Sweet Serenity.

Forelsket (Norwegian) (n)- The euphoria you experience when you're first falling in love. 


HE seemed peaceful.

It was the best way Dariya could describe him. She had first spotted him when she stepped foot on the nearly deserted bus. He sat in the seats across from her, his head laid against the glass windows with his eyes closed. A gray beanie was placed over his head, leaving only his dark colored bangs showing. He sported a simple white hoodie as a camouflage face mask covered most of his features.

She had never seen him before. Usually she would be the only one riding bus #1287 driven by Mr. Kato at this hour. People rarely got on and when they did, it would always be familiar faces she had seen at least once before.

This had became her routine when she had moved here only two months ago. On nights when she couldn't sleep, she opted out for riding the bus, especially this one in particular. Mr. Kato was a kind, older gentleman that helped her out on her first day here when she had gotten lost. It was because of him that she knew of her surroundings so well.

The cozy green bus took longer rides which she liked. The city of Seoul was so beautiful at night.

Dariya watched as Mr. Kato conversated with his wife of 35 years happily. The sweet woman joined him a few times just to keep him company, sometimes offering her snacks that she packs for the rides. Still, her eyes constantly wondered towards the boy, who she assumed was asleep, in curiosity.

Who was he?

With her earphones in and her 'Mellow R&B' playlist playing in her ears, she relaxed in her seat, tearing her gaze away from him and onto the city outside.

Being here was bittersweet. She wasn't supposed to be here alone, they should be here with her.

Her eyes closed as the thought of her parents flooded her mind once more. A wave of emotions began to hit her at once but she refused to cry, at least not here, not right now.

After a minute she opened them, focusing her attention on him once more only to be surprised to see that he was already looking at her. The dark orbs stared at her were more intense than she expected, making her bronzed colored skin heat up suddenly.


Dariya blinked at him before giving him a small smile and focused on her phone, not really knowing what else to do. She could still feel his eyes on her but she refused to look in his direction again.

Mr. Kato made a stop a few seconds later, as three giggling girls around her age got onto the bus. She suddenly felt someone standing near her, invading her personal space. Looking up, she seen that it was him. "Do you mind if I sit?" He asked, his voice slightly muffled from his mouth being covered.

She watched his eyes look at the girls who were currently sneaking glances at them, or him more so and whispering amongst themselves. Not thinking much of it, she nodded her head. Did they know him or something?

Without another word he slid into the sit in front of her, his sweet scent lingering in the air around them.

For a while the two hadn't spoken a word only parting glances at each other until one of them caught the other. Dariya was never the one who was good at making small talk. Her conversation skills weren't that great which was sad because she had such a loving personality that many didn't get the opportunity to experience.

And now that she was in a whole new country, experiencing a completely different culture, it made it no better. She barely had friends.

But there was something about him that she couldn't quite put her finger on. She was intrigued by him.

Maybe it was the way he looked at her. His eyes seemed to scan every inch of her face as if he was trying to stitch it permanently into his brain. She wasn't uncomfortable under his stare. It was something she had became use to since moving here, however, his was much more different than the rest.

She wanted to reach out and pull his mask away from his face to see what he looked liked fully - and as if reading her mind, he did just that.

Dariya's hands gripped her phone tightly, taking him in. He was perfect. Literally. Not a flaw in sight. His wheat colored skin was smooth and looked soft to touch, the usual standard there in South Korea. Her eyes lingered on his pink lips longer than they should have but she couldn't help it. They looked a little too inviting at that moment. She watched them pull into a smirk, his cheeks revealing dimples that made her smile in return.

"Sejun? Your stop is coming up." Mr. Kato called out followed by the sound of squeals. Dariya's eyebrows furrowed, watching the boy she now knew as Sejun stand up. Turning to leave he paused, giving her one last look before he practically ran off the buss as the girls followed close behind him in pursuit.

She watched them in amusement, seeing him disappear inside of a building that the girls got turned away from immediately.

Sitting back in her seat, she repeated his name again in her head. "Sejun". She whisper slowly to herself. His face was one that she knew would plague her thoughts for days to come.

She didn't even realize that in that moment something changed.

Nothing would ever be the same.

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