Where do they stand?

Coincidentally In Love
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“Love, is it truly an emotion or just a reaction to what the body encounters?” Doctor Kim Taeyeon directed to the class,


“An article from the South University in Savannah explained the psychology behind love and romance- which by the way is the title of the article. It mentions that the first step of falling in love is the initial reaction, that falling in love is associated with various chemical reactions such as the release of dopamine which is the neurotransmitter that control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. Moreover, Dr. Daniel G. Amen mentioned in his book that ‘romantic love and infatuation are not so much of an emotion as they are motivational drives that are part of the brain's reward system’. “Dr. Kim faced the lecture hall


“Now class these facts give you doubt do they not? Is love truly real or just a reaction is it only connected to that special person or a coincidence to any other?”


The class grew silent, each formulating a theory of their own


“Isn't this our topic?” Mina asked the girl beside her


“Yup” Dahyun replied popping the ‘p’ “So where do you stand?” Dahyun asked


“Hmm, that, I haven’t decided yet, still need a few more research, you?”


“I have my stand” Dahyun replied


“Class” Dr. Kim started, taking back the attention of the lecture hall “I’ve given you an assignment, explain the psychology behind a certain phenomenon, it maybe the feeling of happiness, depression, guilt or love, I’m not asking you to rebuke the phenomenon unless that’s what you’re aiming for, but explain it, so I will leave you to it, and I guess approach me if you need any help. Good?”


A collection of nods and hum in agreement ensues


“Okay, good you are dismissed”


The class erupts in chatter and clatter of seats, and as the two girl made their way towards the exit Dr. Kim called the attention of a certain blonde




Dahyun turn to her name and flash the Professor with a polite smile “Yes Ms. Kim?”


“Hah, Kim, Kim, I’m still debating whether or not you are my child, since you are one of the brightest in class, along with Miss Myoui, truly a reflection of an outstanding prof” Dr. Kim laugh at herself earning a few giggles from the two girls, Dr. Kim is an outstanding psychologist and a great tutor at that, though behind close doors and closed lecture halls she’s weirdly childlike and very down to earth, makes you think if this is the so called Kim Taeyeon, one of the top Psychologist in Korea.


Dr. Kim let out an airy laugh as she acknowledged the two girls with more seriousness, as serious as she can be which by Dahyun’s experience is still debatable, “I believe you girls are tackling the same topic as what I have shared earlier?” Dr. Kim asked earning a nod of acknowledgment from the two girls “So what i’ve discussed is somewhat a preview so I take that you have more in store for this topic?”


“We’ll try our best ma’am” Dahyun smiled


“Well I expect nothing less, especially with you two involved and please enough with the ma’am, you make me feel more old, but if you girls need any help feel free to bother me”


“I might take you up on that but it seems like you aren’t too fond of being bothered Taeyeon-shi” Mina


“Ahhh but a professor wouldn’t admit that, since you know ‘it’s all about helping the children’.” Dr. Kim laugh “but of course if you girls or any of my kids needs any help I’ll be more than happy to help”


The two girls smiled knowing the sincerity behind those words “Thank you Ms. Kim” Mina said before bidding the professor goodbye.


“So where you headed?” Dahyun asked Mina


“At the university cafe, I’m meeting up with Jihyo” Mina replied “and I get that you are too I assume?”


“Yep. It’s kind of a routine I guess, and The cub’s probably waiting there too” Dahyun replied


“Chaengie? I haven’t seen that cub in a long time” Mina smiled “I heard Tzuyu is back from taiwan also, how are they?” Mina asked Dahyun who just fish out her phone smiling at a text


“Well you are welcome to find out, guess the two love birds are on a date at the cafe and I’m invited to be the third wheel” Dahyun rolled her eyes


“You roll your eyes yet that grin says otherwise” Mina smirk


“Unnie, let me be cool and nonchalant for once” Dahyun replied


“Sure thing kiddo” the Japanese laugh



“You might as well work if you’re always hanging around here” Jeongyeon said to the girl who was busy stacking up the paper cups into a pyramid “and please stop wasting our paper cups”


“I’m bored” Momo whined


“Then go home” Jeongyeon countered


“Too bad for Momo, there isn’t a probability that a certain short haired girl will show up at home, so unfortunately she’s stuck here with us” Sana intervene


“Hey, I’ve always spent my free time here, it’s just there’s another reason to…” Momo trailed off fiddling with the straws


“Okay, give me those before you waste anymore” Jeongyeon grabbed the stack of straws as the sound of bell rang, signaling a customer


“Welcome... Ah uh” Sana greeted awkwardly as her so called muse entered the cafe talking animatedly with Momo’s well... ‘crush’


“Welp that’s unexpected” Jeongyeon whistled


“Satang keep your girl in your lane” Momo whispered


“She’s not my girl and I didn’t know they knew each other” Sana whispered back


“Well make her stop”

“Like I could”


“How could they even know each other? Why do they know each other?” Momo panic whispered


“How could I know?!”


“I don’t know?! Don’t you stalk her or something?”


“I do not stalk!” Sana huff


“Will you two stop!” Jeongyeon harshly whispered “look! 12:00”


“Jeongyeon, this is not the time for your inaccurate time telling” Sana countered


“Not that kind of 12:00 you idiot, look”




“Hi” Sana’s retaliation died in when she heard that far familiar angelic voice


“Hello” Sana awkwardly greeted and just stared at Dahyun who just offered a polite smile


“Ehem, what could we get for you?” Jeongyeon intervene trying to cut the awkward atmosphere


“Ah, yes one Americano for me, and…” Dahyun turned her gaze to Mina


“oh the same for me please, and a tissue for your cute friend here” Mina gestured to Momo amused


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