Sweetest Taboo


"I'm not a little boy, Noona..."

Fixing her gaze to meet his, Subria crossed her arms over her chest and softly shook her head. "Still too young to know about what love is much less claiming how to make it. Just be patient,"

"All I've been is patient," Hyunjin swiftly retorts back, rolling his eyes in annoyance. "I want you, Miss Quinn, why can't you just accept that?" His youthful face showed his determination as those dark eyes never shifted, remaining zeroed in on her. She had been playing this slow but steady game for months now and the routine has grown old.

Her kisses were always the sweetest but he wanted more.

"You may not understand but I'm trying to protect you and show you the right way with this relationship ," Subria explained, taking a few steps until she was standing in front of him. "And what have I told you about calling me that?" She warned, lifting her hand to cup his face only to have him move out of her reach.

"No. You assume just because of my age that I'm this unexperienced puppy that needs to be trained and I'm not. I know more than you think I do," He protests, hating how she continues to baby him.

"Watching does not make you experienced," She teases, beginning to smile at the hint of pink covering his pale cheeks. "Where are you going?" Her hand quickly grabs his as he reached for his jacket that laid across the arm of the couch behind him.

"Back to the dorms since this seems to be a joke to you,"

Realizing her mistake, Subria sighed pulling him to face her. "It's not, I promise but is so-"

"Noona..." Hyunjin lowly interrupts, cutting her words short. "What I want from you is to let me in to see the real you. Our age difference has never been an issue for me, so why is it for you?"

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