Never their intention.

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Never his intention that Brian want to study in a prestigious university. But because of his family reputation, his father forced him to attend one but under one condition, by scholarship. Eventhough his father is reluctant about that condition, he gave up in the end and allowed it. 

Never his intention that Brian want to become a kingka because of his friendship with his bandmates, DAY6.

Never his intention that Brian want to fall in love with the tranfered student, Park Ji Eun. Even if the transfered student herself is the sister of his bandmate, Jae.




Never her intention that Park Ji Eun want to transfer back to continue her studies in Korea.

Never her intention that Park Ji Eun want to become the bully target of the queenka's in her new uni because of her closeness with her brother's band, DAY6.

Never her intention that Park Ji Eun want to fall in love with the cold guy Brian who secretly protects her wherever she is. Even if the man himself is the bandmate of her brother, Jae.



Characters :

Kang Younghyun a.k.a Brian

- The bassist & vocalist.

- Senior year student.

- 21 years old.

- A guy with cold exterior but warm interior.

- Student by day, musician by night.

- Excellent in studies which gained him scholarship to study in a prestigious university in South korea, Seoul National University (SNU). Majored in Business Administration because of his interest in business.

- Hard to approach, only approachable when heard of topic that interest him ( business & music & well of course Ji Eun ).

- Very quiet and cold. Glares at people who's noisy and ignores his fangirls.

- The only son of Kang Boeing Empire, a private jet company where they are famous for their Boeing Business Jet which only billionair can afford to rent.

- His father, Kang Young Min, is the Chairman of the company. Due to Brian's natural interest in business, his father allow him to tag along to various business meetings to gain more experience in the business world.

- Grew up with Jae, Sungjin, Wonpil and Dowoon. All 5 of them are in a band called DAY6 where they perform on night pubs or public performances.


Park Jieun a.k.a Ji

- 19 years old.

- Junior year student.

- Very clumsy.

- A bully target because of her closeness with her brother's band, DAY6.

- Jae's forever 'so called' ugli sister.

- Sunjin's 'so called' baby cousin.

- Grew up in LA unlike his brother who grew up in Korea.

- A Music Performance & Composition student in Berklee College of Music Boston but was forced to transfer back to Korea to continue her studies, ( because parents miss her too much ).

- Was in the Korea Club back in her college in Boston along with her best buddies Dani and The Rose band.

- Her family consists of famous musicians who are musical actors including her parents and her eldest brother.


Park Jaehyung a.k.a Jae

- The guitarist & vocalist.

- Ji's 'so called' chicken nugget brother.

- 21 years old.

- Senior year student.

- Sunjin's cousin brother.

- Studies Band Management in SNU.

- Keep his family reputation a low profile cause not much of an attention seeker.

- The most sarcastic in the group.


Other characters :

(left to right : Brian, Jae, Wonpil, Sungjin, Dowoon)




Park Sungjin a.k.a Bob :

- The guitarist & vocalist.

- Leader of the group.

- 22 years old.

- Senior year student.

- Studies the same course as Brian.

- The most normal in the group.


Kim Wonpil a.k.a Pillipilli :

- The synth keys & vocalist.

- 20 years old.

- Junior year student.

- His smile can brighten up people's day without effort.

- The slowest in the group.

- Studies same course as Ji.


Yoon Dowoon a.k.a maknae :

- The cute and cool drummer.

- 19 years old.

- Junior year student.

- Studies same course as Ji.

- The weirdest yet cutest in the group.


Queenkas :


- Consist of Cheng Xiao and her minions, Jieqiong and Elkie.

- Known as the Chinese barbies.

- Biggest fangirls of DAY6, coughsmorelikesasaengscoughs

- Likes to bully Ji but act nice when DAY6 are around.

- They're in the cheerleading team as well as dance performance club.

- DAY6 hate their guts.


Cheng Xiao

- Senior Year student.

- Like Brian the most.

- Studies the same course as Ji.



- Senior Year student.

- Like Jae most.

- Studies Modern Dance for Musical Performance.

- Her rival is Dani.



- Senior Year student.

- Like Sungjin most.

- Studies Modern Dance for Musical Performance.

- Same as Jieqiong, her rival is Dani.



Kim Dani a.k.a Daning

- Ji's Bestfriend from Berklee.

- 19 years old.

- Junior year student.

- A part time model due to her tall height and her pretty face.

- Dojoon's girlfriend

- Study Modern Dance for Musical Performance in Berklee College of Music then transfer to SNU to be with Ji along with her family.

- Korea Club member in Berklee.


( left to right : Jaehyeong, Dojoon, Woosung, Hajoon )


The Rose

- Ji's best buddies back in Berklee.

- Transfer back to Korea with Dani to be together with Ji as well as their families.

- Korea Club members in Berklee.

- All studies Band Management and Compositions.


Kim Woosung a.k.a Sammy :

- The electric guitarist & vocalist.

- Leader of the group

- 21 years old.

- Senior year student.

- Dani's brother

- Closest with Ji.


Park Dojoon a.k.a Leo :

- The keyboardist, acoustic guitarist and vocalist.

- 21 years old.

- Senior year student.

- Dani's boyfriend.

- Love skinships.


Lee Hajoon a.k.a Dylan :

- The drummer, rapper and vocalist.

- 20 years old.

- Junior year student.

- Ji's partner in crime.

- Loves to mimic his band members.


Lee Jaehyeong a.k.a Jeff :

- The bassist & vocalist.

- 19 years old.

- Junior year student.

- Maknae of the group.

- Ji & Dani's precious boy.


Park Hyo Shin a.k.a HS :

- Ji and Jae's eldest brother.

- 27 years old.

- Part time lecturer at SNU in the morning, musical actor in the night.

- Have quite a number of fangirls in universities because of his handsome feature and beautiful voice.

- Loves to pamper Ji.

- Jae's partner in crime.


Cameo :




Yoo Seung Ho & Yoo In Na




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