Coincidentally In Love

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Dahyun thinks it's all in the mind, it's just our sense of longing,

While Sana describes it as two halves of a heart finally meeting.

And Chaeyoung believes that there isn't much difference, It's still Love above all


Welcome to all romantics and skeptics and others

This fic is going to be a handful, I’ll try my best to give you guys credible information while giving you a beautiful story, hopefully. Imma reseach on some things and I might not update often but I thought I needed a distraction from all the school works, and another thing to looke forward to, besides Twice's comeback kinda gave me some creative ideas and motivation (I do hope fro some saida interaction this era, sorry, loyal siada trash here) anyways, hope you guys enjoy!

We back hahha hope you continue to enjoy the ficc and thank you very much for the subs, votes, reads, comments (i really love reading them).
Check out my twitter if you’d like @DA_mn_HYUN also my cc is on there if you want to ask something, thanks again!
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