Sweet Serenity.

Illecebrous(adj.)- alluring, attractive, enticing.


"Have you been eating regularly?"

Dariya smiled to herself, shaking her head at her aunt's usual weekly questions. "Yes, I promise."

Ever since she arrived in Korea, her Aunt Sandra has made it her personal mission to call at least once a week to check up on her. Her questions always remained the same, how was she holding up, how was work going, has she been eating, if she had a boyfriend yet. Typical things aunts asked.

"Mmhmm. Nyla and I are planning on visiting you in a few weeks. When you have time let us know your schedule so we can plan which days to come." Dariya nodded as if her aunt could see her before mumbling a quick ok. She lived in a cute two bedroom apartment, so there would be plenty room for all three whenever they came.

She knew that her cousin was going to want to go to a few music shows since she loved kpop so much.

"How is Uncle Greg doing? I remember you telling me he hasn't gotten used to being retired just yet." She asked, knowing how the man just never seemed to want to stay still. It was as if ants flowed through his veins from how much he stayed on the move.

"He's been fine ever since he took up doing yards. Ironically it's the perfect fit since he can't seem to just sit back and relax." Her aunt chuckled on the other line, the sleepiness in her warm voice becoming more evident as the minutes went by. Dariya had to often remind herself of the time difference between them.

She glanced at the clock that sat on her dresser and read the time, 8:24 P.M. As much as she loved talking to her aunt, she would have to let her go soon so she could get ready and to let her aunt get some more rest.

"Have yo-"

"Yes. We visit them every other weekend and place fresh flowers on their graves as we promised you." Before Dariya had left she had requested her to do the one thing she wouldn't be able to do herself from all the way from across the world. 

"Thank you TiTi." She said softly, wishing she could at least give her aunt a hug. "I'll talk to you later, I have to get ready to head out soon."

"I would ask for details but you're lucky I'm too tired right now." She half joked. "Be careful. Love you."

"Love you too." With that, Dariya ended the call and rolled out of bed to put on much more presentable clothes. Since the moment she had woke up thoughts of Sejun have occupied most of day. "He's an Idol" seemed to replay itself over and over in her mind. At first she didn't believe Mark or Daehyun because they often joked around but all it took was a simple search on google and bam, there was the proof as clear as day.

When she remembered what had happened on the bus they first met, it made much more sense. She didn't know why she didn't put two and two together the first time but what were the odds of her actually coming across an idol.

Her knowledge of the kpop industry was about average. She knew of a few groups but she didn't spend time browsing the long list of artist considering new groups debuted daily.

Still, she wouldn't let the new info about him cloud her judgment.

He was just another human being in her eyes. One that just happened to make her feel a certain type of way.

Quickly sliding on a pair of jeans and a simple supreme hoodie, she pulled on a pair of boots to complete her look. With her freshly straightened hair hanging loosely, she decided on leaving her face bare not wanting to remove any makeup when she returned home.

Just as she her phone it dinged indicating an text was sent. She bit her bottom lip seeing that it was Sejun letting her know he was leaving out soon. Her stomach began doing backflips at the thought of seeing him again. She was well aware of how busy of a life idols had with their crazy scheduling, so she would enjoy whatever time they had.

There was no telling when the next time would be.

Grabbing her keys and phone, she headed out and locked up her apartment, making the short walk towards the bus stop. The ride to Banpo Bridge from where she lived was about 30 minutes away depending on the traffic. 

Once she was seated on the bus, she placed her earphones in her ear and let the sweet voice of Alina Baraz occupy her as time passed. 

She had only been to Banpo Bridge once, when she first arrived, just to see the pretty lights. Whenever she had free time, she would use it to explore Seoul and surrounding areas, trying new things and to simply get use to her new home.

When her stop came, she glanced at the time on her phone seeing that she arrived only four minutes early. As expected, there were plenty of people out enjoying the views. Her eyes scanned the area knowing she wouldn't be able to spot him simply by standing there and looking at every face that walked by.

And as if he could read her mind, a call came through her phone as she answered already knowing who it was. "You look so lost right now." He laughed slightly, making a smile form on her face.

