Triangular Theory of Love

Coincidentally In Love
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“So, here it says that the’re different kinds of love depending on the extent of Intimacy, Passion and Commitment” Mina looked at the girl in front of her who was far too busy with her phone “Dahyun”

“Yeah?” Said girl looked up “Sorry, sorry, you were saying?”

“I was curious on who has been hogging all of your attention” Mina reach out for the phone

“Wait Mi-” Dahyun tried but the older girl caught her off guard

“Miss Kim Dahyun, really?” Mina looked at the girl with a bad attempt of looking shocked “ting in a Public Library”

“Give it” Dahyun glared

“I see you have a thing for control, hmmm” The girl smirk

“Mina” Dahyun warned

“Ohhh, what are you gonna do? Punish me?” Mina lean forward as close as she can get to the blonde “Daddy?”

“ off” Dahyun bark before snatching her phone from the Japanese girl’s grasped causing the girl to laughed at her friend’s fully flushed face

“We could have avoided this whole exchange if you were just listening”

“I was, okay”

Mina didn’t look convinced

“Kinda” Dahyun whispered “Anyways you were saying?”

“Kinds of Love differs from the extent of a Couple’s Intimacy, Commitment, Passion” Mina briefly explained

“Okay, so can you distinguish the three? Or is it possible to have one without the other? Can you have Passion without Intimacy? Intimacy without Commitment?” Dahyun voiced out

“Well I guess that’s the question then, there is such a thing as an Empty Love where only Commitment Exist” Mina continued on

“Well is it still Love if it is so called Empty Love, can it be really called Love if it lacks substance?” Dahyun continues to question

“Okay let’s just start from the from the basic, distinguish the three” Mina concluded

“Okay, that’ll make things easier” Dahyun agreed opening her own Laptop to start her own research on the Topic

“Oh and Dahyun”

Dahyun looked up

“What do you call them in return? Baby Girl?” Mina smirked

“That depends Myoui, do like to be called Baby Girl?” Dahyun countered

“Wouldn't you like to know” Mina tried but from her looks of her now red face Dahyun knew she has the last laugh

“Trust me, It’ll be a privilege to know Myoui Mina’s kink” Dahyun winked

“Just- Do your work Dahyun” Mina gave up and went back to her work

“Sure thing, Baby Girl- ” Dahyun’s laugh was cut short when a book came flying to her face

“Oops sorry, guess I’ve been a bad girl”

Scratch that, Myoui Mina Definitely has the Last Laugh





“What? Chaeyoung what?” Tzuyu looked up from her booked only to see her girlfriend sprawled on the bed

“Cuddle me” Chaeyoung reached out looking like a child asking her Mother

“I’m busy” Tzuyu got back to her book trying to avoid looking at her girlfriend knowing the girl probably has a full on pout by now

“Chewy-yah! I missed my girlfriend, let me cuddle her” Chaeyoung whined

“Well, I’m really busy with this book, and I’m so close to finishing it- and-” Tzuyu stop to looked at her girlfriend who now has both arms wrapped around the tall girl’s waist “and you’re distracting me”

“I have an idea” Chaeyoung started while reaching for the book “why don’t you finish that later and just lay in bed with me” The Cub closed the book before pulling the taller girl down so they were both lying in bed “See, better”

Tzuyu sigh before wrapping her arms around the Cub “You’re impossible”

“I love you too”

Tzuyu smiled at her girlfriend who looks so proud with that cheeky smile of hers

“You know I’ve felt so lonely when you were gone”

Tzuyu hug the Cub tighter knowing how her girlfriend would just speak her mind at times like this, it’s more therapeutic, Chaeyoung has always been a headstrong woman, never truly showing any sign of weaknesses except when with Dahyun or with Tzuyu, but with Tzuyu the Girl can be a fragile as she can be, because she knows even if she’ll fall the Taiwanese Beauty won’t ever let her break

“You have Dahyun-unnie, I’m sure she was great company”

“Yeah but Dahyun’s Dahyun, and you’re you”

“Meaning?” Tzuyu arched a brow

“Meaning, I missed you, I missed your presence, your warmth, your laugh, your smell-”

“My smell?” Tzuyu asked amused

“Yeah, it’s kinda this sweet tangy, fruity smell, I love it” Chaeyoung smiled at her girlfriend

“You’re so weird sometimes”

“Yet you stuck with me”

“I did” Tzuyu smiled planting a soft kiss against the Cub’s forehead “You can be such a baby sometimes”

“Let me be”

“So Dahyun-unnie”

“That girl needs a girlfriend or something, she’s becoming so boring and bitter nowadays” Chaeyoung whined “She needs her own Chou Tzuyu”

“Her own Chou Tzuyu?”

