Take The Dive

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Lee Donghae is an amnesiac. Following an accident that kills his parents, he trudges through the next few years trying to piece his past together. On an afternoon by the waterfall, a redheaded man approaches him, presenting a key that unlocks the Pandora's box to his lost memories. Danger lurks ahead.


I wrote the first chapter of this fanfic while listening to Jonghyun's track, "Take The Dive" off his last album, Poet | Artist. The song inspired me to write a storyline involving a man and the turmoil he experiences whilst deciding whether or not to take a risk that could either change his life for the better, or cause a domino effect that would leave him in deadlock. Donghae, the main character of my fanfic, is forced into situations that require him to take small calculated risks. I hope I manage to make him sound really, incredibly intelligent in this one, and convince you to keep on reading.


Chapter 21..... 's about to go down. Good luck to all the antagonists. ;-) Look out for it!
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