The Psychology of Change

Coincidentally In Love
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“Change is inevitable”  Dr. Kim started “Some say it is the only permanent thing in this world, it is never ending, and at times it happens gradually at times it happen suddenly. We cannot stop change from occurring but we can control how we react to it”


“Hey Mina, you okay?” Mina stared at the girl beside her


“Yeah, I’m fine”


“You sure?” Dahyun asked “You seem distracted”

“Just thinking about the project, no big deal” Mina turned her attention back to the lecture


“Okay” Dahyun replied still unconvinced


“Two ways you can react to change” Dr. Kim continued on “Positively and Negatively, obviously. But the most common reaction to change is negative, I mean it’s easier to reject change, it’s easier to say ‘no I’m not ready for this sudden change in my lifestyle, for all that I’ve grown to know to be suddenly wrong. I won’t accept that the world I’ve come to know and have become my comfort zone be suddenly taken away from me, so say no’.”.  “But the thing is, Change is inevitable” Dr. Kim look towards her class “You cannot control what changes in your life you just have to grow up with it, Now how do someone positively reacts to change?” Dr. Kim walks toward her desk “Well it takes time, baby steps to adjust to the change, it requires understanding and patience and a positive outlook, but most importantly” Dr. Kim looked up and Mina caught the eyes of the professor, her next words boring into her mind “You must first learn to accept that change, accept it then move past it, understand it and adapt to it”



The class just ended and the pair walked slowly both deep in thought


“Hey” Mina glanced at the girl beside her breaking the silence


“Hm?” Dahyun turned to the other girl


“Do you have anywhere to be?” 


“Well I was thinking on lounging at the cafe while I wait for Sana’s shift to be over, why?” Dahyun looked curiously at Mina which the latter found kind of cute, really how can this girl look so innocent but act exactly the opposite 


Mina scratch her chin “well, um I kinda need someone to talk to about something”


There were nearing the cafe entrance now


“Why not ask Jihyo?” 


“Well that’s kinda the problem” Mina reached for the handle of the cafe “I kinda kissed her at the party and now I don’t know what to do”


Dahyun stared wide eyed at the girl, one foot already inside the cafe “What?!”


“Um, welcome” Sana greeted behind the countered breaking the silence and taking away the stares of the customers from the two girls entering the cafe


Dahyun waved at Sana before dragging Mina at a corner booth away from the other customers 


“Sit.” Dahyun commanded “Explain yourself” 


Mina sat opposite to Dahyun, the latter’s demeanor a complete 180 from the previous ‘cute’ one



“Okay.. okay… calm down.. Calm.. Jeongyeon!” Sana whispered to the older girl “Come. Here.” Sana motioned 




“We kinda have a situation here” Sana looked towards the two customers you had just entered


“, Momo” Jeongyeon looked towards said girl who still had her head down


“Shove her towards the back exit” Sana panicked


“Don’t panic I’ll panic” Jeongyeon rush towards Momo, unsure how to convince said girl to go out the back “this is stupid”

Jeongyeon poke the girl’s head “hey Mo,”


“Hmmm” The girl groaned


“Come on, I’ll know what to cheer you up”


Momo Raised her head to look at Jeongyeon “What?”


“What about…” Jeongyeon stalled “going to that place you’ve always wanted to go?”


Momo looked at her confused and suddenly her eyes went bright “that barbie emporium downtown?”


Jeongyeon sighed in relief “yeah yeah let’s go with that, to that, I mean”


“Right now?” Momo stood up making Jeongyeon break into a panic


“Yes sure but let’s go out to the back”


“Why?” Momo was about to turn when Jeongyeon grabbed her arm


“Cause.. Um.. I need to change…” Momo looked at her weirdly “my underwear?” 


“Are you asking me that?” Momo looked more confused making Sana whose been witnessing the whole ordeal, facepalm.


“No I’m not, I just need to change cause I stained my clothes, then we can go out the back” Jeongyeon recovered


“Yeah okay” Momo stood up walking towards the service door behind the counter


“You did not handle that smoothly” Sana snickered


“Well you did nothing to help” Jeongyeon glared “And now I’m going to a Barbie Emporium and you’re stuck on your own for the rest of OUR shift”


“We did not think this through” Sana grumbled


“You Think?!” 


“YOO!” Momo opens the door to look at the two girls eyes resting at the taller girl “Barbie. Emporium.”


“Coming” Jeongyeon made her way towards the service door “Goodluck” 


“You too” Sana smiled “and really try to cheer her up”


“Of course” Jeongyeon Smiled



“So you’re telling me you kissed Jihyo, then left Momo?” Dahyun asked earning a nod from the other girl “Why?”


“I don’t know” Mina bit her nail, a clear sign she was either anxious or stressed or both “Just the thought of Jihyo spending her time with that Daniel guy didn’t quite settle with me”


“So you were jealous?” 



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