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After 3 years paying for coaches to work on her skills as a stunt woman, barely got casted, getting into fights and get paid less than she is supposed to; Kim Jisoo gave up on her dream and decide to go back to Korea and start a new life. But then she know her plan on starting a new life is going flop when she witnessed a murder and the second she thought she could save the situation, she woke up only two years later to find out that the death case had been closed. With the vivid clue and blurry memory about what happened, she tried to figure the case out and stumbled into Park Jinyoung the infamous swindler of the group 747. Jisoo then ended up working with him without his approval.

Park Jinyoung recruited 747 to take money from criminals and put them in jail. Other than just for money; he tried to run from his past and hide from everyone who knows him personally except from 747. He hide himself very well until he stumbles into this one weird woman named Kim Jisoo.

Trying to unveil each other's hidden agenda, they didn't know that the solution of the puzzles are right in front of their eyes. Mixing up friendship, anger, grudges and love; the roller coaster of emotion between them begins. 


hi guys! I'm back with a new storyline and i hope it is more interesting than before. I've been into action x fluff nowadays and i hope this will work out. I've sorted out the storyboard until the end of the story so i hope you guys are looking forward to it ;)

I was sad that Jinji parted their ways now and is not in charge as Inkigayo's MC anymore. so i decide to come up with this fic. hope you guys that been missing them can help yourself by reading this fanfic! 


To write this story, I watched a lot of drama to inspire me and give me ideas. But the plot is 100% mine. 

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