the fluctuating couple

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Jiyong being a mafia boss was never a problem for dara; she accepted him as it is. She was happy with him beside her. Even when he would shut himself away from her and ignore her attempts to get close to him. it was hard but she never complaint, she saw him in his worst days and was with him in his weakest time; and maybe that was the cause of her being silent and adjusting with his mood swings.

She knew his habits of making decisions on his own or acting dominant over things but when he decided to break up with her out of blue and especially when she needed him most did the thing; she was beyond pissed off.

No reason, no explanation and not even final good-bye.

That’s when she decided she is not going to see his face again, ever.

Not wanting to waste her time on pitying over herself she decided to find a job and be independent. Working for a club as a waitress was never her dream job but she kind of grew a liking for it and that she could earn enough for herself. But she never have guessed that just when she was getting grip of her life and was ready to move on, she was goanna end up in the same situation she faced a year ago.


Jiyong was like walking zombie, barely functioning like a human. When dara left without a notice, not leaving a single trace, he felt like he lost a part of him. it was his own decision but there wasn;t a day when he regretted it with his life.

He has to get her back, no matter how far he have to go.

And when he was out of town to handle a business, he never in his life thought he would meet her there; at a club, out of all the places. Wearing a fuc**ng skimpy uniform, in the arms of an another  man.


hello, hello people.

here is another "daragon" fan fiction i worked just recently.

To be honest with you guys I didn't plan to make a post any soon, because 'she bodyguard' (is my first story) is ongoing and I wanted to keep my focus on it only

but just after the day of updating, I dropped my phone and I lost all the data. *pout*


it’s okay, no worries, I can catch up with that soon ‘hope so’


Let me tell you about this story a little,

I’ve started it like 3 years ago that I almost forgot, fortunately it was saved in my drive.

I did a lot of changes in it and made the story in 2 parts (it may the 3rd part also come in future, don’t know)

I didn’t know what to name it, so I just gave it a obvious name *hehe*

It’s a mafia, romance kind of story, where obviously jiyong is the bad guy and our sweet dara is a sweet girl.


Enjoy, enjoy !!!


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