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Coincidentally In Love
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“Love, Young Love, Romantic love, Platonic, etc.” Professor. Lee, Sunmi sat on the desk facing her students, It was Sana’s morning lecture and it’s safe to say it’s her favorite one, besides the fact the Prof. is super-hot “There are different type of love, but love itself carry such a huge amount of emotion, it’s somewhat indescribable, so how can such feeling be even expressed?”


“Isn't I love you enough?” Joy, Sana’s colleague and somewhat permanent seatmate, whispered


“Can ‘I Love You’ truly give justice to such feeling?” Ms. Lee continued


“, does she have mutant ears of something?” Joy said earning a giggle from Sana


“We can show them through our actions” One student stated


“Of course, Actually In ancient Greece throwing an apple at someone is a declaration of one’s love” Ms. Lee replied


“Maybe I should throw an apple at her or something” Sana mumbled to herself


“But, but, but, we are writers, we appeal with flowery words and all that jazz, we don’t throw apples and expect them to fall in love, we make them fall with our words” Ms. Lee clarified


“In Shakespeare's most famous work, Romeo & Juliet, he described Love in far too many ways, a specific line, that was uttered by Juliet in the balcony scene showed how love was limitless” Ms. Lee paused before quoting the said line


“And yet I wish but for the thing I have;

My bounty is as boundless as the sea,

My love as deep; the more I give to thee,

The more I have, for both are infinite.” Sana quietly finished, familiar with the said quote


“Such a grand, declaration I must say, ‘My love as deep; the more I give to thee,’ Who wouldn’t fall for that ” Ms. Lee stated earning laugh from the student’s “So what am I getting at? I want you to show love through your words, make them feel the ache, the hurt, happiness, sadness, longing, satisfaction, all those emotions that you believe love possess, and I want to see that, through your novels, I what to feel the emotion you put through words, cause you’re not just writing empty words, you’re writing a story, so I suggest you make it the best damn love story out there, okay? Now y'all are dismissed”


The class erupt in a small applause


“That was one hell of a lecture” Joy laugh as she made her way out of the Room


“It was more like a motivational seminar or something” Sana said “Well that’s all we need, right? I mean with this assignment we are left to our own accord, so a little motivation isn’t that bad”


“Yeah, anyway how’s the writing doing? What love story are you going at?” Joy asked


“Hm, just a concept at the least, ‘Star-crossed Lovers ‘“Sana answered


“Romeo and Juliet?”


“Modern day Romeo and Juliet, with some twist I guess” Sana shrugged


“Sounds good, mine’s young love, with all the drugs and ” Joy said “It’s gonna be amazing”


“You sound like Yeri” Sana laugh


“Well Yerim did help me with the idea, I think it’s gonna be fun writing with her input, you can say she has a peculiar mind” Joy laugh


“Well good luck with that, I gotta go, I still need to help Jeongyeon at the Cafe” Sana said as she headed to the opposite direction


“Thanks, and goodluck too” Joy replied waving to the other girl.




“Hello?” The blonde-haired girl was busy packing up her things phone squeezed bet her shoulder and ear


“Dubs, Got any plans?” The girl on the other line ask


“Hey Chae, Yes I actually do”


“Does this plan involves lunch at a cafe?” The other teased


“You put me up to this, and yes it does so kindly off” The blonde girl rolled her eyes finally exciting the lecture hall


“Well enjoy yourself dubs, report back later”


“Got it smol”




“G’day” Dahyun cut off before turning off the phone




Dahyun turned to the voice seeing a short haired girl waddle towards her


“Mina-unnie, may I help you?” Mina is classmate of Dahyun, she rarely engages with the people in her lecture but the Japanese is an exception she just one of the few friends Dahyun have in her course


“I just wanna ask about the assignment actually” Mina said walking beside Dahyun


“Oh, explain an emotional phenomenon through psychology?”


“Is that it?” Mina hummed “So what are you gonna do?”


“Me? Haven’t thought about it really” Dahyun replied, well in truth a certain topic has been eating up her mind


“Wanna do it together? I mean It is allowed to do it by partners, right?” Mina looked at Dahyun hopefully


She could use the extra help, and who wouldn't agree to a beautiful girl like Mina especially with those hopeful eyes, Dahyun thought


“Yeah sure, it’ll make things a lot easier” Dahyun smiled


“Really? You’re a lifesaver, I really needed that extra help” Mina smiled that famous gummy smile, and if the two weren’t friends Dahyun might have fallen for the Penguin’s charm


“So, any topic in mind?” Dahyun asked, there were already outside the psychology building and were strolling along campus towards the cafe


“Well, actually, it’s quite cliche” Mina trailed off “What about you?”


“Hmm” Dahyun thought, she isn’t one to judge, her’s more cliché than cliché, but the conversation she had with Chaeyoung made her more interested in the topic, and of course she feels the need to prove a point “Me?”


“Yeah, any thoughts?”


“I was thinking ‘Love’” D

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