Emergency Couple

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Yeah I know the tittle from K-Drama haha 

PS: I didn't watch that Drama ^^ this story it's NOT inspired by that drama. It's all inside my imagination

Poster credits from:  Graphic Editor: Moon-Walker 

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Dr. Kwon Yuri and Dr. Jessica Jung is both professional surgeon in Daehan Seoul Hospital they're smart, kind, well yeah professional and serious to their job but sometimes crack some jokes. 

They been called an Emergency Couple cause everytime there's an emergency both of them team up and do the surgery. Well, Taeyeon is also team up either with Yuri or Jessica but mostly both of them are partners.

Some of Doctors, Nurses or Personnel in the hospital think that they have special "Thing" for each other this reason also one why they been called "Emergency Couple" cause yuri really sweet with jessica when they saw them but No... They were only friends... Yeap friends.. For now. 

Let's just find out if that 'friends' label will turned to "love" and how this two pass the "love" that lead them into different struggles they will face towards the end.


Daehan Seoul Hospital Personnel

Dr. Kwon Yuri

-26 years old

-Licensed Neurologist Surgeon

-Dork, Professional, Taeyeon's Best Friend since Elementary

-Jessica's partner

Dr. Jessica Jung

-26 years old

-Licensed Cardiologist and Neurologist Surgeon

-Cold, Smart , Kind , Professional

-Yuri's Partner


Dr. Kim Taeyeon

-26 years old

-Yuri's Bestfriend

-Licensed Neurologist Surgeon

-Yuri's Bestfriend since elementary

-Dork, Dork and Dork.... Friendly :)), Professional

Tiffany Hwang

-26 years old

-Intern in Daehan, finishing her last stage to become a nurse

-Jessica's great friend


Other Cast:

-Kim Hyoyeon- Nurse

-Im Yoona- Nurse

-Seohyun- Intern

-Sooyoung- Pediatrician

-Sunny- Obgyn


Pictures credits to Google :D

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sone_marg14 #1
Chapter 61: really authornim book two of emegency couple....i cant wait..wooohooo
55 streak #2
Hi author I love all of your stories. Are you going to write another yulsic story after Emergency couple? I hope you will ^_^
Chapter 60: Nice story
I hope you make book two
I'm curious about Yuri relationship & her father,
TaeNy LDR, Mr. Jeon revenge to Mr. Kwon,
Hyomin's & Jinyoung life
forgotme #4
Chapter 60: End of book 1?? Oh my gosh, so excited for the book 2...thankyoU for making yulsic fic....
Chapter 60: Ohh it’s completed?? I am waiting for EC2 noww
funkyoilee 36 streak #6
Chapter 60: it's complete? sica pregnant congrats Yul and sica. can't wait for EC2.
Paramaountpamp 54 streak #7
Chapter 60: It’s completed? So fast!! Can’t wait for EC2 :)
55 streak #8
Chapter 60: Can’t wait for EC2 :))
118 streak #9
Chapter 60: So there will be Emergency Couple 2???

Can't wait :)
Chapter 60: Oh it sad when sica misscariage and i read "completed" chapter but in the end you made me hope there book of 2. Cant wait for sequel, i'm so in love with your fic :)