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Coincidentally In Love
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Let me tell you a story, a story of my first date, it was in 8th grade I think, 13 year old Sana, dreaming of castles and princesses, horses that carry charming princes on their back, and a narrator whispering in her ear “and they lived happily ever after”. I was naive, innocent, and mind full of romance so when the first a boy approached me and ask me out I said yes, I didn’t matter if I found him attractive or not, I didn’t matter if our date was convenience store after school, the quietly sipping our cheap soda, which mind you wasn’t even cold. What bothered me the most was how far was this from fantasy, he wasn’t a prince, the bench wasn’t a horse, this store wasn’t a castle, and lastly I didn’t feel like a princess and this wasn’t happily ever after, but then again I was only 13 years old, maybe I have more time for my happily ever after.


“And we're here” Dahyun smiled


“Seriously?” Sana asked disbelief in her voice, staring at the convenience store ahead


“Hey, don’t shame” Dahyun laughed


“I’m not, I just” Sana looked at Dahyun before laughing “I thought you had game”


“Are you doubting me?” Dahyun raised her brow “But no, this isn’t the place, I’m just gonna pick up some supplies, and some snacks”


“You confuse me sometimes” Sana shook her head


“And that the thrill of game mylady” Dhayun laughed before going out up the car and making her way towards Sana’s side ready to open the door “Mylady”


Sana smiled at Dahyun before stepping out the car “lets go, I want some snacks”


“May I?” Dahyun offered her arm to the girl


“My ofcourse” The other girl laughed as she hooked her arm around the the girl’s awaiting one


“And may I say” Dahyun whispered “there awaits the grandest of snacks, you take till’ your heart’s content, or you know till my card’s consent”


Sana laughed “I’m flattered”



“Why did we have to leave early, I was having so much fun” Momo sulked


Jeongyeon closed the door, they just arrived at the apartment “I was afraid you might bring the emporium here,” She eyed the other girl’s bags full of Barbie items, from trinkets to clothing, to wallpaper “I knew you had to be stop, good thing you have your own room now” 


Momo just glared at the girl before dropping her bags at the counter “but thanks, I needed that ‘distraction’.” Momo turned to Jeongyeon giving her a thankful smile


“Of course” Jeongyeon returned he smile “but anyway, I’m gonna bounce, gotta hot date waiting for me” Jeongyeaon grabbed her keys and made her way to the door 


“Enjoy” Momo called out


Jeongyeon opened the door and was shock to see someone standing at their doorstep “I don’t think you should be here”


Mina looked up at Jeongyeon guilt evident in her eyes “I just really need to talk to her, and I think she needs an explanation too”


Jeongyeon stared at the girl contemplating her answer “I hate that you’re right, just don’t hurt her, okay”

“I can’t dictate nor predict what she’ll feel, but I’ll try not to” Mina shyly smiled


“I’ll take that” Jeongyeon sighed “Hey mo,”




“I’m gonna head out, and someone’s here to talk to you” Jeongyeon let Mina in “Goodluck to you” she offered the girl a smile before closing the door


“Who’s there?” Momo stop in her track when she came face to face with the girl whose on her mind since she first laid eyes on her


“Hey um can we talk?” Mina shyly asked but the girl was still looking at her, “um, okay, I just came to explained everything”


Momo finally snapped out of her trance “um yeah yeah, please sit”


Both sat at the sofa end to end, awkward silence filled the room, Mina coughed trying to break the silence “I’m sorry, I was really out of it that night and I wasn’t thinking really”


“Can you just tell me if” Momo looked at her hands, trying hard to say the next part, scared of the answer she might get “Just tell if any of it was real? If I was just pawn, playing with my feelings and all just-”


“It’s not like that.” Mina sternly said, she was facing Momo now hands slightly trembling “I never played you, I never wanted to hurt you, I was stupid really, It was mistake and I’d take it back if I could, It was just- I am just so sorry, I really really like you but I ed it up” Mina sighed


“So explain” Momo faced Mina


“What?” Mina looked up


“You said you really like me, and the thing is I really really like you too, so explain so I can understand why you did what you did” Mina saw the sincerity in Momo’s eyes “Cause I want to make this work”


“It’s a long explanation” Mina smiled


“I have time” Momo moved closer offering a smile

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looking forward to your updates author
Authornim, please update this fanfic...
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Chapter 11: Welcome back Authornim.Thank you for updating. I miss this story.We'll wait for your next update.Thank you so much
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Chapter 11: Yess Please Author I Really love mimo story line here
I just reread It Again And Yeah I Love It!!
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Chapter 11: I would definitely enjoy reading more from you, take all the time you need.
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Chapter 11: I would love to read it, please take your time
Chapter 11: Hey.. It's OK. We all have lives outside fanfic world. No worries. It'll be awesome if you finish the story but do it at your on pace. No pressure. Until you get the momentum again.
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