Paradise Lost

Our Sanctuary

Sighing, Hoseok remained motionless with his arm wrapped gently around his boyfriend’s waist. Taehyung was absolutely beautiful, the most perfect person he had ever met, but he wasn’t sure about their relationship. Honestly, Hoseok wasn’t sure about a lot of things anymore. There had been signs, signs he had been desperately trying to ignore, that the man he shared his bed with was secretly slipping off to meet someone else and those signs had been getting so strong and careless that it was getting really hard to deny them. As sure as he was that Taehyung loved him, he was also sure that the man’s love was shared with another.


Watching Taehyung sleep hurt. His hickies on his lovers skin barely missed other marks, bruises he had claimed were from a water balloon fight with his friend, JImin. Jimin probably had caused the marks, but Hoseok doubted it was from a water balloon. Taehyung hadn’t even returned home from his play date with wet clothing. If the other man had insisted on lying, Hoseok would have preferred if he had at least made it believable. Pain radiating in his chest and he gave in to the urge to snoop, to confirm his fears.


Reaching for Taehyung’s phone very slowly, he managed to snag it off his lover’s nightstand and opened the text messages from Jimin. What he found was more than he had anticipated. Nudes and ts mingled with confessions of love and sweet nothings that Taehyung hadn’t even aimed his way in months. Tears welled in his eyes but he pushed down the feelings, returning the phone as though he had never touched it. Slowly, he detangled himself from the other’s embrace to roll off the bed. A hand held his wrist gently as Taehyung made a soft, sweet noise.


“Where are you going?” Mumbling sleepily, Taehyung was already starting to fall asleep again. Panic began to fill him at the question, unsure of the answer himself.


“B-bathroom.” Managing to choke out a reply, he got his wrist free and left the room. Seeming to be satisfied with the answer, Taehyung’s snores could be heard before he even left the doorway. Without much thought, Hoseok gathered a bag and began shoving some clothes and essentials into it. No destination in mind, all he knew was that he needed to leave the apartment.


The fall days were still in the warm phase, but the late night air around him was chilly. Puffs of white mist left him with everything quick, agitated breath. Soft thumping of his feet on the empty sidewalk echoed around him as he half jogged with no idea where he was going. Bag swung over his shoulder, he finally found himself at a familiar place. Taking a deep breath, he knocked on the apartment door, hoping desperately for an answer.


“Mm?” The tired voice of his best friend, Seokjin met him as the door creaked open. Looking up at the older man, his lip quivered and he burst into hysterical tears without meaning to. He wasn’t sure if he had launched himself into Seokjin’s arms or if the man had pulled him in for a hug upon seeing his breakdown but he was grateful for it.


“J-Jinnie…” Wailing, he let all his heartbreak out in the sobs that shook his body as he buried his face into his friend’s chest.


“Shhh shhh.” Comforting hands ran through his hair and down his back before he found himself scooped into Seokjin’s arms and carried inside. “Tell me what’s wrong, baby doll.” Seokjin sat on the couch with Hoseok still in his arms, huddled against his chest.


“Tae… Tae was… With Jimin…” The words felt impossible to get out as Hoseok clung to his companion, unable to stop his tears. “They… He’s ch-cheating.”


“That son of a …” Anger made Seokjin’s usually soothing voice gain an edge Hoseok had rarely heard. “I’m going to kick both their asses…”


“N-no. No. I don’t want them injured.” Sitting up slightly, Hoseok sniffled and wiped at his cheeks with the sleeve of his jacket. “I just… I just don’t want to go home…” Gentle hands replaced his sleeves on his cheeks, Jin’s thumbs sweeping away what remained of his tears.


“You know you can stay with me as long as you want to.” Helping Hoseok to his feet, Jin’s smile made him feel significantly better about the situation he had found himself in. “Hell. You can sleep in my bed. It’ll be like when we were kids and always had sleepovers.”


“C-can I really?” Almost excited at the prospects of a return to his youth, to a time before Taehyun and before heartbreak, Hoseok gripped Seokjin’s hands and bounced slightly on the balls of his feet.


“Of course. I mean, if you want to.” The blush on Jin’s face confused him slightly but Hoseok threw his arms around his friend’s neck regardless, placing a soft kiss on his cheek. Through his enthusiasm a thought hit him and he took a step back, surprised to find Jin’s hands resting on his hips.


“What about Namjoon.” Even if his friend was his one glimmer of hope, of sanctuary, Hoseok didn’t want to get in the way of his relationship. Namjoon and Seokjin had been together almost as long as Hoseok and Taehyung had and it wouldn’t be fair to them just because his life felt like it was falling apart.


“Namjoon’ll be fine. He’s working late a lot so he wont be sleeping over for a while.” Seeming aggitated, Seokjin shifted slightly from foot to foot, a sure sign that he wasn’t telling Hoseok something. “Besides. I wont abandon you when you’re in need.” For a moment he contemplated asking Jin what was wrong but the other man distracted him by lifting him over his shoulder.


“What are you doing?” Squirming playfully, Hoseok tried to find his way back to his feet. A light pat on his rear ended his struggles and dissolved him into a fit of giggles.


“I’m putting you to bed.” Shrugging, Seokjin deliberately jostled him around before casually dropping him onto his plush mattress. “Perfect” With another heartwarming grin, Seokjin flopped down on top of him, fitting comfortably between Hoseok’s thighs. Wrapping his arms around his friend, he accepted the snuggling gratefully, transported back to their high school days when they had spent so many nights just enjoying each other’s company in the dark amid whispered conversation. It wasn’t ever something he would admit, but Seokjin was his first love.


