Sweet Serenity.

Tinatangi(Philippine)(n.)- Special Someone.


Music was one of Dariya's gateways.

Not many knew she had a talent when it came to playing the piano.

It was a hobby she picked up after hearing a random symphony from a romance movie when she was younger. The soft melody played over and over in her mind to the point she begged her father to buy her a portable piano to practice on. She still remembered how overjoyed she was when the next day she came home from school to find one waiting for her on her bed.

She stayed up many nights, browsing the internet and watching videos, teaching herself how to play. After a few months, she began to even write her own music that only her parents were lucky enough to hear.

Ironically enough, not even after a week of living in South Korea she just so happened to come across a small music shop. She barely made a step inside when her eyes landed on the rosewood digital piano with a on sale sign on top of it.

In a way, Dariya almost felt like it was fate because it had been months since she last played. She had left the one her father had given back in the states because she simply didn't have the same desire as once before. Even so, she purchased it and it sat in one of the corners of her apartment untouched.

Until today.

She didn't know where her sudden inspiration came from but she welcomed it nonetheless. Her fingers danced across the keys as if she had never stopped playing. But instead of her usual sweet and soft ballads, a sad melody filled the silence of her quiet apartment.

For the last week she was doing so well at not thinking about her parents so much.

She hadn't cried over them in awhile but yet here she was once again letting her emotions get the best of her. It was like her mind wanted to remind her of just how alone she was now. Her parents are gone, she had no siblings since she's an only child, and the family she did have lived way across on the other side of the planet. While she had Cassey and London, they knew nothing about what happened. Dariya didn't want or need another pity party for her lose.

Angry with herself, she slammed her fist against the keyboard out of pure frustration. The feeling of of having no one was beginning to get to her and she hated it.

Wiping her tears away, she moved from the piano and walked towards her bathroom to take a quick shower. It was only 8:37 P.M. when she stepped out and got ready for bed. Her mood all day has been rocky and everyone around had noticed it. Even as they asked what was wrong or if everything was ok, she'd lie and say she was ok.

She wasn't ready to tell them the truth yet.

Just as she was finishing rubbing her favorite scented body lotion on her legs, her phone began to vibrate next to her on the bed. "Yes?" She answered, her voice low and dry.

"Tell me what's wrong." Sejun demanded immedietly. Her short replies had turned into no reply as the day went on and it had made him nervous. "Don't lie to me either." He added just as she was about to open and do just that.

"I had a bad day." She said half truthfully, not really wanting to go into detail. It would only make her feel worst than she already was.

Sejun ran a hand through his hair biting back what he really wanted to say. They weren't together so he knew he didn't really have the right to question her. But that didn't stop him from being worried. He even questioned himself if he did something wrong. The last thing he wanted is for whatever this was to end.

"Are you busy right now?" He asked instead. His schedule was clear tomorrow so he was free to do whatever he wanted. Plus it's been weeks since he's last seen her face and now was the perfect time to do so.     

"No." She answered quickly, barely giving letting him finish his question. 

"Can I come over?"


It only took Sejun 30 minutes to show up in front of Dariya's apartment door. After convincing his manager to let him visit a "friend" with the help of the guys, he quickly got dressed and headed straight to her. His left leg bounced the entire car ride from nervousness. He didn't know what he wanted to say but he knew he definitely couldn't wait to hold her again.

It was something that clearly both needed.

Dariya almost jumped out of her skin hearing the light knocks coming from her front door. She looked over her appearance not thinking much of her cotton shorts and simple tshirt. Unlocking the door, the first thing her eyes landed on was Sejun's now whitened hair that stuck out from under his black hoodie.

"It's temporary for a performance coming up." He explained as she moved to the side to let him in.

Locking the door, she faced him just as he as pushed the hood back revealing his freshly dyed new hairdue. "I like it." It made her wonder if his hair was as soft as it always looked. "May I?" She asked, pointing her finger at his head.

"Sure." He chuckled softly, pulling her closer by the hands. Slowly, she ran her fingers through his hair, smiling widely at how silky it felt. A content sigh fell from his lips causing her to glance at his now closed eyes. His face was like pure art to her. There wasn't one flaw that she could point out in him.

Even as she ran her fingers down his cheek and across his jawline, he almost seemed too good to be true.

"Sejun." She whispered, making him snap his eyes open to look at her.

He took her hand, kissing the palm softly before pulling her in for a hug, already understanding what she wanted. Her arms wrapped around his back, almost squeezing him as if he'd disappear into thin air. She had missed his warmth and that sweet husky scent of his. But most of all she missed how good she felt when he held her.

The sound of his heartbeat filled her ears while she laid her head on against his hard chest. The best way Dariya could describe in that moment was simply peaceful. She felt safe and protected.

It was almost scary. 

"Stay." Now that he was here, she didn't want him leaving anytime soon. Since today hasn't been the best she felt bad for ignoring him most of the day. "Please."

Sejun moved away slightly and pulled out his phone, sending a quick text to Seungsik, knowing he'd cover for him. He already mentally prepared himself of the numerous questions he was going to receive once he saw the guys again. In a way he was surprised that he wasn't as nervous as he thought he'd be. 

Especially since this was his first time spending the night with a girl.

"It was one of those days huh?" He guessed, placing a soft kiss on her forehead when she nodded.

