Pivot Point

Coincidentally In Love
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Sometimes questions arise on how a person came to be, how they arrived to be this kind of person, this kind of identity, what makes a person who they are.

Sometimes we feel it’s easier to understand one another than our own. We find it difficult to understand ourselves, to distinguish feelings and thoughts, or we simply suppress who we are to put a front of who we like to be, maybe even protect who we once were.


For something that is of singularity, a person is quite complex.


Daniel Kahneman, a modern-day philosopher, believes that who we are, who we came to be, was formed from our past experiences and our memory.


The past doesn’t define us, but does it not truly affect us?


Isn't it by how we were raised, our environment, the people surrounding us affect how we chose to live?




The two sat at silence as they looked towards the city lights, the brunette still lost in awe as the other girl coughed to get her attention


“I don’t think I’ve ever really asked why you wanted to be an author, and I’ve always been curious” Dahyun said glancing at Sana


Sana thought for a moment, trying to trace back when she had actually decided to go for it “I think I’ve always been mesmerized by story books, of fairy tales and romance. My Mom used to read me bedtime stories all the time and I would close my eyes, imagine the words flow and envision the story playing in my head, like a movie I made for myself. Growing up, books were my way of escaping reality, then it became writing my own stories, a sort of diary where I get to say how my story goes, different from the hardships of reality” Sana smiled “it was always a part of me, an outlet, a hobby, something I love doing all the time, so I thought maybe this was my destiny, giving to others what literature have given me my whole life, a purpose of some sort” The girl glance at Dahyun chuckling to herself “Sorry It got a little sentimental there”


Hearing the brunette talk triggered something in Dahyun, something she’d buried deep all these years, something she’d been so scared to acknowledge. Maybe it was Sana’s honesty, her good nature, innocence, or radiating positivity “no, its fine, I love hearing you talk, honestly”


With the blonde’s word, a slight blush appeared on Sana’s cheek “oh um”


“It's good you’re pursuing what you love, it’s quite admirable” Dahyun smiled in which Sana returned


“What about you? What made you take up psychology” Sana asked moving closer to Dahyun


Dahyun sigh, pulling up her knees to her chest “Well, it’s not as fascinating and romantic as yours was” a beat of silence as the blonde collected her thoughts, “People mostly chose psychology with the desire to help others, don’t get me wrong I always have the thought in mind, but sometimes that desire to help goes a little deeper. I may not speak for all, but I took up psychology to not only be of help to others but mostly to help myself, be my own therapist. I've experience things I don’t quite understand myself, Human are naturally imperfect you know, subjected to errors, trials and tribulations, it what's make us humane, and sometimes it’s hard to understand how people can push beyond the limit of errors acceptable and just be downright, excuse for the word, . Especially when said people were the same ones you trusted not to be.”


Sana looked at the girl beside her, wanting nothing but to comfort her, but something’s telling her to let the girl unravel on her own, seeing as how guarded and close Dahyun looked, is like the walls Sana thought were crumbling, sud

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