No Tofu, No Life

    If there was one thing that Kim Dahyun hated about the winter, it was the snow. Sure, it looked pretty for the first couple of hours that it was on the ground, but it quickly grew discolored from the constant stress of boots trodding upon it coupled with the detritus that tended to collect within its frosty depths. It also made taking the bus, an action that already gave the poor nineteen-year old mild heart palpitations, into a complete and utter nightmare. It made her commutes to work and class sluggish and precarious. It made the simple act of movement (which was already an issue for Dahyun) into a slippery cascade of hazardous uncertainty. If she could have it her way, she would love to just stay inside and lay in bed all day as those sinister, powdery flakes fell from the sky, their intent to wreak havoc upon Dahyun’s life impeded by the girl’s insistence on avoiding them altogether.

    Unfortunately, the snow was Dahyun’s girlfriend’s favorite thing about winter. Sana loved to frolic in those freezing, disgusting chunks of ice for hours on end, refusing to go back inside even when she couldn’t feel her face anymore, even when her hands (which were constantly ungloved so that she could “feel the snow in her hands”) turned blue and tingly. It was true that Dahyun could choose to simply stay inside and wait until Sana was ready to come in; in fact, the brunette did exactly that, most of the time. However, that particular day was different.

The snow had started early the night prior, coming hard and heavy. The forecast was 30 centimeters of snow, enough for both Dahyun and Sana’s professors to cancel their classes preemptively. And, since both girls were usually scheduled for classes that day, they didn’t have to go to work, either. It was one of the rare days that the pair would get to spend together, as their busy schedules had been cleared out almost entirely. Sure, they could have used the time to study for their rigorous courses, but they both knew that the chances of that happening were quite slim. Dahyun tried to argue with Sana, insist that they didn’t need to be getting sick from being outside in the cold weather all day, but the older girl was having none of it.

“But we have midterms coming up next week!” Dahyun said indignantly, although she was already sitting in the kitchen, pulling on her thickest pair of socks.

“I told you, I don’t get sick often anymore,” the blonde replied, zipping up her bulky white jacket that, to Dahyun, made the older girl look like a big puffed marshmallow, “My immune system adapted to it. And you straight up never get sick, period.”

“That’s not how it works...” the future doctor mumbled, rolling her eyes.

Sana walked over to Dahyun, reaching over and providing her assistance in pulling up her socks.

“Well, why don’t you stay inside then?” Sana asked, and although her voice was kind and sweet, Dahyun couldn’t help but feel a little hurt.

Dahyun glowered up at her girlfriend, unconsciously pouting as she considered the prospect of wasting her day off by not spending it with Sana.

“No, I’m coming with you regardless. We hardly ever get to spend time together, so if you insist on being outside in that grossness, I’ll come, but don’t expect me to enjoy-” was all she managed to get out before a pair of soft lips pressed against her own, cutting off both her words and her thoughts.

Sana caressed the brunette’s face with her gloved hands, the fuzzy little strands that hung from her fingers tickling at Dahyun’s cheeks as she did so. The younger girl kissed back with no hesitation, basking in the warmth that Sana always seemed to impress upon her.

When they detached, Dahyun opened her eyes to see Sana’s gorgeous face so close to hers, the older girl’s unwavering gaze fixed on her, hands now shifting down to rest upon her girlfriend’s shoulders. Dahyun leaned forward slightly so that their foreheads were pressed together. Sana’s scent filled her nostrils, a sweetly relaxing smell that the younger girl could find herself getting lost in.

“You’re such a sweetheart,” Sana whispered, and Dahyun had to fight back a shiver as she felt the older girl’s warm breath against , “Listen, we don’t have to go outside if you don’t want to. We can stay in all day and cuddle and watch movies if you want.”

“N-no…” Dahyun answered, drawing back so that she could make some kind of attempt get her snow boots on, “I don’t want you to miss out on something you enjoy because of me.”

“But I won’t enjoy it as much if you’re not there.” Sana answered, her eyes softening as she stooped down to help Dahyun with her laces.

“Then I’ll come.”

“But I don’t want you to be miserable.”

“I won’t… as long as you buy me a hot chocolate from that place down the street.”

Sana smiled radiantly as she stood up from tying her partner’s shoes. The older girl’s platinum blonde hair was poking out in tiny tufts from the fringes of her hood, and Dahyun wished she could reach out and push them back in.

“You got a deal. And I promise we won’t spend the entire day outside this time.”

“Promise?” Dahyun said, visibly perking up, causing Sana to giggle as she made her way into the living room, leaving the younger girl to sit and wait patiently, trying to push away the thoughts of how frigid and icy it would be outside.

The older girl returned in no time, pushing the black and silver contraption that Dahyun was frankly tired of seeing at this point. It was a necessity, but that didn’t mean that she had to like it.

    Sana assisted Dahyun into her wheelchair with utmost care, scooping the shorter girl up and gingerly settling her into the padded seat.

    “I swear you get lighter every time I do this,” Sana said, taking her usual spot behind the younger girl’s chair, “You need to eat more.”

    “Then maybe you should buy me lunch with that hot chocolate.” Dahyun teased, looking up when she felt a quick kiss being applied to the very top of her head, an action that was immediately followed by Sana pulling her hood up for her.

    “I’ll buy you lunch if you promise to stop forgetting to put your hood up. You give me for almost getting sick, but you could’ve frozen to death with your hair exposed like that!”

    “I was only saying that to get you to stay inside… don’t be a drama queen...”

    Sana retaliated by sneaking up on the younger girl’s side and assaulting her cheeks with a flurry of kisses. Dahyun giggled and tried to bat the blonde away, but it was no use - Sana was relentless, and the only thing Dahyun could do to stop it was sit and wait until it was all over. Luckily for her, every single one of Sana’s kisses was still like magic to her.

When Sana had finished up, she took a moment to adjust the front of Dahyun’s jacket and her hoodie, as they’d gotten wrinkled and messed up in the preceding fray. The brunette took this opportunity to fix those hairs that were poking out from Sana’s own hood, giving the older girl a kiss on the nose for good measure.

When Sana was satisfied with the state of her girlfriend’s clothing, she began pushing Dahyun towards the front door. The older girl was an expert at maneuvering the ungainly device; she was one of the few people (barring Dahyun’s father) who the younger girl trusted unconditionally to steer her along. Especially in the icy conditions that they were about to to experience.

    Dahyun relaxed back in her chair, relinquishing full control of her movements to Sana as the older girl opened the front door and stepped outside. Maybe today wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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