How they met

Coincidentally In Love
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“And suddenly her world stopped, her eyes found his and everything felt right. This is the moment, this is how it starts, this is how she’ll know she was falling in love.” Professor Lee narrated “And then boom!” With a loud clap, all attention was on Ms. Lee “The story follows, girl meets boy, girl falls in love with boy, and they live happily ever after, like any other stereotypical love stories out there” She finished while walking along the lecture hall “But of course, that’s not my point, my point is the meeting, the turning point where everything starts, the point where you establish your story”


“Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, blossomed from ‘Love at first Sight’ Romeo spots Juliet from across the room, asking the service man who she was, Romeo was entranced, he swore he never knew love until the moment he laid eyes on Juliet and right then and there, he approached Juliet and proclaimed his love, and they kiss”


“One thing I realized was, Romeo moves pretty fast, He just met the girl and he already professed his undying love and kissed her” Ms. Lee dramatically narrates “But of course, there is a deeper underlying meaning for this, but what I want you to focus on, as I’ve said before, is the start of your story, create a scene that can establish where your story is heading, a scene that gives you an outlook on how the protagonist and his/her love interest is, how they are, their values their behaviors, their vices and how will their love progress from that. I want the beginning of your plot to capture the reader’s attention, make them fall in love with your story and characters in it in just one scene, cause the beginning will say if the story is worth reading” Ms. Lee directed to the class


“Okay? Okay.” Ms. Lee clapped her hands “Any questions?”


Just then an arm shot up


“Yes miss Park?”


“So a little curious, do you like someone who moves fast, or a chill dude, you know, just asking for a friend” Joy asked earning a few laughs from the class


Ms. Lee rolled her eyes a smile playing at her lips, “and with that I end this lecture, now with all due respect, get out”


“Well I tried” Joy grinned at Sana


“Asking for a friend” Sana mocked “you really have the hots for our professor” Sana smirked


“Cause she’s hot duh”


“Oh and miss park” Ms. Lee called out as the girls were at the door, Joy turned towards Ms. Lee “It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.”


“Who said that?” Joy asked


“David Allan Coe”


“The Rocker who was in prison?”


“Wisdom doesn’t always come from people with PhDs, suit and ties, and diplomas, sometimes those who were broken and beaten are the wisest person”


“I see” Joy smiled “Have a nice day ma’am” Joy gave one last smiled at Ms. Lee before leaving “And she has a y mind too” Joy whispered to Sana


“I know right? A major turn on” Sana added


“So update on the writing?” Joy asked


“It’s going” Sana sheepishly smiled


“You haven’t even started it yet; I assume”


“Yep not a word, not even a title” Sana deadpan


“Writer’s block?” Joy asked, they were nearing the quad now


“Not necessarily, Just a little preoccupied”


“Well my status isn’t any better” Joy sigh


“Let me guess, Yerim Block?” Sana laugh


“God, you couldn’t even believe that girl, I can’t get any work done” Joy ranted “She erases every draft I have, says It didn't strike her, bish think she’s a writer”


“Can’t you get Wendy to babysit her?” Sana asked through a laugh


“Wendy’s Busy with Law school, that girl’s practically a zombie, and Irene’s stuck with Seulgi, those two are like attached to the hip or something, so I’m stuck with the child” Joy let out an exasperated breath “A very annoying child”


“Shut it, you love her” Sana smiled


“I do, she’s like the sister I never had, but sometimes I wanna bury her alive” Joy said, making Sana chuckle


“You know that can be your story” Sana smiled


“Are you suggesting I write a story about ?” Joy looked at Sana like she grown two heads


“No, I’m just saying a love story isn’t necessarily about two lovers, it can be platonic love or sisterly love” Sana explained “and I think Yeri would stop deleting it if she knew it was about her” Sana added


“Her head will grow bigger if she knew it was about her” Joy laugh “I’m  just gonna have to be good at hiding my drafts then” Joy smiled


“So what’s the title gonna be?” Sana asked


“I love you, you little piece of ” Joy narrates


“I already love it” Sana laughs


“It’ll be a masterpiece”


As the two continued to laugh Sana can’t help but think about her own story, should she really write one about the cute girl at the cafe? Well she is the perfect muse, but she just can’t assume the girl’s character, she needs to get to know first the girl behind the character.




The Jieun open her eyes and immediately closed them as light seeping through the blinds hit her, she turned to her side facing the other girl, smooth, milky white skin presented before her, she trailed her eyes from the girl’s lower back up to her neck, noticing a tattoo by the base of her neck, a single red rose, stem tracing her spine. Jieun reaches her hand to trace the tattoo, but the girl squirmed turning to her side and facing her

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