The Sun Is Blue.


Chaeyoung is just a normal university student living a peaceful life in Seoul. One day however, she met a mysterious, Japanese woman named Mina. Chaeyoung's life changed when she fell in love and confessed her feelings to Mina. One moment she was in school, and before she knew it, she was being chased by big burly men in tattoos and expensive Rolexes. Also, why is she suddenly in Japan? 



Hi guys, thank you for clicking if you are ever interested :) It means a lot to me. This story will be a bit different from the usual romance and it may consists some action like guns, blood and ya, you know the drill. If you're sensitive to that, you may click off the page. Hope you guys like it! 


Special thanks to Loki for creating the poster, Im so in love with it!

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Epilogue omg can I cry? Once again, I want to thank you guys for this journey :( THANK YOU SO MUCH! Love u!


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primabjh #1
Chapter 27: loved ur take of the whole dark concept!! so good
mikaiori #2
Chapter 27: I cannot emphasize this enough but I LOVE YANDERE MINA. And you did great authornim, 💯🤌🏻
Chapter 20: I got so scared while reading that part. That kind of theme really gives me nightmares. I almost thought of stopping but good thing, I trusted authornim. And few hints were thrown too giving me a bit of hope. So with hope and trust I pushed through. Glad I did. That "hell-to-the-naw!" got me fired up to continue reading. So I'm gonna continue binge-reading. :)
Chapter 15: I not only love the story but I also love reading your a/n authornim. 😂😍
Chapter 27: OH MY GOD I WAS SO SCARED FOR A SEC 😭 it’s a great fic, thanks for writing this <3
Chapter 5: I cannot with NaHyo teasing Chaeng AHAHAHHSSHHAAHHAHA
pompapu #7
Chapter 20: I was about to skip paragraphs on Chapter 20 cause it felt wrong for me, BUT I READ Mina's name! Came back to previous sentences and there were hints it was Mina after all! Authornim u da best!
iro_ori #8
Chapter 29: This is soooooo gooooooood!!! 💕💕
mwezqthtngga #9
Chapter 14: well guess what mina didnt get a tattoo but chae did💪🏻😎
Chapter 29: I just finished reading the whole story. This was a really good read. Thank you much for the story author nim <3