Love at First Sight?

Coincidentally In Love
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“Question” Dahyun directed to the girl in front of her, who was looking at her amused as she sips her strawberry frappuccino.


“Do you believe that somehow the stars align and two points meet in the most unlikely of circumstances? that the universe manipulates time and space and giving you that right moment at the right time? the perfect intersection between unlikely individuals? Or is it just another moment apart from numerous moments? that in any alternate universe you'll believe it's as if as it's fate, even in other circumstances you'll still see it as fate? so what makes the alternate circumstance any different, if all circumstances are fated, then it just kind of ridicule the whole thing doesn't it? who are you to say this moment is fated when you are unaware of the vast expanse of just one moment, the limitless possibilities that gives you one moment”


“So question” Dahyun challenged “Do you believe in the right moment at the right time when every moment can be the right moment?”


Chaeyoung smiled to herself “Yes, How about you? You don’t find it interesting that out of billions of people a particular person is at the same place, same time, same moment as you? It’s fate I dare say”


“It's fate you say? The right moment at the right time is simply fate, destiny as the romanticist called it, what if it's just a mere coincidence?” Dahyun countered, Chaeyoung found it amusing how riled up Dahyun could get


“Coincidently you were at a certain place at a certain time, leading to certain moment, would you call it destiny? what is the difference between destiny and coincidence? the two seems similar but very different. A moment is just a moment, a coincidence, that romanticist eat up and claim to be fate and destiny, it's not a sign given by the universe, it's not the red thread of fate, it's not souls meeting each other, it's a mere coincidence, nothing more, nothing less. It's just a coincidence, not fate, not destiny, and no, it's not love at first sight" Dahyun stated "There's no such thing"


"Well, philosophically speaking" Chaeyoung started "The difference between coincidence and fate lies on the action taken, everything is mere coincidence, but when you acted on that coincidence and it led you to another coincidence then another, if you find yourself encountering the same coincidence then my dear Dahyun it becomes fate, it becomes destiny"


“You're saying I molded my own destiny?” Dahyun asked


“Yup, and if you call that girl, and one thing led to another, who is to say it wasn't love at first sight?” Chaeyoung asked


“That’s bull, how can you create your destiny? you of all people should know it’s written in stone, no use in manipulating it” Dahyun scoff


“Destiny, is the ‘end game’ whatever you choose to do, whatever path you take leads you to the destiny your actions led you” Chaeyoung explained “fate on the other hand, is every moment you live, every unexpectable instances”


“I hate when you get philosophical” Dahyun


“Like how you get psychological?” Chaeyoung smirked “Now about that call-”


“It’s not love at first sight okay-”


“Maybe it’s not, maybe it is” Chaeyoung interrupted making the older girl roll her eyes “Or maybe not, But.” Chaeyoung stopped “ Psychologically speaking, people long for companionship, they long attention, recognition, partnership, love, so,” Chaeyoung trailed off “who are you to deprive yourself of your own psychological needs?”


Dahyun stared at her friend, Chaeyoung is in fact not wrong


“Besides,” Chaeyoung added “You need to get laid”


“Shut up” Dahyun rolled her eyes, just as the waitress approaches her with her drink


“Americano?” The waitress asked in the sweet voice, staring at the Light-haired girl


“Yes, thank you” Dahyun replied not even stealing a glance at the waitress who placed the drink in front of her.


“Never thought you liked that bitter stuff” Chaeyoung eyed the drink in front of the girl


“It grew on me, besides it keeps me awake” Dahyun shrugged sipping her drink


“Now back to the topic at hand-”


“Why can’t you just let this go Chae?” Dahyun asked


“Cause I’m tired of your bitter ” Chaeyoung said “Now call the girl. Or I’ll call her for you”


“Okay okay” Dahyun finally surrendered grabbing her phone which was placed in front of her, with the piece of paper that was crumpled and stuff in her pocket


Chaeyoung watch intently as Dahyun type in the

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