“Yeah someone who’ll take care of her, give her attention, affection” Tzuyu felt her cheeks flushed “Breakfast in Bed”


“You always give me breakfast in bed”

“And that’s what I’m for? To provide you your dose of glucose in the morning?”

“No, I mean yes, breakfast in bed is nice but it’s just a bonus-”

“No breakfast in bed for you then” Tzuyu got up

“No, it’s not like that, Babe! Chou Tzu!” Chaeyoung called out as Tzuyu got out of the room

“Nope, none” Tzuyu shouted in reply

“Cho Tzu! My strawberry pancakes! Noo” The beast whined

“Provide me an essay of how amazing I am, then maybe I’ll reconsider” Tzuyu leaned at the doorway looking at the Cub sitting by the Bed

“How many words?”


Chaeyoung scoffed walking closer to Tzuyu wrapping her arms around her waist


It was a chilly Sunday afternoon, and the girl clad in a parka to combat the cold November air shakily grasp at her keys as she made her way into the apartment. Once the door was opened a warm sight greeted the girl, specifically the sight of a lonesome Japanese wrapped in warm blankets watching the history channel.

“It’s fascinating how penguins huddle in groups to keep themselves warm, it’s so fluffy and cute” eyes not leaving the screen, the Japanese beauty voiced out her musing

“If you’re asking for cuddle you could’ve said so” Jihyo smiled warmly

“Well, this blanket is too big for just one inhabitant, I do think your presence is appreciated” Mina looked up at the girl

Jihyo’s smile grew at the sight “I’m more than happy to join you, more so when you look so warm and cuddly, but I have to change first”

“Don’t take too long, you know a lonesome penguin is a perfect prey”

“Don’t worry Min-guin, I’ll get back to you” Jihyo chuckled before making her way to her bedroom

Mina turned her attention back on the documentary about penguins, and among the talk about penguins only having one lifelong partner and their tuxedo-like coloration which is actually serves as their camouflage, Mina heard the other girl make her way to the kitchen, probably to get some snacks

“Can you get me some yogurt from the fridge”

“Already did” Jihyo handed the yogurt and motioning for Mina to scoot over

“Are you a mind reader?”

“Maybe, or I just know you pretty well” Jihyo smiled snuggling closer to Mina under the warm blanket they shared

“Really now?” Mina raised her eyebrow in amusement

“Yeah, how you lock yourself indoors just to finish a game, how you put your time, attention and focus on one thing, how hook up you get over a new hobby, and how you retreat into yourself after a long exhausting day of socializing”

“Hmm, more like a long exhausting day of studying with Dahyun” Mina complained

“And even how much you complain, deep down you still enjoy these things you are passionate about, even if it sometimes drives you mad” Jihyo added

“From the sound it, I might not be the greatest roommate am I? I’m just an antisocial loner who complains a lot, who happens to love yogurt as my comfort food” Mina dryly laugh

“Maybe not the greatest, but by far the perfect roommate for me” Jihyo smiled “come on, you have your quirks, but that’s you, that makes you Mina, and I like my Minari just fine~” Jihyo singsong as she hugged the girl “you’re imperfectly perfect, as cheesy as that may sound”

“Very cheesy, sorry the conversation kind of turned into a depressing note”

“That’s fine, you have your moments, and I think it’s kinda good to show some raw emotions sometimes, rather than always pulling a facade” Jihyo mindlessly played with the girl’s hand, the statement was said to the Japanese but Jihyo felt as if she was talking to herself

“What did I do to deserve you” Mina smiled stealing a glance at their hands before facing Jihyo

“Well you’re kinda stuck with me and I with you, it’s in the Roommate Contract” Jihyo shook her thoughts away and grinned at the other girl

“Well it’s a good thing I’m committed to the contract, I mean who would ever tolerate your abnormally loud normal voice and impromptu musicals”

“Well who better for that than you?” Jihyo smiled

“Then I guess I have no choice” Mina chuckled “Besides I kinda like your impromptu musicals”

“And I kinda like having a lazy day with you, just lounging around watching penguin documentaries, a spl

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