Belle âme|4

Sweet Serenity.

Belle âme(n.) - Beautiful Soul



"Hyung, what is she like?"

"Where is she from?"

"Sejun-hyung, is she pretty?"

"When we meet her, can I call her noona?"

"She'll like my dimples better than yours hyung!"

"No, she'll like mines much more!"

"Sejunie, have you even taken her out on a date yet?"

It was question after question thrown at him for the last few weeks. Sometimes Sejun hated how observant s were. The first person to ask of his whereabouts when he returned the night he met up with Dariya was Seungsik. The older male was the only one up at the time working on new music.

At the time he only let his hyung know that he met up with a friend and left it at that.

But since he knew how the guys shared things, he began to quickly notice how close they all would come whenever he was on his phone. Even sometimes eavesdropping in on his conversations, whether he'd be talking to Dariya or not.

The day they happened to find out about her was when Sejun was busy taking a shower and made the mistake of leaving his unlocked phone on his bed. They all seemed to huddle around when a text message that just so happened to be sent by Dariya came through. It didn't take much for them all to put two and two together.

Since then he's been sort of dodging answering questions about her. It wasn't as if he didn't want the guys to know but he just didn't want to give them the wrong idea. He and Dariya were just friends.

Although the more he has gotten to know her, the more he seemed to like her. 

Most of his daily thoughts consisted of her.

Sadly with the guys recent comeback, he hasn't had much time to see her like he wants too. He'd always text or call her when he had time but even that was usually consumed with doing other things. 

"Earth to Sejun." A voice called out, snapping Sejun from his thoughts. "I've been calling your name for two minutes now."

Looking to his side, he saw Seungwoo eyeing his curiously. "What is it?"

Seungwoo squinted his eyes accusingly. "What's been up with you lately?" For the last few days, he has noticed Sejun seeming a little down. He wasn't his usual hyper self.

"Nothing. Just tired is all." He said half truthfully. While he was tired from the busy schedule, he wasn't about to voice out loud the real reason why he was so down. He's been trying to cheer up and not think too much about Dariya but it was a task that proved to be a challenging one.

"You at lying." Seungwoo has been around the other members long enough to know them  pretty well. They were all like brothers now. Knowing each others likes and dislikes, mindsets and habits. "You miss her don't you?" Sejun cheeks began to turn red at being caught, causing Seungwoo to laugh a little.

"I do." Sejun answered honestly. He saw no point in denying the obvious. "I can't stop thinking about her."

Seungwoo smiled, taking in the slight pout Sejun was making. In the years that he has known him, he has never recalled a time that he's seen him like someone so much. Yeah they have had the conversations about girls before but this was the first time seeing Sejun actually be interested.

"What is she like?"

"Special." He smiled. "She's so different and real. There's this warm aura around her, that always makes me feel comfortable. Her personality is sweet and easy going but she's also so funny hyung. I never feel like I have to be someone I'm not to impress her. Plus she doesn't mind that I'm an idol and doesn't treat me any different which means a lot. And she's so beautiful, not just look wise either!" He said with excitement dripping from his voice.

"But when I'm around her....I just feel something you know? I can't really explain it." He added, sitting back against the couch fully. The rest of the members went out to get food, while he and Seungwoo stayed back at the practice room waiting on their return. 

Their day has been filled rehearsing for tomorrow's comeback stage and it was almost over.

"Well when you describe her like that, makes me really want to meet her even more." Seungwoo chirped, grabbing Sejun's shoulders.

"In due time you will, I promise."

"Can I at least see a picture of her then, please?"

Sejun narrowed his eyes at him playfully before pulling his phone out and picking the last picture Dariya had sent him a few days ago. He had to almost beg her to send him one since she wasn't too much a selfie taker but all of it paid off once he seen that beautiful smile of hers. It was a photo he found himself going back to when he just needed something to brighten his day.

Seungwoo's eyes widen, finally seeing the woman who has stolen Sejun's attention. "Wow, she is really pretty Sejunie!"

"Who's pretty hyung?"

Sejun froze for a second hearing the others finally coming back. He wasn't quite ready to tell everyone about her just yet.

"Here guys look! It's Sejun's girlfriend!"


"I can't believe your boyfriend is an idol Riya!"

Dariya made a face looking between Cassey and London. "For the last time he's no-"

"Shut up, yes he is." London quickly cut her off, completely dismissing what she deemed as "false claims".

"He doesn't even like me like that though London." Dariya argued back. Although she and Sejun haven been talking for weeks now, he's never made any indication of liking her more than just as a friend. Which was fine but her feelings for him were starting to change.

She found herself thinking about him more and more. She missed seeing his face in person. Her mind had developed an habit of constantly recalling the way she felt being in his arms. 

Some days they'd talk for hours on the phone about any and everything, learning whatever they could about the other. She liked the way he made her feel. There was an attraction there that she couldn't deny but in a way it made her nervous.

