This never-ending fiction story is an imagination of the every day and night doings of Weki Meki when the camera is off and no eyes watching them, simply whenever they are comfortable blurting out everything (FOR KI-LINGS! HOPE YOU'LL ENJOY THIS)~

I also won't be providing who's who POV- reader, you, can imagine anything you want. Have your transcendence deeper. ;)


Neverland for Weki Meki is a place where you can freely do anything you want, eat anything, party All Night, stay up All Night, hugs and kisses all the time-- THEY CAN JUST DO ANYTHING THEY WANTED TO DO!


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Chapter 7: I enjoyed this! I hope you post more of these!
YoodaengStan #2
Chapter 7: thank you for the update, author ~ keep up the good work
Dadison #3
Chapter 7: hahah cute
Chapter 6: Yoodaeng does not have strength for bowling hahaha jk , being tall helps in that kind of game so Lucy and doyeon had advantage
Chapter 5: i like your stories hehe
Guns94 #6
Chapter 5: Hi autor-nim, i love your story! I hope you will update soon!!
Autor-nim fighting, Weki meki fighting!!!
YoodaengStan #7
Chapter 4: author, your story is gold! i hope u keep on updating this forever lol
also, you're amazing ~ let's keep supporting weki meki
YoodaengStan #8
Chapter 3: oh, i really like how you described them, feels so real ~ i still remember their vlive where they talked about how lua loves kisses lol i hope lua gets more confident in herself because she's amazing
Dadison #9
Chapter 2: Yes I need the reality show!
YoodaengStan #10
Chapter 2: lol masterpiece ~ i laughed hard remembering those photos kekeke