Kiss and Tell

Coincidentally In Love
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Jihyo turned in bed, the sun creeping through the blinds, stinging her eyes. Her head feels heavy, like a pounding ache, pounding, her ears are pounding, she swears she hears everything, ahh a hangover probably. Right, she drank to death last night, what happened last night?


Jihyo tried to open her eyes, thinking just made her headache worse. As she opened her eyes, she saw a lump beside her, covered by her white sheets.


Panic registered, Jihyo abruptly sat up, finding herself only clad in her underwear,


“The hell?” Jihyo looked towards the figured still sleeping beside her “who?”


Jihyo grabbed the sheets covering the figure, slowly, Jihyo slid off the covers to reveal blonde hair, relief washing over her. Thank god it wasn’t who she thought.


Just then the figured stirred, turning to face Jihyo, and Jihyo felt her world stop, not in a romantic way,  quite the opposite


“What the ?!” Jihyo screamed waking up the other girl


“What the?” her sentence was cut short when a pillow collided with her face


“Yah!!” Jihyo continued screaming “Kim Dahyun! What the did you do to me”


 Jihyo covered herself, shooting a murderous stare towards the girl


Dahyun, looked at Jihyo a smirk playing at her lips “Oh hyo, wouldn't you like to know” 


“I’m gonna ing kill you!” Jihyo jumped towards the girl


“Omo, so eager” Dahyun laughed 


“You are so dead Kim!” Jihyo proceeded to strangle the girl


“Ehem” The girl look towards the girl standing by the doorway


“Mina?” Jihyo quickly got off Dahyun, “it’s not what it looks like, well I think? I don’t quite remember”


“Relax hyo” Dahyun laughed “nothing happened” Dahyun got up and jihyo sighed in relief upon seeing the girl still fully clothed, wearing an oversized shirt over some shorts “and even if something happened, I’m sure I’ll make it the most memorable night of your life” Dahyun winked before running away


“Get back here!” Jihyo called out towards the girl, but was stopped by Mina


“Jihyo…” Mina shyly looked away embarrassed “Um, your clothes..”


“Oh yeah, sorry” Jihyo covered herself up “Let me just put on some clothes real quick”


“Yeah, and um Ji?”




“Do you not remember anything about last night?” Mina fiddled with her finger


“No, not really why?” Jihyo asked confused


“Nothing, nothing, anyways breakfast is ready, and the trio stayed the night explaining why Dahyun’s in your room” Mina quickly said before excusing herself out of Jihyo’s room


“That was weird” Jihyo mused



Jeongyeon groaned as the bell rang signaling another customer


“This headache is killing me” 


“Tell me about it” Sana sigh “Throwing a party before a working day wasn’t such a great idea”


“You’re the one who suggested throwing it in the first place”


“Nah I’m pretty sure it was Momo’s idea” Sana exclaimed making her way to the working station preparing some drinks


“Where’s the glutton anyway?”


“Back at the apartment, sporting a hangover probably gonna stay home for a while” 


“Wonder what happened last night, she looked out of it” Jeongyeon turned towards Sana


“I’m not sure, she was pretty wasted last night, I doubt she’ll even remember anything” Sana thought worried for her friend


“What about you? You kind of disappeared also” Sana blushed slightly, which wasn’t left unnoticed by Jeongyeon “did the night go well with little miss charmer?”


“I asked her out” Sana blurted out, still not believing her own words


“Really?” Jeongyeon laughed “Didn’t know you had in you” Jeongyeon smiled “Guess we’re all a little courageous that night”


“What?” Sana turned slightly confused 


“You know that theater major?”


Sana closed her eyes in thought “Nayeon right?”


“Yup. I asked her out for coffee I mean” 


Sana stared at Jeongyeon a grin plastered on her face




Suddenly the Brunette hug the other girl “I’m soo happy for you! You finally asked her out!”

“Yah! Sana get off” Jengyeon exclaimed try to pry off the girl


Sana detached herself from the ash-haired girl “Took you long enough to be honest”


“You’re one to talk”


“Hey, you were crushing on that theater chick far longer than me”


“Fine, fineee” Jeongyeon exclaimed turning her back on Sana and just noticing the girl it at the counter “mo?”


Said girl looked up with bloodshot eyes, nose still red “Hey”


“Hey, what happened to you? You okay?” Sana made her way to her bestfriend’s side


“I don’t know” Momo sadly replied


“What do you mean you don’t know?” Jeongyeon stood beside the duo


“I don't know what to feel, it just hurts” 


Sana hugged her, as Momo tried to hold back the tears 


(Flashback to the party)


Jihyo found herself alone, even the two idiots left her, probably being all cuddly and . Damn is Jihyo really gonna be that one single friend in the group,


“Nah, I’m gonna find a fine hook up tonight” Jihyo downed her drink before making her way towards the kitchen


Jihyo poured herself another drink and

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