It has been a long time since she's even had a legit crush on anyone. In all of 23 years of living, she has only had one boyfriend her entire life.

But she wasn't trying to think that far ahead. Things could always change between the two.

"You don't know that for sure Riya. You know how some guys can be." Cassey commented as the three sat on the couch in London's apartment. It was a Friday night and neither had plans, especially with this rainy weather.

"Exactly, plus he might even be nervous." Dariya simply shrugged her shoulders trying not to think too much about it. 

"Have you seen their recent comeback yet? Your man was looking mighty fine on stage." London smirked as Dariya chucked a pillow in her direction.

"No I haven't but with all those damn pictures you two sent I basically did." Between her and Cassey, their group chat was filled with multiple screenshot and small clips of mostly Sejun performing. Her friends were so extra sometimes.

"First of all, welcome. Second, when was the last time you've seen him in person? I know his scheduling has to crazy full as of lately." Cassey asked, patting Dariya's thigh lightly.

"It's been a few weeks." They would video chat when they could but that only did so much. She wanted to physically be able to touch him. To actually be in his presence.

"Has he mentioned any free time coming up?" London questioned, taking a sip of her wine.

Dariya shook her head. "Not really. Sometimes he barely has time to talk to me much less come see me or vice verse." While she missed him, she didn't want to seem desperate. But what she would give just to spend even 20 minutes with him. All she needed was a hug then she would be satisfied.

"I think you should ask him next time. I really feel like if he knows how much you want to see him, he'll make something work out to where it could happen." Cassey suggested thoughtfully.

Maybe she will, she thought. 

"Speaking of seeing someone," London started. "Akeno was asking bout you today bonita." She and Casey shared a similar look before focusing back on the Dariya who sat in between the two.

"He actually looked kind of sad that you weren't there too."

"You know that man doesn't really talk to anyone with the exception of his aunt and you." London said, putting emphases on you.

Dariya rolled her eyes. "Well maybe if you two and Kayla weren't too busy staring him down so much and actually indulge in conversation, he'd talk to you all also. Just saying." 

There was no doubt how handsome Akeno was but he was still a human being. Dariya wasn't even a big talker like that but one day she just decided to take a chance and talk to the man who seemed so hard to approach.

"I think you seem to forget that we've been around Akeno longer than you and we can assure you Riya, he has a thing for you. But you just refuse to believe it."

London shook her head, downing the rest of her wine quickly. "She's only been here for a few months and not only has an successful businessman after her but an damn kpop idol also. I've barely gotten on date since I came here six months ago!" London fussed half heartedly. "I mean I know I'm a latina but damn."

"That's cause you have a natural mean face. Who would want to approach someone that looks like they'll kill you with just one look?" Cassey told her, mimicking London's cursed resting face.

"That's not fair Cas, you know that's just my natural face." London whined.

"Aww, we know suga." Cassey cooed. "Just give it time, someone will come along."

"That's easy for you to say, you've been on how many dates now?" London reminded her quickly.

"Maybe so but hey, still nothing solid yet." Cassey said with a slight shrug. "But we can discuss our love lives later. Right now we have to see who is a better fit for our little Riya." She added, pinching Dariya's cheeks.

"I think the answer is pretty clear who she wants Cas."

Dariya sighed loudly before standing up abruptly. "It's getting late and I'm tired. I'll see you two tomorrow ok?" She told them, grabbing her things. If she stayed any longer she was going to lose her mind.

Cassey and London shared a look, knowing this conversation was far from over. "Alright. Text us in the morning so we can have an early start on shopping." 

Dariya nodded in agreement, hugging both girls, and left out just as the rain seemed to come down harder. She was thankful that she only lived five minutes away which she jogged all the way too.

Once she made it to her apartment, she stripped out of her wet clothes and changed into warmer clothes. It wasn't even a second later after she slipped under her covers when her phone began to vibrate on her dresser.


"I didn't wake you did I?" A smile instantly spread across her face hearing Sejun's voice. His english was the cutest thing she's heard.

"No. I just got home actually." She wasn't expecting him to call so late but to her, it was the perfect way to end her day.

Sejun hummed in response, shifting in his bed. The guys had gotten home over an hour ago. He finally told them whatever they wanted to know about Dariya and of course they wanted to meet her immediately. He was just happy that they approve of her but he made them promise not to say a word to their manager or their company.

He wasn't quite sure how they'd act.

"I miss you Sejun." She whispered, turning on her side, watching the rain hit and fall down her windows.

Sejun could feel his heart race quicker from hearing her say those words. It made him realize that maybe, just maybe his feelings weren't one sided.

"I miss you too Riya."

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Chapter 5: Now you can’t tell me this perfect couple isn’t dating?! They need to just make it official already.. this was a beautiful and touching chapter. She could be herself with her emotions and he let her. That’s what makes them perfect
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