[Bonus Chapter] Guardian

No Tofu, No Life

Sana grabbed Sojung by her collar, yanking the terrified girl forward so that they were face to face. Sojung flinched back, unwilling to meet Sana’s icy glare.

“If you ever do anything like that to her again, I’ll break your nose,” the blonde hissed, pulling Sojung forward before slamming her back up against the locker, producing both a loud, metallic clang that echoed throughout the empty changing room, one that was accompanied by a cry of pain, “I swear to God I will.”

“What do you mean?” Sojung asked, her tone high-pitched and terrified, “I-I didn’t do anything-”

“You. Know. Exactly. What. I’m. Talking. About.” Sana punctuated each word with another slam up against the locker. Tears were beginning to leak out from under Sojung’s eyelids and she whimpered in fear, “If you ever so much as look at Dahyun the wrong way again…”

“Okay, okay, okay,” Sojung pleaded, “I’m sorry. It was just a dumb joke. We didn’t mean to actually hurt her feelings.”

Sana’s temper spiked, even more than it already had, and she threw Sojung down into the nearest corner, sending the black-haired girl sliding against the dirty floor. She curled into a ball and cowered, covering her head and trembling as Sana towered over her.

    “Don’t ing lie to me!” Sana said, stomping on the ground, causing Sojung to shy away, “You did it on purpose to make fun of her!”

    “Please Sana,” Sojung begged, now crying in full, “Please don’t hurt me, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I-”

    “Sana!” a voice came from behind them, causing both girls to turn their heads, “What are you doing?!”

    Blocking the entrance to that section of lockers was a petite, wheelchair-bound girl, one with a deep frown on her face, her arms crossed over her chest in disappointment.

    “Dahyun, I was just-”

    “No!” Dahyun said indignantly, and it was apparent that Sojung was thoroughly confused by how much control the younger girl seemed to have over Sana, “I heard what you were saying. Leave her alone.”

    Dahyun then came forward. Sana rushed out of the way as her new girlfriend reached out a hand to scoop Sojung up from the ground.

    “I’m sorry for all the trouble Sana caused you,” Dahyun said sincerely.

    Sojung nodded and sniffled before hurrying away, her footsteps disappearing into the distance as she went.

    Sana watched with a narrow gaze as the taller girl departed, still filled with rage at the thought of what Sojung and Yerin had done to her best friend-turned-girlfriend yesterday. Dahyun approached the seething girl, and Sana was so lost in her wicked thoughts that she didn’t realize how close they were until Dahyun’s hands were wrapped around hers.

    Sana looked down at her girlfriend.

    “You can’t bully people like that, Sana,” Dahyun said, rubbing her thumbs up and down the knuckles of Sana’s clenched fists, each alleviating some of the anger built up within her.

    “But they bullied you first. I couldn’t just let her get away with it,” Sana said through clenched teeth.

    “I know you’re mad, but… doing things like that only makes you just as bad as them. Come, sit down.”

    Dahyun led Sana to a nearby bench, coaxing her into taking a seat. There was a stark juxtaposition to such small, thin fingers controlling Sana’s balled up fists with almost no effort.

    “Tell me what happened.” Dahyun said patiently. She still hadn’t let go of Sana’s hands, which were no longer clenched into fists.

    “I… I had just got done getting changed from gym, and I kind of took my time, so everyone was already out. Except her,” Sana’s tone grew dangerous then, “And I tried to ignore it. I tried to just walk away and change and leave, but I kept thinking about what she did to you, and I couldn’t control myself… I just snapped.”

    “You can’t do that, Sana,” Dahyun whispered, raising one of her hands and reaching up to the blonde’s cheek, “You can’t hurt people like that. It’s not right.”

    “What they did to you-”

    “Doesn’t matter,” Dahyun cut off her furious best friend, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

    “You sound like a teacher…” Sana mumbled, looking away as her eyes began to fill with angry tears.

    Dahyun chuckled and gently pushed Sana’s face back in her direction, forcing her girlfriend to meet her gaze.

    “It wasn’t just that. When I was waiting for you outside, I heard some of your yelling. I had to pause for a minute, because I didn’t even recognize your voice at first. You sounded scary, and vengeful, and terrible. You didn’t sound like my Sana.”

