No Tofu, No Life

Sana hurried through the halls, each footstep echoing off the walls as her head darted left and right, eyes scanning desperately for any sign of her best friend. She also kept an eye on her back in case her teacher sent someone after her; she’d left the classroom very abruptly after seeing Dahyun speeding by in her chair. This immediately set off a red flag in the older girl’s mind, as Dahyun was technically supposed to be in gym class, which was on the other side of the school. Sana was sure that she had a pretty good idea of what the problem was.

For the third time in the past five minutes, Sana called the young girl, and, as expected, the call went straight to voicemail. So, Sana decided to send a text.

    “To Dubu: Where are you? I just wanna talk.”

    Surprisingly, Dahyun’s response came almost immediately.

    “From Dubu: I’m in the cripple bathroom.”

    Sana’s heart hurt as she read the text, knowing the exact self-deprecating tone that Dahyun would have used. Nonetheless, the blonde responded with a simple “ok, omw” before turning on her heel and heading towards Dahyun’s location, practically sprinting past the shut classroom doors as she went. She arrived at the large, blue-sign adorned door, out of breath and moderately sweaty in her stifling uniform, taking a second to rest before rapping her knuckles against the wood several times.

    “Dahyun?” Sana said quietly, just loud enough so that Dahyun could hear her through the door, “It’s me. Open up, please.”

    There were no words spoken from within in the bathroom, only the sound of a lock sliding open. That was all Sana needed.

    She rushed into the fluorescent, porcelain-white room, shutting and locking the door behind her as she came. Upon turning back around, she was met with the sight of her best friend, a sight that made her well up with sympathy.

    Dahyun sat there in her wheelchair, eyes still filled with tears, tears that spilled out from those perfect little lids, running down in trails of ironically beautiful sparkles. Her lower lip quivered as she cried. Her arms, so thin and delicate, just like the rest of her body, were wrapped around herself.

Those arms were soon joined by another pair, a stronger pair, ones that captured her entire shaking body in a tight embrace. Her face pressed hard to the torso that belonged to those strong, comforting arms, and she let out a muffled sob. One of those arms shifted slightly, running a hand through her chocolate-colored hair.

“S-Sana…” Dahyun murmured, her voice cracking at the final syllable.

“Shhh… it’s okay. I’m here for you.”

“It’s not okay,” Dahyun hissed angrily, “It’s never going to be okay. Ever.”

Sana knew that her best friend’s harsh tonality and biting words were just part of her reaction to whatever had happened before, and that it was good for the younger girl to vent her frustrations out.

“It was those girls in gym class again, wasn’t it? Yerin and Sojung?”

    Dahyun nodded against her friend’s chest.

    “What did they say to you this time?” Sana could feel the anger rising within her, and she wanted nothing more than to storm down to the gymnasium and to punch those two in their stupid, smug faces. But there were more important matters to attend to, first.

    “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

    “Okay sweetheart,” Sana cooed, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

    And so, they didn’t. The two girls held each other in the tight space of the bathroom, the older offering soothing words and gentle rocking as the younger gradually began to calm down. Dahyun’s sobs turned to sniffles, and she ceased her trembling, leaving Sana feeling relieved, but still angry.

    “I’m gonna have a talk with those girls,” Sana growled dangerously, “They shouldn’t-”

    “No!” Dahyun yelled, her words rebounding off the tiled walls, startling the blonde into taking a step back.

    “Whoa, calm down,” Sana said softly, looking into the brunette’s eyes, trying to understand where her outburst came from, “I won’t say anything to them if you don’t want me to.”

    Dahyun offered no response, instead letting out a pathetic whine as she began to cry again. Sana retook her place in comforting the younger girl, ignoring the aching in her muscles from being in such an uncomfortable position.

    “Dubu… what did they say to you?” Sana asked again after a time, hoping that the younger girl was more willing to open up now.

    “So… so, you know about my schedule, right?” Dahyun asked shamefacedly.

    Sana nodded. Due to Dahyun’s condition, her bladder function was compromised. In her case, it was difficult for her to urinate sometimes, and as a result, she had a specific schedule in which she would go, at times that she knew that her bladder would likely be filled. If she didn’t go at these exact times, she risked having an accident.

    “I guess they found out about my schedule too, because when I was going to use the bathroom, they kept stopping me,” Dahyun was starting to shake again, “L-like locking my chair and stuff and asking me why I don’t just go later and… and I was so close to peeing myself. I would’ve if Sooyoung and Yerim didn’t come around and tell them to off…”

    “My poor baby,” Sana whispered, “Those ing es. Are you sure you don’t want me to say anything?”

    “N-no, please don’t. They’ll just mock me more, just like… n-never mind…”

    “No, you can tell me,” Sana questioned, drawing back to look her best friend in the eyes as she noticed the younger girl’s hesitation, “What else did they say?”

    Dahyun’s face reddened and her gaze dropped to her lap.


    “Dubu, come on.”

    “Th-they said…” Dahyun closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as if she were steeling herself for something, “They said, ‘Too bad your girlfriend Sana isn’t around right now, otherwise, we’d be in a lot of trouble’.”

    “Really? That’s what they said?”

    Dahyun nodded, still staring down in embarrassment.

    “Well, they should be afraid then. Because ‘your girlfriend’ will absolutely kick their asses if they ever do something like that to you again.”

    Dahyun looked up. Sana stared back. The flush that dominated the younger girl’s face became more full, deepening to a crimson hue.

    “Do you mean that?” Dahyun whispered, her voice barely audible.

    Sana had always considered Dahyun to be the most gorgeous specimen she’d ever laid eyes on. From her petite build, to her shining smile, to her wispy eyebrows, to her long, luscious lashes, to her tiny, pinchable nose, every inch of her was something to be cherished. Her personality was even more attractive, with bright, vibrant highs that included raucous laughter and mirth, and heart-wrenching, mellow lows such as this situation. Dahyun never failed to make Sana feel as if all of her problems were nonexistent, and that she didn’t have a care in the world, because they were together, and that was all that mattered.

Up until that exact moment, Sana had always chalked it up to the strong friendship that had been forged between the two, and nothing else. But now, something was different. Something had changed.

    Being the naive thirteen year-old that she was, Sana believed that she would fall in love with someone slowly, that it would build up from a relationship in a predictable manner. That it would come as a consequence of prior intimate dealings, developing in much the same way that a tree growing from the ground would. But good Lord, was she wrong.

    There was no slow build-up. There was no stepwise evolution from seed to sapling to tree. No. It was an eruption. A colorful burst of emotion that was unstoppable, overwhelming, and all-consuming. Like an explosion of passion, one that filled her bones and muscles with a drive that threw her forward, tumbling through a universe of unknown, a journey with a sudden beginning, and a logical ending.

    Sana’s hands held Dahyun’s face up as they kissed. The older girl tasted a tinge of salt coupled with the waxy sensation of chapstick. She inhaled Dahyun’s scent, a vanilla-like scent that made water and her heart race. She felt the raw heat of Dahyun’s skin, radiating out in waves against her palms.

    They parted, breathing heavily, the stillness of the air around them creating a tense backdrop. Neither girl could find their words.

    Dahyun sat in front of her, innocent orbs still locked to Sana's, lips parted, cheeks still alight with a fiery glow, as if waiting for the older girl to make the next move.


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