Taehyung’s cheek. “Everything between Kookie and I is like fire but I’ve never felt that spark either.” His flesh tingled where Jimin touched it and without thinking he had put his hand over his friend’s. Their eyes had met a moment and Jimin leaned in closer. When their lips met, Taehyung finally understood what everyone meant when they talk about ‘the spark’ of a first kiss. It was like a billion volts of electricity had passed between them and neither could turn back after that.


“Tae?” A soft knock at his door dragged him from the past as Jimin’s voice prompted him to bolt to the door, unlocking it as the the kettle began to whistle shrilly from the kitchen. “I raced right over. Let me make your tea, okay? Go relax. But first…” Jimin pulled him into his arms, kissing him passionately as his fingertips rubbed Taehyung’s back soothingly. “Now go sit down.” Nodding, Taehyung retreated to the couch and sat back in his spot, waiting only a minute for Jimin to return with a steaming mug, a tea bag steeping inside.


“Jimin… I… I’m sorry. I was careless.” Sniffling, he covered his face with his hands and brought his knees to his chest. Jimin’s hand gently ran over his thigh as his lover scooted close, pulling him into a comforting embrace.


“No. Don’t you do that, Kim Taehyung.” Whispering in his ear, Jimin’s voice sent a shiver through him. “I love you and if Jungkook walks away from me, that’s a fine price to pay to finally call you mine. You didn’t do anything worth apologizing for. Especially not to me.”


Jimin…” Turning slightly to lock eyes with the other man, he felt his fear and heartbreak over losing Hoseok fade. Their lips smashed together in a heated kiss and all he wanted was for it to last. He loved Hoseok so much, but he needed Jimin like he needed air. He was Taehyung’s other half and no matter how bad his breakup with Hoseok got, maybe it was for the best if he could finally belong to Jimin. If Jimin wasn’t mad at him, then everything would be okay.



After a half an hour of snuggling on the couch, stealing kisses between Taehyung’s gulps of hot tea, Jimin was finally left holding the love of his life while he slumbered. Soon he’d have to confront Jungkook about his cheating, have to come clean about falling for his best friend. And he would. But he’d wait until Taehyung was emotionally stable enough to be alone for a few minutes. It was something he was going to do face to face like a man, not over the phone or through text like a coward. It was going to be okay. He was going to have Taehyung to himself at last and everything would finally be perfect.


Shutting off the television, he picked Taehyung up and carried him to the bedroom, laying him gently in bed. The other man was surprisingly light, lucky for the shorter Jimin. Taehyung mumbled something in his sleep, incoherent except for Jimin’s own name. Giving a soft chuckle, he kissed the other man gently as he curled up beside him, pulling his lover against his chest.


Getting restless, Taehyung buried his face against Jimin’s chest, his whimpers causing his heart to drop. Humming softly, he hoped merely to calm him without waking him. One thing he had learned about Taehyung back when they were just good friends was that he was prone to nightmares when under any sort of stress or strong negative emotion.


“Min…” Taehyung mumbled, his eyes fluttering open slightly. “We’re in bed?”


“Yeah, baby. I got you to bed.” Kissing him lovingly, Jimin rubbed his cheek and pressed their foreheads together. “Get some sleep, okay? You need to rest.”


“Will you stay with me?” Holding onto Jimin tightly, Taehyung shook in his arms, his whole body quaking from the nerves he couldn’t control. It broke Jimin’s heart to see the love of his life so upset and insecure. He could physically fight Hoseok for doing this to him.


“Believe me, Tae. I don’t ever plan on leaving you.” He looked Taehyung over slowly, taking in his every perfect feature. How could one person look so unnaturally beautiful. There was no way this man was anything but a real life celestial being and his heart couldn’t help but race every time he so much as made contact with Taehyung.


“Even if Jungkook forgives you?” Taehyung’s lips quivered against his and his kept his touches light and delicate, his kisses fully of love, to reassure the man in his arms.


“Even If you stay with Hoseok, I’ll still be here.” Kissing him passionately, Jimin pulled Taehyung onto his chest. “Listen to my heart. It’s beating because I have you with me. Without you by my side, I die. I’m a ghost. You give me a reason to live. I’m never leaving you as long as you want me here.”


“I’ll always want you here.” Taehyung whispered, finally capturing Jimin’s lips with his own this time, giving him a rough but passionate kiss, arms wrapping around Jimin’s neck.


“Then I’ll never leave you.” Promising his lover, he rubbed Taehyung’s sides and hips gently, trailing kisses along his jaw and neck. Taking a deep breath with his nose buried against Taehyung’s collarbone, he sighed happily. The other man smelled like vanilla and pepper and Jimin always found it intoxicating.


“I love you.” Taehyung managed to speak around a loud yawn, blushing as he covered his mouth with his hand. It was clear that sleep was threatening to overtake him again.


“I love you too, Tae.” Kissing him again, he held Taehyung’s hand with one of his while his other hand trailed up and down the other man’s back, drawing slow designs on his skin with his fingertips to lull him to slumber while the other man remained draped across his chest. “Now sleep.”


“G’night…” Taehyung muttered as he nuzzled against Jimin’s chest, giving into the urge to rest very quickly now that Jimin had chased his fears away. Watching him a moment longer, Jimin himself closed his eyes.


“Goodnight, baby.” Yawning as well, he settled himself underneath the man and also allowed himself to succumb to dream land. Later in the day he’d meet up with Jungkook. He’d come clean and he’d tell him about what he and Taehyung had been up to together for the past year. When Taehyung was awake and fine enough to be left alone, he’d break it off with Jungkook for good. As much as he loved Jungkook, it was like comparing one of those lamps that projected stars on your ceiling with the actual night sky filled with tiny lights. Taehyung was his night sky, his celestial being that filled him with wonder with every single thing he did. That’s all he wanted. But, for the moment, he was simply going to sleep with the man he loves and forget about the obstacles they both had to face in the coming hours. All he could really do until then was hope that Taehyung chose him if Hoseok actually came back to him. Because all he really wanted was Taehyung.

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Chapter 4: (sorry if my comments are annoying, I am just the kind of reader who comments on every chapter so if you want me to stop just say D: my apologies if it's annoying TT TT ) but this was another emotional chapter. Jungkook was so angry and I was mad he hit tae, because I felt, even with everything and even tho I could understand kook's anger, to hit tae.... ah, maybe a bit too far, he hurt him and that wasn't cool TT TT i'm glad vmin have each other now though and can be open about that, hopefully they can make a fresh start >.<
Chapter 3: Aw my heart *-* like throughout I really just wanted 2seok to admit to themselves their feelings but then my mind kept jumping back to namjoon and I felt so guilty *-* but like I feel so sorry for hoseok, his whole life has been turned upside down and it's a relief he has jin to take care of him TT they deserve happiness together and I really hope they find it ;-;
Chapter 2: Ah I already feel so emotionally conflicted with this uwu my heart rn is actually going out to namjoon And jungkook? I know they haven't actually been in it yet but 2seok and vmin have each other even with the break up and idk who namjoon and jungkook have *-* my little heart DX anyway this was a cute start :3 :3 it's so rare to find 2seok fics! ^-^ thanks for writing xx