The House Play


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It's an Age-old Story:
Meet Kim (F/n), a twenty-something woman married to the love of her life, renowned graphic designer, Kim Wonshik sharing their busy yet full life with their bubbly four-year-old son, Hongbin. After the discovery of her husband's infedility, she is crushed however; just what does the new father-and-son pair bring to her life when they arrive at her son's pre-school?
The House Play
Why did I let love fool me again?


"Who on earth would be messaging your husband after two in the morning? With the natural curiosity of a wife, you padded to the otherside of your shared bed and picked up the phone to peruse the messages. Your heart sank.

Sohee (02:45 am): Sounds like a plan!
Sohee (02:45 am): Can't you just tell your wife you're at a meeting? She believed you last time~ ^.~
Sohee (02:46 am): I miss you already. I love you Wonshikkie~~ <3

You continued to stare at the messages long after you memorized every word and punctuation mark."



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Chapter 10: Lovely!!!! Thx so much! <3
Chapter 10: kdrama worthy story, oh so good!!
Chapter 10: .... Oh myyy.... I loved this story! It totally didn't go in the direction that I thought it would and I'm so glad it turned out this way (I really dislike cheaters). I really love the way you write, the interactions our OTP had, and you can be assured I will be prowling through your stories in the near future when I get the chance. Thanks so much for writing this!
Chapter 1: On chapter one and wanted to drop a quick comment. You are super duper good with describing scenes and although I don't read stories with this sort of plotline (don't wanna spoil), I'm gonna cause I really like your writing style <3 Meet you at the end when I comment again! :)
ThumperCat #5
Chapter 10: This ending is so worth the wait. I wish it was longer, because I love the interactions between Taekwoon and the female lead, but it was still rather satisfying. I also liked how this story was grounded in reality. It was very slice of life with well written, more rounded characters. And, like a good drama series, it might warrant another visit in the future.
Chapter 10: Nooooo..... It ended too soon :-( :-(
Give us a sequel/bonus anything. I want to see their married life :'(:'(
Chapter 8: Yes, I'm all for that domestic fluff! I'm assuming that will include confessions now that Wonshik has agreed to remain as friends with his ex-wife and that Taekwoon and the Reader are more self-aware of their feelings for eachother.
Chapter 7: Please update soon! :)
Chapter 7: Yess... I was just thinking yesterday when this story will be updated. And today it was updated ?? yeee... Me!!
I really love this story ?????
ThumperCat #10
Chapter 5: The plot thickens. This is really interesting so far, and everyone just feels real. The web around our main character just keeps growing doesn't it, with the connections between the men in your life? And it seems Sanghyuk and Hongbin are, in a way, playing matchmaker. I wonder what will happen next?