"I'm sor-"

"No, it's fine, I get it. You were dealing with something personal but you know that I'm here if you need me right?" He didn't know why but Sejun had a feeling that she probably felt alone. What she didn't realize though was that would never be the case anymore.

The very first time he saw her on the bus, that was it.

"Why are you so sweet to me?" She felt like he could be anywhere else right now, doing something else more productive or fun but yet he was here. There was no doubt how happy she was to see him again but she just wished that her emotions weren't so damn depressing. They should've been laughing and smiling from ear to ear, not having him hold her because she was unhappy.

"Don't do that."

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "Do wh-"

"It's ok to be sad you know? Or upset? Or any other feeling when we're around each other Dariya. I won't think any less of you." His cool hands held her face, forcing her to look up at him so that she'd know he was being serious. "I like being around you, especially on days like this because I get to show you that you are cared for."

Her eyes began to get watery again as she tried to move away from him but he wouldn't allow it. She hated crying in front of people but it was almost like Sejun made her confront her feelings because he knew she needed too. 

So she did. He didn't let go of her face once, wiping away her tears as they fell. His warm eyes stared into hers as they stood there until she was done. A sense of relief felt as though it was lifted from her shoulders in that moment. "Better?"

She smiled up at him as he pulled her closer. Her body shivered feeling his hands slide under her shirt and make contact with her warm skin. "You play the piano?"

He didn't spot it until his eyes fully scanned her cozy apartment. "Yeah. I just started to play it again today." She mumbled against his chest.

"Really? Will you play for me?" Sejun messed around with a few instruments but never actually stuck to playing just one seriously.

"Right now?"

"Right now. Please?" She made a face, allowing him to pull her towards the piano. Taking a seat first, he pulled her onto his lap since there was only enough room for one person. He wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her in place. "Relax." He chuckled at how stiff she had became, slowly relaxing while she hoped that she wasn't too heavy.

"What do you want to hear?" Her fingers pressed random keys as she glanced behind her.


She playfully rolled her eyes mouthing the exact word as he said it. Tapping her chin, she thought of a song that he'd probably recognize if she played it. "Ok." She replied while he placed his chin on her shoulder to get a better look as she played one of her favorite songs, Unthinkable by Alicia Keys.

Soon a very familiar tune started to fill his ears. He couldn't place it just yet but whatever it was sound so beautiful as she played. He felt her body finally relax against his and watched her fingers dance across the keys. The peaceful look that washed over her face as she played almost made him take his phone out to take a picture.

Why couldn't he though?

"Would you mind?" He asked her, holding out his phone with the screen facing them. 

Dariya looked at it and smirked. "Go ahead." She focused back on the piano as he snapped a picture or two of them. 

Satisfied with the photo, he put his phone away and laid his head on her shoulder once more, closing his eyes. This felt so right to him. To be here with her, no interruptions, just them enjoying this rare moment. Letting her take them to a far away place with their love for music. His grip tightened around her, not wanting this to end any time soon.

She slowly began another song that he instantly knew, humming along as she played. Hearing him occasionally sing a few words had butterflies erupt inside of her stomach. She knew he could sing but hearing him up close and personal held a different feel to it. It was more intimate.

"Do...cuddle with me?" She fumbled over her words, finishing up the song. Tiredness from being up since early this morning was beginning to catch up to her. A yawn escaped indicating just how sleepy she had become.

Instead of answering her, he tapped her thigh telling her to stand up as he did the the same. She moved towards the bed while he pulled his hoodie over his head, revealing a bit of his toned tummy. He was left in his black sweat pants and a simple white shirt, sporting black socks on his feet.

Dariya could feel his eyes on her as she pulled back her covers and slid into her bed, patting the spot next to her. With a huge smile on his face, he quickly joined her once he turned off the lights, leaving them in almost complete darkness. 

A comfortable silence fell over them while they layed facing one another. Dariya appreciated how they didn't have to speak much in order to simple enjoy each others presence. She was still trying to wrap her head around the fact that he was here, in her bed with her.

Not liking the space between them, Sejun softly gripped the back of her thigh and hooked her leg over his waist, pulling her closer to him. His soft laugh fill the room at her body always seemed to freeze when he touched her or did something she was least expecting. "If I'm crossing my boundaries, please let me know Riya."

He knew he was just acting on instincts but he couldn't help the fact that he liked the way she felt against him. The softness of her skin, her strawberry scent was pleasant, making him wonder if tasted as good as she smelled. He respected her enough to not let his hands wonder higher than necessary, stopping mid thigh. 

Dariya swallowed feeling her skin heat up being in this position. She liked being this close to him but he just took by complete surprise. It was so...unexpected. But she was going to take advantage of their time together because there simply was no telling when they'll have a moment like this again.

So she did what she felt was right. Her thumb lightly brushed his bottom lip, silently asking for permission to do something she knew she didn't have to ask for. Feeling him grip her thigh tighter, she moved in placing her lips against his. Their mouths instantly began moving in sync as if they've done this before. 

Her body seemed to hum in bliss as her hand softly grabbed his hair, deepening the kiss even more. He happily let her take the lead, internally groaning at the softness of her lips, holding her closer to him. 

Being the first to pull away, Dariya let out a low laugh, surprised by her own actions. "Riya."


"Allow me to take you out on a date tomorrow night."

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