“Jinnie… Thank you so much.” Running his fingers through Jin’s hair, he could almost pretend like the two of them were the same boys that used to get sick on junk food and sleep until five in the afternoon every weekend.


“Don’t thank me for this. I’d do anything to make you smile.” Nuzzling Hoseok’s cheek, Seokjin kissed his face and shoulder. “Are you tired?”


“Exhausted.” And he was. He was surprised that he had been so wide awake and on edge beside Taehyung that night but suddenly it was hard to keep his eyes open. Jin really did make everything better.


“Come on, baby doll. Lets get you to bed.” Seokjin settled in on top of him, protecting Hoseok from the world around them as he placed one more kiss on his cheek. “Goodnight, Jung Hoseok.”


“Goodnight, Kim Seokjin.” Barely managing to get the words out before sleep overtook him, Hoseok’s final acknowledgement of consciousness were the comforting fingers playing with his hair and the warm body pressed against his.



When he had been woken by the loud sounds at his door, Seokjin had been grumpy, livid even, as he slid out of his warm, comfortable bed. The moment his eyes met his unexpected visitor though, all that anger melted away and he could feel his heart flutter.Finding out why Hoseok was there, he felt that rage return with intensity. Nobody hurt his Jung Hoseok and got away with it. Even if Hoseok didn’t want to see harm come to them, he was determined to let them know what they did was unacceptable.


Looking down at the slumbering Hoseok beneath him, Seokjin groaned quietly. He would do anything for this man, anything at all. So when Hoseok asked him about Namjoon he felt his heart drop. His boyfriend hadn’t even crossed his mind in the moment he had spent with his friend and, truthfully, he hadn’t even thought about his boyfriend. He didn’t want to think about Namjoon because as long as Hoseok was in his arms, that’s all he cared about. With even the slightest indication that Hoseok had feelings for him, he’d drop Namjoon in an instant.


Not that his relationship with Namjoon was particularly stellar. His lover spent most days working at the gas station and most night he was in his ‘studio’ or on his phone with his best friend, Yoongi, talking about a rap career that, if it did blossom, would put an even bigger wedge in their relationship. Not that he didn’t want fame and happiness for Namjoon, because he did. But he also knew that he couldn’t be happy waiting for Namjoon to wrap up tours like the wife of soldier. Besides… He’d loved Hoseok their whole lives. Namjoon made him feel weak, like he needed to be cared for, but Hoseok… Well, he made him feel strong and protective and full of sunshine.


Lips brushed against Hoseok’s cheek as Seokjin let his fingertips trail along the beautiful man’s jawline. He was perfect, everything around him was perfect, and his chest hurt seeing the red puffiness from his tears still cling to him. All he wanted was to make Hoseok happy again. That was all. Leaning closer, he kissed Hoseok’s forehead before his phone rang on the nightstand. Cursing under his breath, he moved away from his friend carefully but quickly to answer the phone before it could wake Hoseok.


“Have you seen him?” It took him a moment to identify the frantic voice as Taehyung’s. “I woke up and he isn’t here but his phone is. Something seemed wrong when he got up to pee earlier.” Tucking Hoseok into bed, Seokjin retreated to the living room before replying.


“Why are you crying? Go call Jimin if you need company.” He knew his words sounded harsh but he didn’t really care. Hoseok deserved better than this, than the fake concern of a cheating trash bag.


“Wh-what?” Sounding puzzled, Taehyung could be heard shuffling around Hoseok’s apartment. “No. I want to know Hoseok is okay!”


“Did you care if he was okay while you were under Jimin?” Growling softly into the phone, Jin’s hand gripped his phone so tightly it hurt. “Hoseok is fine. He’s with me. You two better come clean to Jungkook though. Before I tell him.” Hanging up before Taehyung could say a damn thing to try to justify his disgusting actions, Seokjin returned to his room.


“Everything okay?” Hoseok’s sleepy voice called to him from the bed and Seokjin couldn’t help but smile. His gorgeous friend held his arms open, waiting for him to crawl back to him.


“With you here, it’s perfect.” Grinning, he tossed his phone back on the nightstand and slipped back onto the bed to cuddle with Hoseok. With the other man in his arms again, he didn’t take long to finally let sleep reclaim him again.

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Chapter 4: (sorry if my comments are annoying, I am just the kind of reader who comments on every chapter so if you want me to stop just say D: my apologies if it's annoying TT TT ) but this was another emotional chapter. Jungkook was so angry and I was mad he hit tae, because I felt, even with everything and even tho I could understand kook's anger, to hit tae.... ah, maybe a bit too far, he hurt him and that wasn't cool TT TT i'm glad vmin have each other now though and can be open about that, hopefully they can make a fresh start >.<
Chapter 3: Aw my heart *-* like throughout I really just wanted 2seok to admit to themselves their feelings but then my mind kept jumping back to namjoon and I felt so guilty *-* but like I feel so sorry for hoseok, his whole life has been turned upside down and it's a relief he has jin to take care of him TT they deserve happiness together and I really hope they find it ;-;
Chapter 2: Ah I already feel so emotionally conflicted with this uwu my heart rn is actually going out to namjoon And jungkook? I know they haven't actually been in it yet but 2seok and vmin have each other even with the break up and idk who namjoon and jungkook have *-* my little heart DX anyway this was a cute start :3 :3 it's so rare to find 2seok fics! ^-^ thanks for writing xx