KaeunXJurina||Pt.2 Friendship&Jealousy

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A/N: Hey and welcome to Part 2 of KaeunXJurina… I hope you like it and thank you so much for all the comments I really appreciate your support!

And sorry that it took me so long to update… I got sick and then my motivation was basically non-existing D: I still don’t proferead and my English most likely hasn’t improved… hehe



KaeunXJurina Pt.2 Friendship&Jealousy


Potions has always been her favorite subject. She has always been fascinated by the precision and knowledge in various fields that is required to create a basic potion. In short for her there was nothing better than spend two hours on creating a completely new potion out of her imagination.

The only downside was, that since the Gryffindors and Slytherins used to fight a lot during this subject they had class with the Hufflepuffs and since they had to work in pairs she now sat across a smiling Kaeun... Not that that was necessarily the worst partner she could have gotten but this lesson was usually her relaxation period but now these two hours were bound to become two hours of chatting away with the older girl. It always ended in chatting endlessly when she met Kaeun. Not that she minded too much, but she originally intended for the rest of the school not to know about her rival turned friend.

“Hey!” Kaeun exclaimed happily with her usual eye smile “I hope it’s ok if we are partners.”

A bit too late now isn’t it… but how can you say no to somebody that has been nothing but kind and nice although belonging to another house…

“Yeah… it’s alright.” She mumbled after taking notice of some Hufflepuffs glaring at her for “stealing” their friend.

“Don’t mind them… I sat next to you by choice and if they’re too dense to notice that it’s their loss…” Kaeun smiled as soon as she took notice of her acting apprehensive. Geez when does she stop to be so ing attentive?!

“Let’s just focus on the task at hand ok? We can talk later…” she proposed with a slight smile. “Ok!” the other chirped and went to collect the ingredients Jurina picked out for their potion.

Turns out Kaeun was actually not as stupid as she always assumed every Hufflepuff was. She might have said from the beginning that she at potions but she was actually doing quite alright and understood everything she told her to do. So she was very impressed at the end of the period. Another plus was that she let her decide what to do and how to execute things while still caring about their project (other than a particularly annoying Gryffindor Quidditch Captain…).


“Hey. Jurina I wanted to ask you if you’d like to hang out with some of my friends and me after school at the Quidditch pitch?” asked Kaeun while they exited the classroom visibly nervous and almost shy… Jurina always wondered why Kaeun sometimes acted nervous and shy in front of her. Maybe she wasn’t as accepting and kind as she seemed or she believed the rumors of her beating up students for their homework… on the other side as she now knew the older girl was a bit to smart to believe a lie without evidence. So it has to be something else.

“I mean you don’t have to… but they’ll be nice I promise!” Kaeun quickly added anxiously “No no it’s alright… I’ll come and join you guys if your friends don’t mind the big and evil Slytherin joining them.” She replied and added an evil laugh to empathize her “evilness” which made the other girl giggled. “I’m sure the small but heroic Gryffindor will find a way to deal with it.” She laughed before they parted ways. While Kaeun now had transfiguration she had defense against the dark arts.

Defense against the dark arts was another subject she aced most of the time and since the Ravenclaws weren’t that keen on getting to know the Slytherins she could think about the meeting with Kaeun and her friends. She honestly had no idea why the hell she said yes… she knew Kaeun’s group of friends and they were all known to be more or less against Slytherin. And she also knew who that as Kaeun pus it “small but heroic” Gryffindor was… none other than Miyawaki Sakura… why on hell has she agreed to meet them?


When the time came to meet them she basically swallowed her food in one go and after receiving some encouraging words from her housemates she ran out of the castle and over the large grounds that belong to the school… you might ask why she is rushing so much… the answer is quite obvious… she doesn’t want to be the last one to arrive since that would make things even more awkward.

Out of the possibility of them playing quidditch at their meet up she had brought her broom with her and now that she arrived at the court and nobody was there, she couldn’t help it but take off.

As soon as she was flying it felt as if the wind was taking all her worries away. Far away from the ground, there were no rules, no limitations, no houses and nobody to judge her so she sped up as fast as possible and just screamed and laughed her lungs out. Flying has always been her life… be it Quidditch or just flying around on a Friday evening to her there was nothing better than flying.


And then after around 10 minutes of flying around like a mad women, she spotted seven small figures approaching the field. And that’s when her excitement about flying again vanished and got replaced by massive anxiety and nervousness.

“Just be yourself!” that’s what Kaeun told her shortly before they parted ways… easier said than done. It took her a lot of courage to befriend Kaeun and to keep meeting her despite both of their houses complaints. Although she didn’t know who her friends were alone from the fact that they were Kaeun’s friends she knew that they were bound to be a bunch of different people…


She slowly flew towards the ground and waited for the small group to get to her.

She recognized Kaeun first since she was undeniably tall as hell and then she noticed a girl that was often around her another tall and beautiful girl. And next, she saw Sakura Miyawaki holding hands with Kaeun which made her feel beyond uncomfortable… strange. And the other four people except for one were complete strangers to her. Wang Yiren was surprisingly part of their group which was strange since Sytherin’s are well known for rarely mixing with others.

“Jurina! You came!” Kaeun shouted excitedly and ran towards her with a radiant smile “Of course I came… you asked me to.” She replied with a casual smile but her heart couldn’t help but to miss a beat when Kaeun suddenly gave her a small hug before she turned towards her friends to introduce them.

“Guys! This is Matsui Jurina. Jurina this are Miyawaki Sakura.” She pointed towards the small girl that was already clinging to her again like a shy kid onto their parent “…Kwon Eunbi…” she pointed to a Hufflepuff Girl with long brown hair

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