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Crowdfunding is a way for supporters to send their favorite authors tips, donations, and the necessary funding to help them continue producing great content. We set ourselves apart from other crowdfunding programs in that we do not charge extra fees (we don't need it) and our authors keep more of what they get.

This is an invite-only program for vetted authors to ensure that our members are safe in entrusting them with their sponsorship. When you purchase one of an author's tiers, you become a monthly sponsor of their work with added abilities such as access to early chapter releases or downloadable PDFs. Unsubscribing is also easy and can be done from here or through your PayPal account.

Transactions should be instant but if you don't see yourself subscribed to your chosen tier 10-20 minutes after your purchase, please send a message to the author letting them know of your subscription.

You can view your sponsorships in your Supported Works page [Profile nav=>Stories=>Crowdfunded].

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Check out my Male OC x Idol one-shot series here:

It's request based, starting with a Red Velvet Yeri fic to kick things off (:


Author: WrittingSomeSin
It is too easy to get into ones own head
Well I'm an idiot and accidentally released the chapter to everyone early... Sorry to my crowdfund supporters, I promise next week's chapter (a "" spin-off) will be exclusively for you guys!
Hey! Check out this fic from one my close friends on here, someone who's helped me with the concepts/ideas for countless of my Futa one-shots!

Swamps and Sorrows

Author: WrittingSomeSin


Author: Asphyxy
Excellent resource for newer writers or writers who aren't very familiar with the English language (:

Dialogue Punctuation

Author: Universe12345
Someone posted on my "Random Red Velvet One-Shots" series and I somehow accidentally deleted it ):

Whoever you are, I'm sorry!
Update for "Girl on Girl One-Shots" tomorrow night (:
Just wanna say a big thank you to everyone who's ever donated to me on here (: Love you all!
Gonna be writing that Joyrene Omegaverse Futa tomorrow. Maybe I'll continue "Career Boy" after, since I really liked the AU... hm.
Hey everyone! I just opened up a Patreon! On this platform I'll be releasing an LBGTQ+ Omegaverse novel titled "Talia"! For the first week, I'll be posting brief samples of my work for you guys to check out!

Gonna be starting a Patreon soon (:
Possible double update next week, though!
Probably won't be updating anything today on AFF. Sorry, I need some time to think, get work done, and finish up some OC stuff.

I do plan on starting a "Random Blackpink One-Shots" Series, which will be updated weekly, similar to my "Random Red Velvet One-Shots" series.
No update this week; finishing up OC content. There'll be another "Welcome Back Wendy" next week, though, prob around Thursday!

Sorry for the delays!
Just to let everyone know, I've changed my name on here from "seulrene41" to "JamieStardust". Don't worry. I'm still the same author, with the same stories (;
Currently working on the scene with Seulrene's first kiss in "Starlit"! Took long enough, huh?

A note from the founder: As the founder of Asianfanfics, I've met many wonderful writers on this site. As I've gotten to know them over the years, I've come to find that many of my friends here struggle to get by whether it be paying for school, everyday essentials, or what really gets to me, medical bills. After trying to see what could be done to help through crowdfunding, it became clear that dedicated crowdfunding platforms take out too much in fees. That's why I started this program just for authors so that they can receive the support they need without a middleman taking a chunk out of it. I wish you all luck in this and all of your other life endeavors and hope you all succeed.