No Tofu, No Life

    Dahyun tried her best to hold back her shivers as she and her girlfriend made their way down the street. She didn’t want Sana to see any signs that she was uncomfortable - she knew that the older girl would immediately suggest they turn around, or offer her another heat pack (there were already three of them tucked under Dahyun’s sweater).

Truthfully, the cold air was really the only complaint that the wheelchair-bound woman had. The appearance of the snow, drifting slowly down from the light-grey sky and settling onto the cement, blacktop, and buildings gave an immaculate, pure look to the normally bland urban environment (never mind that within a day or so, the white would be marred by unsightly streaks of black, brown, and yellow). Sana seemed enthralled with the winter phenomenon, looking around in amazement as she pushed her girlfriend along, unconsciously avoiding spots that were overly icy, the winter tires doing the brunt of the work where the snow had accumulated too much. Dahyun, on the other hand, was constantly tracking their progress towards the cafe down the street, where she knew hot chocolate and food awaited her.

Unfortunately for the brunette, their already gradual journey was put on hold.

“Dahyun! Sana! How are you?” a high, energetic voice ran out, causing Dahyun to turn, her stomach dropping. She could recognize that voice anywhere.

It was Chou Tzuyu. A girl that they’d gone to high school with. Sana was very close with her (too close) but Dahyun, being the natural introvert that she was, hadn’t spoken to the girl much directly. Still, based on her interactions with Sana, which mainly consisted of barely disguised attempts at flirting and far too much physical contact, Dahyun came to the conclusion that she indeed did not like the girl one bit. It didn’t help that Tzuyu was, hands down, one of the most beautiful women Dahyun had ever seen in her life. With her big, expressive eyes, her well-sculpted cheek- and jawbones, her long, glossy hair, her petite, slim body, (and her working legs) she had stolen the hearts of many men and women alike. Paradoxically, she had been single most of her life, claiming to be waiting for “the perfect person to come along”. It so happened that Dahyun knew someone who was nothing short of “perfect”, but that someone was entirely off the market.

“Tzuyu!” Sana exclaimed, rushing over to meet her bundled-up friend with an embrace (after making sure that Dahyun’s wheels were locked in place, of course), “What are you doing in this part of Seoul?”

Dahyun offered a small smile and a wave before returning to her close observation of the wintery environment around them. Tzuyu was not her favorite person in the world, by any means.

“I just came to hang out with Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon,” Tzuyu explained, “Since we were all off today. I was going to text you guys to join us, actually!”

“That’s really nice of you,” Dahyun cut in suddenly, meeting Tzuyu’s infuriatingly adorable gaze with her own frigid one, “But we were actually on our way to that cafe down the street.”

“We hardly ever get to see you guys though, so I’m sure we can come with you instead,” Sana said cluelessly.

Dahyun wished that she could stand up and strangle her socially unaware girlfriend.

“Oh, I’m sure we’ll be together for most of the day, so you can stop by whenever you want,” Tzuyu smiled apologetically; she seemed to understand more than Sana that the last thing Dahyun wanted to do was hang out with her.

“Okay, after the cafe, if we’re not frozen to death,” Sana said with a chuckle, opening her arms again to hug the younger girl, “I’ll see you later then, maybe!”

“Alright, bye guys!” Tzuyu said, pausing to give Dahyun and quick hug as well, one that was barely reciprocated.

Dahyun and Sana resumed walking.

“I can’t believe we ran into Tzuyu at exactly the right time,” Sana said loftily.

“Yep, we’re lucky people…” Dahyun muttered, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“What do you mean by that? Do you not like Tzuyu?” Sana finally appeared to be picking up on her girlfriend’s animosity for her friend.

“She’s kind of annoying.”

“What about that interaction was annoying?” Sana laughed.

“H-her voice, and like, the way she… uh… talks,” Dahyun struggled to cover for herself, making it very clear to Sana what the main issue was.

“Wait,” Sana said, halting their movements again so that she could put every effort into containing herself, leaning over to look her girlfriend in the face, “Are you jealous of Tzuyu?”

“N-no…” Dahyun said, although her face was rapidly becoming hotter and hotter, even as the weather threatened to numb it.

