Black Mamba

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In a post-apocalyptic, lawless world, Winter lives in one of the largest remaining civilizations on Earth, the city of Pharus. Seeking to become a Moonlight Guardian, she undergoes a harsh training regime alongside her older sister, Giselle. Upon completing their training, they are finally allowed to leave the safety of the city gates, where they seek adventure at the risk of becoming consumed by the Great Evil that lurks beyond.


This is a really random idea that came to my head while I was walking my dog earlier. It'll be a casually updated story, one that I probably won't outline existensively or anything (until I inevitably become obsessed with it). It serves to quench my thirst for fantasy as well as add to the very scant list of Aespa fics out there. Hope you guys enjoy (:

Gonna start outlining this story again soon. It's long overdue for an update, and the amount of support it's gotten recently has really motivated me to continue!
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