"Where are you?" She questioned, still looking around to see if she could spot him.

"Right here." He revealed just as an arm wrapped around her waist, making her jump a bit. Quickly hanging up her phone she turned around to see a mischievously smirking Sejun. "I didn't scare you did I?"

Dariya could feel her cheeks warm up suddenly. "Not at all." She lied, looking down at her feet.

She felt his finger under her chin lift up her head so she that she could look at him. "You at lying." He smiled, taking her hand in his. "Come with me."

Letting him lead the way, she followed him as he maneuvered his way through the crowds of people until he stopped at an area that was somewhat empty, with a nice view of the bridge.

Facing his back towards the railing, he leaned against it slightly. "I haven't been out here in awhile." 

Dariya glanced at him just as his eyes found hers. "Me too." She whispered, focusing her attention back on the river, enjoying the lite city she loved so much at night.

"How was your day?" He asked, folding his arms across his chest. Unlike the other times they've met, he wasn't rocking his usual face mask. Even in his all black attire, he still managed to stand out from rest. She seemed to like his face more and more every time she sees it.

"It was...just another day you know?" Sejun nodded his head in understandment. She had work earlier that day but only this time she was in back, helping Mrs. Park create new recipes for Halloween. "Yours?"

He almost hesitated on his answer, not knowing if he should reveal what his job really was. Dariya took notice of this immediately. "I already know what you do Sejun. It's fine, really."

There it was again, he thought to himself, that funny feeling inside his chest whenever she said his name. "You sure? I don't want to make you uncomfortable or thi-"

Placing her hand on his arm, she gave him a reassuring smile. "I'm here with you right now ain't I?"

His eyes searched her face, taking in all of her beauty under the skies full moon. He noticed she wore no make up as his fingers lightly pushed away the hair that had blew in her face. His thumb lingered over her bottom lip, barely touching the plump flesh. She watched him closely until he moved his hand away, placing it back into his hoodie front pocket.

"We had to practice new dance routines and put the finishing touches on a few new songs we've been working on." Tomorrow he and the guys had a show to do, followed by a meet and greet with a few fans. Their schedule for the next few days was jam packed with appearances and photoshoots.

He barely got away with coming here tonight because of how early he had to be up. Thankfully their manager allowed him an hour to do whatever before he had to return back to the dorms.

"Do you get to see your family and friends much since you've debuted?" She asked curiously. 

"Truthfully, not as much as I'd like but I knew what I was giving up when I became a trainee. They're proud of me, so I take that as a sign that I've made the right choice in following my dreams." Dariya could only imagine what it was like to be in his shoes. She's heard of stories about what it takes to become an idol but knew some of it was a bit overdramatic. 

"Are you here alone or did you move here with family?" 

It was weird how one simple question affected her so easily. She avoided his gaze and leaned on the railing, eyeing the neon lights on the bridge. "I came alone." She whispered. "My parents...well...they passed away earlier this year." In a way, she felt a sense of relief as she told him something that not even Cassey or London knew. It was still something she found hard to discuss.

Sejun gave her a sad smile, pulling her to his chest, holding her tightly against him. Dariya could feel herself tear up a bit not only because she missed her parents but also from being held in what felt like forever. She felt safe and so wildly comfortable in Sejun's arms that it almost scared her.

"She was Korean like you, My mother." She revealed to him. "My birth mother died a few days after giving birth to me. Her name was Melissa. Her and my mother, Celine, were best friends growing up. My father married her when I was two. It was my birth mother's last wish before she passed, for them to raise me together."

"She was the one who taught you Korean?" 

Her head nodded against his chest. "We had all planned to move here once I graduated from school since she missed her home country....then the accident happened." Her voice cracking towards the end.

"It's ok. I got you." The two received looks from onlookers but neither seemed to care at that moment. 

Dariya was too busy enjoying his scent and warmth while he simply felt a sense of completeness with her in his arms. She was something special. That much he concluded when he couldn't seem to shake her from his thoughts, even if he did try.

He wanted to get closer to her. To know everything there was about her, flaws and all.

What he wasn't aware of was just how deep and quickly he was going to fall for the beauty with the kind soul.


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