    Sana sniffled in much the same way that Sojung did, turning her stare downward as the tears flowed freely down her cheeks. She didn’t even understand why she was crying. Sure, it had been a heated exchange, but she wasn’t one to shed tears easily over such things. Nonetheless, she found her body shaking with fresh, stinging sadness.

    Where was this coming from? Was it all the emotion she’d released when she roughed Sojung up just now? The indignation she still felt about what they’d done to her darling Dahyun? The self-hatred produced by how brash and nasty she’d been?

    No, none of those were exactly the answer to her burning, internal question.

    No, the answer that Sana sought lay within the wide, expressive eyes before her, eyes that were topped off by two crinkled-together lines of brown hair, both of which overlooked the curve of a pair of downturned, pink crescents, all placed on a flawless, paper-like, soft canvas.

    “I-I’m sorry,” Sana whispered as the realization dawned on her, “You’re right. I shouldn’t act that way at all. That’s not who I am.”

    Dahyun smiled and brought her other hand up to wipe away the salty drops that stained Sana’s skin. Her thumb moved in swift , each fluttering contact sending warmth across the older girl’s face.

    “It’s okay, sweetheart,” Dahyun murmured, “Don’t cry.”

    Sana leaned forward and allowed her head to press against Dahyun’s chest. The younger girl reacted by wrapping both arms around her, locking her into a secure hug that was therapeutic and calm.

    “Are you mad at me?” Sana asked in a small voice, speaking into the fabric of Dahyun’s shirt.

    “Of course not,” Dahyun answered, rubbing her girlfriend’s back, “I could never be mad at you.”

    Sana couldn’t help but think of the irony of it all. To think, just a few days ago, she was the one comforting Dahyun as she broke down in the school’s handicap bathroom. But at least that was for good reason; the brunette had been bullied for the thing she was most sensitive about, so it made sense that she would react in such a negative way. Sana, on the other hand, was quite literally crying because she beat up a girl and her significant other was justifiably disappointed as a result.

    “Hey,” Dahyun murmured, her voice reverberating throughout her chest, echoing into Sana’s ears, pleasantly drowning out most other sounds in the room, “You have track practice tonight, right?”

    “Mhm,” Sana replied diminutively, like a child who was just finishing up with her temper tantrum, “Four to six.”

    “Okay, so,” Dahyun’s fingers began making their way through Sana’s locks then, moving downwards with tender, caring , “How about I show up and watch you practice then?”

    Sana’s mood rapidly elevated a few notches, and she drew back so that she could see her girlfriend’s face, though she remained in the younger girl’s arms.

    “Really? You’ll come?”

    Dahyun’s grin widened, her eyes bunching up at the corners as it did so, and she nodded.

    “And you can come over for dinner afterwards, too.”

    Sana knew that Dahyun wasn’t a big fan of sports, or being outdoors in general. After school, when Sana would attend track practice, Dahyun would usually go home and get her homework finished up so that they were free to see one another afterwards. Of course, Dahyun was at every single one of Sana’s competitions, but that was simply to be expected.

When Dahyun did attend Sana’s practices, it wasn’t like she did much there, either. She would simply watch most of the time, cheering Sana on during her hardest sets, bringing her water and sometimes snacks if there was enough downtime. But for some reason, it always made Sana able to work ten times harder, always gave her a little boost of energy to keep going, even through the most difficult of practices, knowing that Dahyun was on the sidelines. In the past, she dismissed that feeling as wanting to impress her friend. Now, she knew that it was because she loved Dahyun, and that having someone she loved be present was a highly motivating factor.

    “You’re the best,” Sana replied, grinning back at her girlfriend.

    For a split second, they stared into one another’s eyes. The next second, Dahyun’s hands were on the sides of Sana’s head, pulling her in for their second kiss.

    It was cosmic, fluttering, beautiful, warm, and every other word in the universe that Sana could think of to describe the implacable perfection that Dahyun’s kisses represented.

    “Why were our first and second kisses both near places that people poop?” Dahyun asked, detaching for a moment, their noses still pressed up against one another’s.

    Sana tried to burst into laughter, but her lips were smothered by another kiss.


If you guys have any ideas about another bonus chapter, I'm open to suggestions. Can be past-tense or present-tense, fluff or . No romantic angst though, these two are staying together in this story no matter what, haha.

Thanks for reading<3

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