“You are!” Sana hissed playfully and she fell into a fit of giggles, “You’re jealous of Tzuyu!”

“Shut up.”

Dahyun allowed the older girl to continue her mirthful bellows for another few seconds before grabbing the wheels of her chair and sending herself forward in an attempt to escape her embarassment and indignation. Sana jogged after her, the giggles dying off as she placed a hand on her girlfriend’s shoulder.

“Hey, slow down,” she warned, “I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Then don’t make fun of me like that. What the hell was so funny anyway?” Dahyun demanded, crossing her hands over her chest and pouting.

“It was just funny that you thought there was any reason for you to be jealous of Tzuyu.”

“There are too many reasons to list,” the brunette bit back, “The main ones being that she’s always so flirty with you. And you’re either oblivious to it or flirting back every time.”

“Flirting back?” Sana asked, her tone becoming low and serious as she leaned over to the level of her lover’s face, “Babe, why would I ever in a million years flirt with anyone else when I have you? I don’t even notice that she’s flirty, because there’s literally no reason for me to pick up on that stuff, since it’s not you.”

Overcome with emotion and in need of no pretense, Dahyun threw her arms around Sana’s shoulders and locked their lips together, kissing her girlfriend hard, the warmth of their bodies flowing into each other through the newly-created junction.

“Do you mean it?” Dahyun whispered breathily, her eyelids half-shut as she regarded her now punch-drunk girlfriend.

“Yeah. You’re the only girl I have eyes for, Dubu,” Sana replied, her use of Dahyun’s favorite nickname sending minute tingles of longing through the younger girl’s body.

Dahyun kissed her girlfriend again, more deeply this time, the tips of their tongues meeting briefly before Sana pulled away.

“We can’t be making out so openly in public,” the older girl fretted, looking around.

“Fine, but you owe me like seven million kisses when we get home.”

“Hot chocolate, lunch, and now kisses?” Sana said, “This relationship is very expensive.”

“Kisses don’t cost anything. And you love kissing me, don’t deny it.”

“I can’t really argue with that.”

They entered the cafe soon after, Dahyun’s body letting out shivers of relief as the heat of the inside spread across her skin.

It was a small, quaint shop, run by a family that had known the couple for years. The place had a very nostalgic, homey vibe to it, making Dahyun feel as though she hadn’t left her apartment at all. It was uncharacteristically empty, most likely due to the inclement weather. The middle-aged man behind the counter smiled and greeted his two favorite customers as they approached.

“Even in a blizzard, you two still made it here today?” Mr. Lee asked.

“We could be saying the same thing to you,” the blonde joked, causing the older man to laugh in response, “It’s hardly a blizzard anyway.”

“So I’m assuming it’s the usual?” he asked, already procuring the necessary components for the orders from behind the counter, “Hot chocolate for you, green tea for you?”

“And a three-color sandwich. Sana’s paying since she dragged me out in the cold today,” Dahyun said smugly as the older girl rolled her eyes.

“And that’s all?” Mr. Lee said, turning away to begin his work on the food.

“Yep, that’s it. Thanks, Mr. Lee!” Sana said, pushing the money (along with a tip) across the wooden surface.

The two girls then found seats at a two-person table, Sana moving the extra chair aside so that Dahyun could take its place.

“So, are we actually going to hang out with Tzuyu and them later?” Dahyun asked, trying not to let her anticipation at the older girl’s possible answer show.

“Only if you want to. I already forced you outside today, so the rest of the day is up to you.”

“Hmmm… okay,” the younger girl said, thinking hard, “Besides Tzuyu, I like pretty much everyone else in your friend group. So we can go hang out with them for a little bit if you’d like. As long as you promise not to sit next to Tzuyu.”

“I promise.” Sana said cutely, batting her eyelashes, making Dahyun’s heart race.

Fortunately for the brunette’s cardiovascular health, Mr. Lee came over with their food and drinks at that exact moment, placing their plates down on the table before them.

The two girls offered their sincerest thanks before digging in.


I decided that for this story, I'll have one chapter in the present, the next in the past, and continue that pattern until the end. Won't be a very long story, 7-10 chapters max. I'm just in need some fluff lately.

Thanks for reading<3

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