Sweetest Taboo


In which age is nothing but a number when a young idol discovers the beauty of a grown woman.


"It's funny, you know? You only doubt me because of our differences even though I've remained consistent from the beginning. You're so unfair Noona."


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SeBaeChan #1
Chapter 4: Yay an update!!!!..i was hoping u would continue with this story☺️
651 streak #2
Chapter 4: Thank you for updating! His ‘relationship’ sounds like it will be trouble. I’m also wondering how Subria will reply to him. Hopefully, she is ready to take a chance,
Chapter 4: Well that was unexpected 😳
againagainagain #4
Chapter 3: Woooow. Everything about this. Got caught up snd now I'm affected. You know what you're doing here!
Chapter 1: Your works of art are literally the only reason why I still visit this website
Chapter 3: 🔥🔥🔥
SeBaeChan #7
Another one of ur stories that im obsessed with 😁
Chapter 3: Girl........................
She messed around and found a wolf 😂😂😂
Well, at least she'll enjoy it 🤷🏾‍♀️
Chapter 3: Oooohhh! Subria, you in trouble now girl. An innocent face is like a wolf in sheeps clothing.
651 streak #10
Chapter 3: Great job on this chapter - with the exception of leaving us hanging. lol Something tells me that they’re fast approaching the land of no return, or maybe they are already there. He is finally showing her that he is serious, and that he is not a child. I hope the next update will be soon. :)